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Why No Gain For the Right From the Global Financial Crisis Christ Day 25th Dec 2009

Why No Gain for the Right From The Global Financial Crisis 
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By Ari Onigen 
Christ Day 25th Decembis 2009

Why have the Right not gained from the GFC? A number of reasons: apathy, ignorance, distraction & mind-control.   

i. APATHY: the white masses have been conditioned to accept certain things: equality of females and other races even when all evidence. Tell them this is a lie. Is a victory of political correctness. Its zenith came in 2008 when an alien was elected ruler of once-white America. 

ii. IGNORANCE: Despite our best efforts the Enemy controls the mass media. Rightist groups are forced to communicate via flyers, stickers &  posters. Public meetings are closed down or banned. Our material is removed with hours of going up. Our internal sites are hacked or banned. We are silenced. So to reach the public we run stalls. People ask: “are you new? We’ve never heard of ANA”. ANA: “we’ve been around since 1982”. They’re shocked then reply. “Gee, you don’t do a very good  job communicating you’re message!” then wander off. What if same attacks were used against the Left? 

If THEIR meetings were violently attacked, THEIR newsletters suppressed, THEIR material removed, THEIR people sacked from jobs and gaoled. Then they’d be in exactly the same position as us. But that is not the case. The State fetes them. They’re funded by the world’s largest corporations & tax-exempt Foundations. They’ve millions of dollars to spend & free air time on TV & radio at their disposal. With this they persecute the Right and promote their own Leftist agend or. 

iii. DISTRACTION: Endless sports on TV, especially cable TV, attract our type of people - ’action men’ - those not given to much thinking. Seemingly endless tournaments, championships & playoffs give an illusion entertainment. But why not play a sport? Why watch someone else do it? Therein lies the seeds of the obesity plague sweeping the dying West. A TV commentator said: “watching someone else climb Mt. Everest does not mean you’ve climbed it”. Vicarious living is the peril of our media-saturated Age. Look at Wii

In the Bruce Willis sci-fi film Surrogate people live their lives through robot selves even having sex that way. Is not that different from how many live now, trapped by fear of alien crime in their apartments & fearful of contacts with their neighbours. An atomised society is unable to organise self-defence let alone oppose tyranny. Work from home, shop from home, home-school. If you could vote from home you would never have to leave it! Reality becomes whatever the controlled media say it is.   

vi. MIND-CONTROL: Our children serve a 13-year sentence for the crime of being born, from age four years to 17 years incarcerated in re-education centres whose entire curriculum is dominated by politically correct subjects. E.g. Study of Society and Environment (SOSE) & Human Potential Education (HPE), previously PE or Physical Education. Now includes how to obtain an abortion & and whether to have a same-sex relationship. A Year Nine, 14 year old, student contacted us recently. Of German ancestry, under SOSE she was forced to study the holohoax. She cried & told us: “I feel so guilty!” Now this pretty blonde has become a dedicated anti-racist, seeking to atone for crimes she did not commit. Another of Us is lost to Them. 
ALP-controlled Education Department (sic) no longer pretend to train people for jobs but boast of ’producing future citizens’ i.e. illiterate but compliant slaves of atheistic Socialism. 

SANTA MYTH & the CHRIST & the holohoax: In the week before Christ’s Day, 2009, the Murdoch-media TV Guide advertised 39 ‘christmas’ programmes. Of these only two were about Christ. The rest were about the False Messiah - Satan’s Claws - about his wife, children, elves or reindeers. On the Holiest day of the Christian calendar the System media focus all its attention on SC, a non-existent being. Tell your kids “Santa doesn’t exist” and listen to your friends howl with disapproval. Yet deny Christ, whom Christians believe is not only Saviour but Creator-GOD, and they barely shrug. 

The holohoax and the German messiah: Shows how effective the System’s brain-washing is. A factual historical figure has their existence denied while a fake media creation is endlessly extolled. Hmmm, sounds like a similar situation regarding events that occurred from 1933-45. A historical figure who attempted to save our white world was demonised. Yet his alleged ‘victims’ now rule us. They ceaselessly denounce him. Each year Sollywood & New York produce more films, documentaries & books minimising, dismissing or even openly ridiculing him. Gullible masses uncritically swallow these.  

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