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The Twin Evils Ruining Australia By Ari Onigen 5th Mai 2017

The Twin Evils Ruining Australia
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By Ari Onigen 5th Mai 2017 

Twin Evils: Corrupt banks and media. The banks steal all our funds and pay us nothing yet media don’t report. Why? Media are foreign-owned since 2006. For many years R. Murdoch* demanded of Liberal Party PM John Howard ‘liberalise the Cross Media Ownership Law’ (CMOL). This prevented anyone owning TV, radio and print media in the same city. As Murdoch already owned the print media in most of our major cities and refuses to relinquish them, he was effectively excluded from owning TV stations there. 

Kingmaker: As RM is our ‘kingmaker’ JH was loath to argue with him so said: “if only the Leftist Australian Democrats didn’t control the balance of power in the Federal Senate’. AD’s hated RM for his wealth, flouting of tax laws and almost dictatorial abuses of power. So RM set his ‘reporters’ to work undermining the ADs. Eventually, by 2006, AD’s were reduced from nine Senators to zero. 

First action: ‘Set up’ AD Leader Meg Leese. His media encouraged the AD leader to support an increase in the unpopular Goods and Services Tax (GST), our version of VAT, by JH’s Liberals. For a Leftist party to ally with a Rightist one to increase taxes was wildly unpopular and RM knew it. So he got his media in every town and city to criticise Meg Leese. The ADs reacted by sacking Leese as leader but she remained in Senate, now voting with JH on everything, just out of spite for the ADs**.  Reduced AD numbers from 9 to 8. 

Natasha Stott-Despoja: Leese was replaced by blonde bimbo Natasha Stott-Despoja, a featherweight who looked more like a fashion model. Was impossible to take her seriously. RM even provided her with a boyfriend from the Canberra Press Gallery. This guy encouraged NS-D to assume Ultra-Left positions on issues that could only alienated middle-of-the-road voters. E.g. she championed the wearing of hijabs in public by ALL wimmin after abuse was alleged against Kosovars, our first mass wave of Muslim refugees. 

Hijabs: JH had criticised the wearing of hijabs in public so NS-D was encouraged to take the opposite position. Even had her photo taken wearing hijab. Was shown in every RM newspaper. Was disastrous. Alienated the general public, especially female voters. Also upset the normally paranoid Melbourne gnome voters, crucial for the financial support of any Left grouping.***. Then, during a crucial election in South Australia, the Ads home base, her RM media boyfriend took NS-D to the UK for four weeks to meet her future mother-in-law. 

AD’s Begin To Fade: AD’s lost the election. Many voters had ‘turned off’’. Ads lost two Senators at next Federal election, reducing them to six. So NS-D was replaced by an unknown Queensland Senator, Andrew Barnett. The next day all RM ‘papers carried a front page picture of him dressed as the Tim Curry-character, Franken-furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, holding a live chicken. Meaning was unclear but voters took the cue: this guy was a weirdo. At next election, 2004, ADs number of Senators fell from six  to zero. 

Greens Are Go: All were ‘picked up’ by the next Ultra-Left grouping, The Green Party, based in Melbourne and fully funded by the gnomes****. RM now approached JH who had no further excuses. The CMOL was changed in 2006. Rapidly, RM purchased 10% of Channel Ten and all the rival media blocs’(Packer Media) magazines. Also bought out co-owners of the national cable channel, Foxtel. Was owned 25% by RM, 25% by the Packer Group and 50% by gov’t Telco Telstra. Both sold out to RM. Foxtel was now 100% RM’s. 

Banks: In Australia it is possible to have a ‘Savings Account’ (sic) that earns no savings. In fact, the average Acct attracts a $5 per month ‘Account Keeping Fee’. Is odd because operates if you have no ‘activity’ i.e. there is nothing to ‘service’. In addition every ATM transaction attracts a fee of $2 -$2.75 depending on the bank. In 2006 a rep of the Aust Bankers Association boasted “54% of our income is from fees not loans” i.e. the average citizen accessing their wages, pensions, etc is subsidising the home loans, commercial loans, etc. How is this allowed? 

‘Free’ Media: Seven Federal Royal Commissions into the Banking Sector have concluded “there is no collusion’ between the four major banks”. Nor ‘excessive profits’, etc. Conclusion? The Parliament is in the bankers pockets, too. Depth of their control was revealed at the 1999 media-dubbed ‘Cash for Comments’ Inquiry. Inquiry found our two leading ‘shock jocks John Laws and Alan Jones, Left and Right commentators respectively, were taking bribes from banks to NOT to air criticism of them*****. Laws received AUD$4.5 million per year and Jones $2.5 million per year. Even reporting of the debate was warped as it was not ‘Cash for Comments’ but for silence. Laws’ 2UE radio network told the inquiry they ‘fobbed off’ any talkback callers who sought to criticise their ‘clients’.

CNN Cut From Same Cloth: Has since been admitted by an ex-CNN CEO they operate under identical conditions. “None of our clients is ever criticised on air’. i.e. to avoid criticism just ‘pay us a fee’. Is where ‘free media’ is now. Bought. And not for ‘free’. An estimated US$4 trillion in ‘quantitative easing’ (sic) given out by the US Federal Reserve to US banks, 2008-2016. Is hard to say how much found its way to into media pockets and how much to MOTS. When US Fed ended q.e. they forced  German Central Bank/European Central Bank to begin it. Our Masters are on a permanent ‘drip’ of your taxes. The GFC will not end till they are sated. If ever. 

Solutions: Severe the nexus of media and political parties. End banks dominance of the economy. There, is said. But how?  

*Rupert Murdoch media AKA Fox-News owns 177 newspapers and many TV, radio and cable outlets worldwide. Dominates media and politics in UK, US and Australia. Urged Bush Blair and Howard to attack Iraq in 2003. Made US hated in Third World and killed thousands of US personnel. Al world now looks to China as ‘friend’ and sees US as foe. RM media are 100% pro-Chinese. Rupert M even married a Chinese Wendy Deng and she birthed two offspring for him. Journalist WD ran RM’s empire for years. Divorced RM several years ago but only after saving him from Lord Levison’s Inquiry into bribes to UK officials. Failure would have ‘killed’ his business in USA. After one year and jailing of 44 Murdoch employees RM himself was acquitted. How? Is worth AUD$170 billion and most Western politicians owe their careers to him. 

**At the same time long-time ALP stalwart, Senator Colston was sacked from ALP but retained his Senate seat, even forming his own party – Queensland First. Voted with JH on most things, out of spite for ALP. As well, ex-Liberal Pauline Hanson was voting against JH in the Lower House as were Aldren and ex-NPA Senator Bob Katter etc. Ex-ALP MP Graeme Campbell was pro-JH, too. Lost his seat in 1998 election as did PH. 1995-1998 was an era of splitters and Independents

***Melbourne, as our cultural capital, is dominated by the same alien group who control culture in the US. Are paranoid of criticism, so to avoid legal issues we refer to these as ‘gnomes’. 

****One contact in the Greens told us: “half the members are active DSP and the others half are raving homosexuals”. DSP or Democratic Socialist Party was a gnome-run Trotskyite gang who terrorise most university campuses. Force compliance with gnome social policy and practices and crush any attempts by Right to form groups whether ANA or Young Nationals. 

*****When a banker was asked by a print journalist at the inquiry: “do you consider this money to be a bribe?” “No” he said with a smirk, “ it was an investment. And one that paid off handsomely”. 

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