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N&INS Juli 2011

   Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service
 Juli 2011
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Channel Nine News 5pm Tuisday 6 Juli 2011:
ADF Sergeant Todd Langley was killed today in Afghanistan by a shot in the face. He was on his fifth tour of duty there. Sgt Langley was the 28th Australian killed in Afghanistan since 2001”. 

ABCTV News 7pm 15 Juli 2011: 
Reporter Lynn Keep: “Griffith University Professor Michael Good is working on a vaccine to combat all strains of malaria. There are currently 250 million cases of malaria per year world-wide. GU has Australia’s only glycomic research facility”. 

“150,000 fruit bats have arrived in the Central Qld town of Gayndah. The local council says Gayndah’s fruit industry is ‘under threat’ ”. [ALP/Green State government has fines & two years gaol for annoying bats. RE].  

SBSTV World News Australia 9.49pm Frigasday 15 Juli 2011: 
Reporter Rosiland Jordan, Al Jazeera TV: “The Pentagon admits ‘a foreign power’ has stolen information from 24,000 of its Top Secret files. Admiral Mike Turner, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is in Tokyo. He's pointed the finger at China. The CIA and US Senate have said their computer files were also hacked”. 

ABC Classic Music Radio News 106.1FM 12 noon Saturnsday 23 Juli 2011: 
Reporter Craig McMurtrie: “Washington DC and New York City are sweltering in 45-48’C, a heat wave”. 

“Seven people were killed in an Oslo bomb and 20 bodies have been spotted near a camp-site. A 23 year old man has been arrested for both crimes. He is a known Right-wing extremist”.   

BBC World Service 7am Solday 6 Augustus 2011:
“An attack has been carried out on a seven-metre tall statue recently unveiled in Harbin, China, to commemorate the 5,000 Japanese settlers massacred there ‘in the chaotic aftermath to WWII’. Chinese nationalists have denounced the monument as ‘an insult to the 20 million Chinese killed during the 1931-45 war by the Occupying Japanese.’ ”  

Channel Seven News 9.22 am Solday 6 Augustus 2011: 
Reporter Richard Pallot: “300 police have battled 150 rioting youths in Tottenham, a multicultural city over the death of Mark Dugan two days ago. Buses, police cars and shops were set alight”. 

“A Sydney teenager has been shot in the face”.  

Channel Seven Sunrise News 7am Solday Augustus 2011: 
Reporter Karl Stephanovic: “this week in politics – here’s a picture of our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, at a dinner with all the editors of the Murdoch newspapers” [shows her at News Ltd HQ, Sydney. Is same week the British PM Cameron announced an inquiry into phone hacking by Murdoch’s media there and Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown demanded a similar inquiry here. Day after this ‘dinner’ Gillard said: ‘no!’].

Channel Ten The Bolt Report 10am Solday 7 Augustus 2011: 
Reporter Andrew Bolt with RMIT Professor of economics Sinclair Davidson(J): “Australia’s stock market has lost AUD$100 billion in value in the past week alone”. [our emphasis].

Bayside Radio News 99.7FM 8am Solday 14 Augustus 2011:
“The WA Liberal Party State Conference today voted down a motion to end the ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony after Aboriginal MP Ken Wyatt said a ‘yes’ vote would be ‘against the interests of the party’. 
[Offend whites voters rather than offending offensive Abos. One black MP routes 1,000 simpering whites delegates. RE]

Al Jazeera TV News 2.15pm Solday 14 Augustus 2011: 
Interview with Michelle Goldberg author of Kingdom Coming
“Sarah Beckman makes George W. Bush look like Thomas Paine. She’s a fundamentalist Christian. These people believe in Dominionism, that the USA was founded as a Christian country and the South before the Civil War was a Christian Republic. They reject rule by those they see as rising to illegitimate positions of power in America, over them. George W. Bush used the religious Right; Sarah Bachmann IS the religious Right”. 

Michael Risher(J) of the ACLU: “last month, during a protest in San Francisco over BART [railway] police shootings, BART shut down cell phone access at four BART stations. This is exactly what the military regime in Egypt did during protests there. This is America! It’s unheard of”. 

“10,000 people demonstrated in several Israeli cities over the rising cost of living. This included Beersheba. Is the first time Arab-Israelis have joined in recent protests”. 
Channel Seven News 4.30pm Tuisday 23 Augustus 2011: 
“The Australian soldier killed yesterday in Afghanistan was the eighth to die there this year and 29th since 2001”. 

SBSTV The Berlin Wall (part 2): The Fall 830pm ???   (In German) (55 minutes): 
“The Wall was never completed. It cost one billion Marks or US$500 million per year to build and maintain. By the 1980’s East Germany was broke financially. It had so many dissidents its prisons were full. What were they to do? Then the West offered to take the dissidents off their hands so the East ‘sold’ them, so much per head. The subsequent ‘ransom’ they received for the 35,000 freed dissidents was used to keep maintaining the Wall”.   

‘Censors kills Super Girl as bloggers muzzled’ by Michael Sainsbury p.28 The Australian 26 Septembis 2011:
“It has been a big week for Chain’s growing army of media censors with the dramatic cancelling of one of the nation’s most popular TV shows, Super Girl, and signs the country’s booming microblogs or Weibo, will come under stricter [State] control. Weibo is a hybrid of Western social networking sites Twitter & Facebook

The sites are used to send and receive material not available via the rigidly controlled State media and are regularly use to comment on State policy. Traditional media remains tightly controlled. Last Wednesday censors made the surprise decision to pull China’s biggest TV talent quest, Super Girl. With over 400 million viewers it is the first show cut under a promised purge of ‘vulgar’ TV shows. Commentators suggest party officials feared the shows voting system was too ‘democratic’”.    

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