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STORM 107 Augustus 2012

No. 107                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Augustus 2012 
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (l0-part series) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. Executive producer Matthew Barrett & Richard Wise. Produced & directed by Martin J O Hughes. WMR & IMG co-production. Each 46 minute episode deals with a different country, party & leader from United Europe (193945), a Europe freed from the yokes of Kapital & Bolshevism.

NORWAY - VIDKUN QUISLING: VQ was born in Telemark in 1887, son of a Lutheran pastor. Went to military academy after school reaching rank of major. VQ was sent to the Ukraine as part of a League of Nations aid committee for famine relief. He witnessed first-hand the inequality that prospered under Communism. VQ represented the British Empire in Moscow & so received the CBE. By 1929, with his return to Norway, he was a fanatical anti-Communist. The Great Depression struck. VQ feared Norway's Communists would attempt to seize power so he entered politics.

In 1931 he was appointed Defence Minister. Communist unions went on strike in June 1931 at the Norsk Hydro power station. VQ suspected this could be the 'trigger' for a Communist uprising so he had the Norwegian Army occupy the plant. Norway's liberals saw this as an overreaction. VQ was also criticised by his fellow conservative Cabinet Ministers. Two years later, in 1933, that government collapsed. 

VQ looked to Germany for a model where in January 1933 a new Chancellor had taken office. VQ was attracted by the NSDAP's strong posture on Communism, their Fuhrer Prinzip & their aim of increased national unity. VQ saw all these as needed in Norway. Others were not so sure.

In Mai 1933 VQ founded his replica of the NSDAP, the Nasjonal Samling ('national union'). Only in one policy area did VQ's party differ from the Germans': NS rejected anti-Semitism in favour of close links with Christian organisations. When NS contested the October 1933 elections, VQ proved a poor orator. NS received only 2.2% of the primary vote & no seats, but neither did the Ultra-Left Communist Party

NS suffered similar poor results in the 1936 elections. In 1939 VQ attended a European Right Conference in Lubeck, Germany. There he met Alfred Rosenberg, a high NSDAP official. Rosenberg saw in VQ a potential ally. AR then introduced VQ to many high NSDAP men. In September 1939 Germany entered Poland. Germany now needed iron ore for ships. In December 1939 VQ paid another visit to Germany where he suggested a 'coup' for Norway. 

Once in power in Oslo his NS would 'invite' the German Army to enter Norway. VQ provided the Germans with details of naval agreements the British government had signed with Norway. All VQ asked for in return was that, after his seizure of power, Germany should provide him with official 'recognition' as Norway's Fuhrer. After making this extraordinary offer VQ was rewarded with two meetings with German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, on 14 December 1939 and 18 December 1939.

On his return to Norway, VQ had his NS begin forming 'commando' units. On 3 April 1940 VQ visited the Abwehr chief with more British secrets. This achieved little as a week later, on 9 April 1940, the German Army entered Norway. VQ was not notified. He was unprepared. Recovering from this surprise, VQ's NS only managed to seize the main Oslo radio station. There he declared himself as Prime Minister. As such VQ ordered a 'halt to all fighting'.

On that basis, Hitler formerly recognised VQ as Norwegian Prime Minister, not realising he had no real power base. The Norwegian Army rejected VQ's 'orders'; fighting continued; Norway's King declared VQ's government to be "illegal". Within six days of Germany entering Norway they were forced to appoint, a Reich-Kommissar, Tobovin, as ruler of Norway. Then Germany annexed Norway. To all this VQ passively acquiesced. Tobovin then used VQ as puppet, with Tobovin Norway's real ruler.

After June 1941 German troops entered Russia. Germany realised it was in dire need of soldiers. They permitted the formation of a pro-German Norwegian Legion of Nordic volunteers. A second 1,200-man  Norwegian Legion was then formed, purely from NS members. The first NL was sent to the Leningrad Front where it performed so poorly it was disbanded. This active collaboration with Germany by Norwegians encouraged the British SOE to establish its own Norwegian force, the Home Front ArmyHFA began a campaign of assassinations against NS members & any others they saw as aiding the German war effort.

HFA also aided any in Norway opposed to German rule to leave for Britain. There they crewed 180 Allied ships, formed four British Royal Air Force squadrons & a British Army Brigade of 1,500 men. Among these were Commando units later used for attacks inside Norway. These began in March 1941.

To deter these British raids Germany increased their Norway garrison to over 300,000 men. During 1942 British Commando raids on Norway increased as did HFA terrorism and sabotage. To deter terrorism Tobovin asked VQ to approve of 'reprisals'. The first saw six captured Commandos executed. A successful counter-measure was the creation of a 40-man Norwegian Gestapo unit lead by ex-soldier Manfred Rune. Rune's men arrested over 1,000 Norwegians, 100's of whom died.

In October 1942, the NG sent 750 Jews found in Norway to labour at Auschwitz Work Camp. In 1943 VQ declared war on Russia. He then announced National Conscription. 75,000 Norwegians were sent to Finland as 'ski troops' and as labourers to German factories. In January 1945 VQ was invited to Germany to meet the Fuhrer. This was one of only three meetings VQ had with Hitler. After this the German garrison in Norway increased to 400,000 troops. Only four months later, in May l945, Germany surrendered.

Over 30,000 Norwegians now claimed they were members of the 'Home Front Army'. These now began a reign of terror against any pro-German elements. Tobovin committed suicide rather than be captured by these 'liberators'. VQ, however, surrendered apparently expecting mercy. The vengeful HFA put him on trial in August 1945. Charges were: killing patriots; high treason; orchestrating a coup; aiding the German war efforts;  ordering Norwegian troops [in 1940] to lay down their arms. Not surprisingly, the 'court' soon found VQ guilty. He was sentenced to death on l0 September 1945 for murder, treason & theft. VQ was executed on 24 October 1945, proclaiming his innocence.

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Sunday, 15 July 2012 9:47 AM
Wonder why the commercial media don't report any news?

CORRUPTION: The Murdoch print monopoly own 1/2 of Australia's 15 daily newspapers. They recently complained in a March 2012 issue of his 'Australian' newspaper that the Federal ALP government "owed them money". How? Seems Gillard's Ultra-ALP government has given our three free-to-air, commercial TV networks a waiver on their Licence Fee this year. This means they each avoid paying AUD$250 million in taxes. Why?

'ECONOMIC HARDSHIP': 'Due to the economic hardship' caused by the Global Financial Crisis.  All three are broke, owing billions. They're technically insolvent yet the government allows them to continue broadcasting. Poor TV companies means poor TV content. This is why TV viewing in Australia is now so poor, with few 'new release' films shown on Australian TV since 2006. These are simply too expensive. But to forego $750 million in taxes per year while hammering the general public to pay extra PAYE taxes. Why do it? 

Gillard needs positive media coverage to win the 14 Sept.2013 election. No matter what her Ultra-Left government does now we can guarantee the crooked foreign-owned TV media will say nothing negative about her. In fact, we believe the Opposition LNP will be attacked from now till the next Federal election, handing victory to the Gillardistas.

GREED: The secret only came out due to Murdoch's insatiable greed. He wanted his 'share'. His Australian cable monopoly Foxtel pays no licence fee. Not content with this Murdoch argued that Gillard's preferential tax waiver for the three free-to-air's was in fact a subsidy [which it is] so he demanded a $250 million per year payout from the government. Did he get it? 

Murdoch, whose assets were valued in 2007 at AUD$170 billion, is rarely refused anything he asks for. Since he published his demand in March 2012 his media's coverage of Gillard has been extremely positive, bordering on the supine. This despite her 1st Juli 2012 introduction of a Carbon Tax which added 10% to the cost of doing business, and everything else, in Australia.

GREEN'S BROWN BOWS OUT: A second clue that Rupert 'got what he wanted'. Immediately after the British government appointed  the Levison Inquiry into Murdoch bribery of UK police, etc our Federal Greens Leader Dr Bob Brown demanded a similar inquiry here. Gillard squashed the idea the very same day, despite relying on Brown's eight Green Senators to govern. What made her so bold? 
That night's pro-ALP SBSTV News provided the answer. It showed Gillard shaking hands of a line of men in suits described as "the Prime Minister leaving a meeting of Murdoch's editors". She'd cut a deal: no inquiry in return for positive publicity.

Not long after this Dr Brown quit politics saying he "wanted to live the quite life" with his long-term boyfriend. After 30 years in politics? At the height of his power? Leading an unprecedented eight Federal Green Senators? Why?! No one in the Australia media even asked that question, increasing our suspicion. This was our third 'clue'. As Sherlock Holmes put it: "the guard dog that did not bark did so because it knew the culprit - it was its owner!" 

Media silence shows us that 'something was up'. In contrast this same 'media' - we should call them 'censors' or 'filters' - prattle on for weeks about the alleged faux pas of obscure sport stars & fake celebrities. Surely a government with only 23% in the polls had no mandate to pass the Carbon Tax
There were grounds for the Governor-Genera1 to sack Gillard & appoint a government with a more solid footing, one we can all have 'confidence' in. Except, that is, the GG is an EMILY's Lister, Labor Lawyer Association colleague and was also appointed by Gillard, co-founder of the local EL chapter.

AUSTRALIA'S CONTROLLED MEDIADo the media censor themselves? What would be their motivation? In 2006 Liberal Prime Minister relaxed 'Foreign & Cross-Media Ownership' laws, something dear to Rupert M. for 20 years. All politicians fear Rupert but once he was off the FCMO leash they knew he would be uncontrollable. Soon after both Channels 7 & 9 were sold to Chinese corporations, CVC Pacific & KKR, both 'private equity groups. Channel 10 is 70% owned by Israel Asper who also owns Canada-West. The other 30% are split between billionaires Murdoch (10%), James Packer (10%) & Gina Reinhart (10%).

The government-owned ABCTV & SBSTV are both Ultra-Left outfits, controlled by the pro-ALP Left MEAA union. As a result Australia's TV 'news' veers wildly between being blatantly anti-white and pro-alien to completely flooded with celebrity & sports gossip. The result is Australia's most viewed TV shows are cooking programs like My Kitchen Rules. Of course, there's always radio but opinion surveys show 64% of our population use TV as their primary news source followed by 46% for radio & only 16% for newspapers.

RACE THE REASON: While looking for media bias, we questioned the extremely favourable treatment given by Rupert M. to the LNP's Campbell Newman. As a result he won the Queensland  election in Marts 2012 by a landslide, winning 75 of 89 seats. CN cruised to victory as Queensland Premier. Compare this to the mountain of slander & bile tipped over the previous LNP contender. In 2009 Lawrence Springborg's malign treatment can only be ascribed to media bias. LS is white. So is his wife. CN is white but his wife is Lebanese. 

Follow this line of reasoning to other recent System appointees. Bob Carr was chosen as Australian Foreign Minister after K.Rudd's Februa 2012 'coup attempt'. Why? K.Rudd spoke fluent Mandarin but so does BC's wife, a Chinese. BC is currently in China begging 'forgiveness' for our being forced by B.Obama to allow a permanent garrison of 2,500 USMC outside Darwin NT plus a CIA drone base on Indian Ocean protectorate, the Cocos Islands. As well we are handing over Fremantle Naval Base to the US. USN occupied it 1942-45 for their submarines. Subs based there sank half of all Japanese shipping lost during the entire war. Given that China owns most of our ports, railways, and mines are we to be the front line in a US-PRC war? 

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