Friday, 18 July 2014

SNIPPETS #45: 'Slavyansk has fallen…'

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by Ixul Dante 
BBC World Service News 4am Tuisday 8th Juli 2014:
Reporter David Stern(J): 
"The rebel-held city of Slavyansk has fallen to Ukrainian troops. It shows signs of damage but - this is not Stalingrad! The rebels have retreated to the much larger city of Donetz a city of one million people". [our emphasis]

ANA Comment: 'this is not Stalingrad'? So 1,000 Russophile civilians, men and women, killed in eight weeks merely for guarding their homes with shotguns and barricades against MBTs, APCs, AH's and long range artillery? This act of defiance is enough to have them branded by the Enemy-held media as 'rebels'. Of course, the real terrorists are not defenceless women and children but the hireling Western politicians like Cameron, Merkel and Obama who arranged this massacre. 

What stark options now face these retreating alleged 'rebels'? 

1. Against such overwhelming odds, they need to adopt guerrilla tactics, like the Taliban, Boko Harum and Al Shabaab. With meagre forces you cannot hold onto territory but you can make your enemy bleed for every foot of ground they capture. 

2. A good start would be to begin ambushing Ukrainian resupply convoys. This worked for the Sunnis in US-Occupied Iraq. Forces your foe to guard their rear and fight a 'war without front lines'. Makes them very edgy. They begin to make mistakes, waste resources and even commit atrocities which ruin their image. 

3. Do not confront front-line troops head-on. As Mao said: 'where the enemy is strong, be weak. Where the enemy are weak, be strong'.  

4. Target the enemy's soft rear areas, its cities. Maybe even its allies like Poland. Warsaw's current ruling clique seem quite keen to have the US launch WWIII from their soil. Maybe not enough of them died 1939-44? A little taste of their own blood may convince their public otherwise.

5. Begin to pressure the USA itself. They are eager to foment war in Europe as they did in 1914, 1939 and from 1990 1999. Maybe they will think again if bombs start to 'go off' in DC and LA. Might knock  the jingoism out of them. As said during the Vietnam protest era: 'Take the war to Washington!'

6. The Rus could encourage some of their jihadi foes to 'do a job' on the US. Such tech-poor jihadis would be glad for high-tech assistance in their war against US global hegemony.

7. Maybe the Rus could look aiding those crossing the US's Southern border. Its good enough for drug cartels, after all. US border is porous, for a price.

US elite imagine they can wage war on others with immunity. Not anymore.  

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