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N &INS Mai 2011

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 Mai 2011
N & INS accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. N & INS is an information source only. 

ABCTV Landline 1155am Moonday 16 Mai 2011 (30 minutes): 
Reporter Prue Adams; Executive Producer Peter Lewis. 
“86 people were killed by the Japanese in their March third 1942 air-raid on Broome in Northern WA. 250 were killed in the March 1942 bombing of Darwin, capital of northern Territory. All those killed were buried in Darwin Cemetery. The Japanese assaulted targets 70 times across Northern Australia during WWII, including Katherine, NT which was raided one month after Darwin. That’s 300 km inland!”  

ABC News Radio 936AM 7.15am Moonday 16 Mai 2011: 
“Pauline Hanson’s bid for an Upper House seat in the NSW Parliament hinges on her legal challenge to the vote count. She lost the seat [to the Green Party] by 1,000 votes. A NSW Electoral Commission ‘whistle-blower’ has told her 1,200 votes for Hanson had ‘gone missing.’ ”   

Channel Nine News 6pm Wodensday 18 Mai 2011:
Xstrata is to cut 500 jobs from its workforce in North Queensland as it phases out copper smelting. It blames the Gillard government’s new carbon tax”. 

SBSTV World News Australia 920pm Frigasday 20 Mai 2011: 
NATO warplanes have attacked eight Libyan Navy ships. These were accused of dropping sea mines and of launching attacks upon civilians”. 

Channel Seven News Update 930pm Frigasday 20 Mai 2011: 
“Two Australian Army soldiers on trial for murder of Afghan civilians had the case against them dropped”. 

SBSTV World News Australia 630pm Solday 22 Mai 2011:
Reporter Quentin Somersville): “Six medical students have been killed in an attack on Kabul Hospital by suicide bombers. Three Afghan police were also killed by a bomber”. 

Channel Seven News 4.30pm Tuisday 24 Mai 2011: 
“One Australian soldier has been killed and five wounded in an ambush in Afghanistan”. 

SBSTV World News Australia 6.30 pm Wodensday 25 Mai 2011: 
“US authorities fear up to 500 people have been killed in deadly tornadoes that struck Joplin, Missouri. 1,500 are still missing”. 

Channel Seven Sunrise News 7.30 am Frigasday 27 Mai 2011: 
“Samoan youth Brandon Suia was stabbed to death at Bankstown [Sydney] railway station on Wednesday night by an African youth. His family blames ‘gang violence.’ ” 

“A youth was struck by a train after a brawl at Cabbramatta railway station [Sydney’s Vietnamese ghetto]”.

ABC News Radio 936AM 10am Moonday 30 Mai 2011:
(Reporter Francis Wartepe): “The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has asked two of its commissioners, Ben Amin & Jack Warner, to ‘step down’. Warner is very angry & will not go quietly. He’s been around a long time & knows where all the bodies are buried. A lot of people may go too if he does”. [our emphasis].
Channel Seven News 9am Tuisday 31 Mai 2011: 
“Two Australian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. One was shot dead by an Afghan soldier he was training while both were on night-duty at Chora Base. A second was killed when an ADF Chinook helicopter crashed. Five other ADF members were injured in the same crash.” 

Channel Seven Sunrise News 8.30am Frigasday 3 Juno 2011: 
“A Sydney University poll on the War on Terror found: 
63% are ‘sick of hearing about it’; 
20% ‘believe the war is being won’;
4% view it as ‘Australia’s No. 1 problem.’ ”  

Channel Nine News 5.15pm Saturnsday 4 Juno 2011: 
“US Democratic Party candidate John Edwards has been accused of spending one million dollars of the 2008 Presidential campaign funds to cover up an extra-marital affair”.
[A convenient sex scandal means he will no longer challenge Barak Obama for the Democratic Party nomination. RE].   

Channel Seven News 4.30pm Wodensday 15 Juno 2011: 
“Sean Castle, a NSW Electoral Commission official who alleged Pauline Hanson had been deliberately ‘cheated’ of votes in her March 2011 NSW Upper House seat bid has just retracted his statement. He now says he was lying all along. Mrs Hanson will now be forced to pay $10,000 in legal fees for the NSWEC and two Upper House MP’s who challenged her claims” 
[both Asian queers. Stymie justice; will bankrupt PH, again. RE].  

ABCTV Catalyst 8pm Thorsday 16 Juno 2011 (25 minutes):
“Professor Ted Steinberg runs QUT’s Drop-Down Facility in Brisbane. TS: ‘this is the only one in the Southern Hemisphere! It is one of only a few in the world. It allows two seconds of full weightlessness. Is a cheap alternative to the effect achieved on specially-designed jet aircraft, like NASA’s famous ‘vomit-comet’ ”.  [TS is from NYC. Why’s he in Brisbane? Why is it they dominate space technology? RE]. 

Channel Seven Sunrise News 7am Solday 26 Juno 2011: 
“2,200 British soldiers and war veterans today paraded before His Royal Highness Prince Charles for Armed Forces Day, only instituted in 2009”. 

“New York State today became the sixth US state to legalise ‘gay marriage’(sic).”

“60 people today died in a bomb blast in Afghanistan”.  

Channel Nine News 4.30 pm Moonday 27 Juno 2011: 
“A woman in Perth WA has been doused in petrol and set alight”. 

“A senior British politician has been found dead at the annual Glastonbury Festival”. 

“Under a new Federal government Carbon Tax plan 90% of Australians will receive compensation”. 

“Footballer Justin Sherman, who plays for the Western Bulldogs, has been charged with racial abuse”. 

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