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TV REVIEW: COPS - Adults Only Channel 1One/12 9pm Tuisday 11 Juno 2013: Two cases were shown. 

Case 1. A young white man is arrested in a downtown, open-air car-park, Atlanta GA. Why? A non-white had approached him demanding entry to his car. When he said: 'no!' the assailant persisted. The white man responded by drawing a pistol and pointing it at the non-white till he left the immediate vicinity. 

But he did not go far. He watched the white man leave his car then phoned police. The Atlanta police are majority non-white. Guided to the white man, now out of his car and leaving the carpark, by the assailant they apprehended the him. He appeared surprised. 

The attempted car-jacker then told police his 'story'. The non-white  police arrested the white for 'possession of a concealed firearm'. The potential carjacker was not even questioned. As he was handcuffed and lead away the stunned white man was clearly shaken, as were we viewers.  Is this the new policy in the US - to arrest victims on the evidence of their assailants? 

Case 2. A drug-squad 'raid' on a poor non-white area of Atlanta GA. Ten police officers were involved : two tiny white women, an even tinier non-white woman, a tall, fit white male and six non-white males. 

Sole white male was ordered by the tiny non-white female commander to use a crow-bar to gain entry to the drug suspects' home, as he'd locked the front door. While he did this the non-whites and women all huddled out of harms way. Sole white male was the only one exposed to hostile fire from inside the house. 

He was taking 'too long' to jemmy the door open so the tiny female got impatient and raced up, grabbing the crow-bar off him. She got nowhere but soon fell backwards down the stairs, only to be caught by one of her larger non-white male colleagues. This man then opened the door by the door-handle, which was by now ajar.   

These two scenes, which only took ten minutes to view, summed up all that is wrong in Obama's America. In the first, a white male assumed he still retained the right to bear arms and to self-defence. He did not. 

In the second scene it was sick and sad to see how 'equal-opportunity' types now stack dangerous jobs but defer the 'danger' to the few, but expendable, white males. If anyone's to be killed it may as well be Whitey, right? Of that whole ten-person unit, only the white male did anything to gain entry to the house. The others were just 'space fillers'. 

Need the cops?  Don't bother calling  these!  

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