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STORM 130 Juli 2014

No. 130                      Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                      Juli 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. The latest:

SOMALI CONTACT: @ 30.7.13: “A guard was killed at the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu. There have been bombs everywhere. The Turks are promising to send us more troops. The Turks have been very good, much better than the US or the EU”.

SOMALIA, FROM AN ITALIAN PERSPECTIVE @ 6.11.13: “I migrated to Australia from Italy but I can tell you many Somalis today still speak fluent Italian. My best friend, he lived in Somalia till 1948. That was when the locals starting making ‘trouble’ so his family moved back [to Italy]. His father had first [migrated to Somalia] in 1895. He married a local [Somali] woman. When Mussolini ordered our troops into Ethiopia in 1934 my friend’s Dad went, too. He stayed for four years building roads, bridges and schools. Mussolini told [Emperor Haile Selassie]: ‘don’t have to leave! You can still be emperor!’ but he ran away, to the British. He just wanted to make trouble for us Italians”.

TELSTRA TALES @9.1.14: “I worked for Telstra [government telephone monopoly] in 2000 when they got privatised. We all got sacked! They re-hired half of us on week later as ‘contractors’, but at reduced rates of pay and minus all our benefits. In 2005 they refused to ‘renew’ half those contracts. That's how they shed 3/4 of their work force. That’s what ‘privatisation’ means for State assets”.

DANIEL MORCOMBE'S 'KILLER' @ 27.2.14: “I was defence lawyer for ‘X’, a notorious pedophile, now chief witness against the alleged killer of Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe. X was the prime suspect till one day the CIB ‘turned off’ him and started looking elsewhere. When he was younger he'd sexually assaulted his younger sister. The jury convicted him of rape but dropped all other charges as the sister changed her testimony, probably under duress from him.

She told the cops one story and the jury another. That made it inadmissible. He got out, after a reduced sentence. Immediately stole the sister’s car. Drove from Tannum Sands to Emerald. Found a small boy there and sexually assaulted him. For this trial we fly his mother up from Adelaide [1,000km to the South].

The strange stories she told us! From the age of three he used to play 'chicken' with cars, for real. Mad. Crazy. ‘X’ can never be released. He’s served his full sentence but the Newman [LNP] government ruled he be held ‘indefinitely’ under the Mental Health Act”.
[How's a convicted lunatic get to be prime witness in a case where he was prime suspect? RE]  

NEVER HEARD OF STALIN: @25.7.13: A contact was reading a 670 pp biography on Joseph Stalin, Russian dictator 1928-53, in his work lunchroom. A co-worker asked:
‘wat cha readin’?’
‘About Stalin’.
‘Oo? N wat’d ‘e do?’
‘He was the Russian dictator – killed 27 million people in WWII’.
‘O, ya mean ‘itler’.
‘No, Stalin’.
‘O? Then ya must mean ‘immler’.
‘Dis Stalin  - e’s a German?’
‘No, a Russian’.
‘Yeah? Nuh! Never ‘eard of ‘im!’

Was an older chap. Two other co-workers joined in. All were in their 60’s yet none had ever heard of the 20th Century’s worst mass murderer. Is why we began serialising excerpts from the book in each STORM. When Reds confront us with their myths and lies just ask them about their great, forgotten hero. Point to the truth: Communism kills.

EDITORIAL: We’ve been asked to cut back on the book and film reviews and to do more ‘opinion’ pieces such as this one. One reason we do reviews is as an aid to recruiting. Many Rightists try to recruit new member's by talking ‘hardcore’ to them***. Is a mistake. Newbies are like Neo in the film Matrix. Just emerged from a cocoon of silence where they were fed nothing but lies and a false view of the World. Like Morphius we have to treat them gently and let them ‘learn at their own pace’.

STEAL THEIR BASE: Many will never turn ‘hardcore’ but we've at least removed one more prop from this current System, contributing to its long-term demise. Our reviews provide a politically incorrect view of current events and culture enabling conversations between member/supporters and the unaware public, what Marx calls Lumpens.**** Most of these will reject us, but let it be due to their reluctance to be wakened rather than our ‘hardcore’ approach. To this end, we'll endeavour to have an ‘editorial’ in each future STORM. (Yours, RE).
***Hardcore to newbies: e.g. of conversation-starters NOT to be used: ‘Hitler should never have attacked Stalingrad!’ ‘What do you think of the Strasser Bros?’ ‘Do you believe in the Holocaust?’ ‘All non-whites should be exterminated!’ ‘White Power –NOW!’ 
**** Marx, like all of his ilk, likes to have it ‘both ways’. If you are a worker and reject Marxism you are a Lumpen Prol’ i.e. an irredeemable fool even a ‘Class Enemy’. If you are highly educated and reject the ‘received wisdom’ of Marx you are a ‘Lumpen Intellectual’. Like all false, man-made gods Marx has his true believers and his heretics. 

Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernieres (NYC: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004). [A novelised account of the lives of ordinary Turks, Greeks and Armenians, 1914-1922].

(p.299): “This was holy war. We were all intoxicated by the idea of martyrdom. The imam explained that to die in a holy war meant we would all meet the Prophet Himself in the garden where he abides.

We would be carried there by green birds of paradise that come only for martyrs. It was hard to get into heaven and easy to get into hell. We were being given a chance to go straight to heaven. If we shed just one drop of our blood it would wash away all our sins in an instant. God would not judge us.

On the Day of Judgment each of us would be allowed to name seventy people we wished to enter paradise with us so all our friends and family would be there. When we arrived in paradise we would receive 72 virgins each. For us there was a wavering between this world and the next. We were joyful because eternal bliss was at our fingertips and the wall between us and bliss was as thin as paper”.

FILM REVIEW: Silent Dust (1949) An Independent Sovereign Film with Pathe Pictures. GEM Channel 90 1030am Saturnsday 21 Juno 2014 (90 minutes):
A British officer returns from WWII but does not tell his father. He has been injured in combat. His father builds a sports pavilion in ‘honour of the Fallen’ not realising his son is alive. The father, blinded in WWI, mourns his 'dead' son but discovers him living in the large country estate not as a hero but ‘on the run’ as a deserter. In a final confrontation the war-blinded father, literally, demands his only son hand himself in. He refuses. They argue. In the ensuing struggle the father 'accidentally' pushes his son off the balcony to his death. His rich friends arrive. They rescue the shamed but murderous father by stating: ‘that must have been a burglar’. All silently agree: the son must remain ‘dead’ not dishonoured.

ALLIES WHO FOUGHT FOR THE AXIS: What is the subtext here? We believe the film makers, an Anglo-American Co., were suggesting any Brits who ‘deserted’ i.e. fought for the Axis forces should be killed on return. Haven't you ever wondered why so few fascists survived WWII? French SS were killed on capture, as were Dutch SS like Rost Van Toningen or Russians like Vlasov. During the 1939-1945 European Civil War some 125,000 West Europeans and 150,000 East Europeans served in pro-German armed forces*. What became of these men after the War? A debate still rages over whether or how many any Brits, Aussies or Americans served with pro-German forces.
*pp.54 & 55 Waffen SS by Keith Simpson (London: Bison Books, 1990). 50,000 Dutch - 20,000 Walloons and 20,000 Flemings; 20,000 French, 6,000 Danes and 6,000 Norges. 

“The German Army had an ambivalent attitude towards the Waffen SS. The expansion of the Waffen SS 1942-43 was due mainly to Hitler’s criticism of the Army’s performance. Increasingly, Army commander like Guderian and Manstein were impressed by the outstanding fighting spirit and performance of the Waffen SS divisions. Front-line distinctions between Army and Waffen SS became blurred. All became ‘brother-in-arms’.  
By 1945 the Waffen SS had a nominal strength of 830,000 compared with 5,300,000 in the Army. From 1939 to 1945 the Waffen SS expanded from three divisions to 38 divisions and numerous other formations, 1/3 of these being ersatz battalions or support units. Of the 38 divisions half were only regiment size. After 1943 foreigners outnumbered Germans. 19 divisions were manned almost entirely by foreigners. The Waffen SS was never a European Army but did become an army of Europeans”. (pp.74-75, Keith Simpson op cit).  
BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989).
 “On 17th November 1941, Stalin issued Order # 0428 which required:
 ‘all inhabited areas up to 40-60 km behind German forces and 20-30 km either side of roads to be burnt to ash using air, artillery, ski troops and partisan forces.  Each soviet regiment is to have a team of 20-30 volunteers to blow up and burn down inhabited areas.’
The fire-starters got to work.  This scorched earth policy destroyed for many soviet people their last fragile shelter. This was insane cruelty and typically Stalinist callous act [mid-winter temperatures were then -40’C]”.                               [our emphasis throughout]
“On 11th January, 1942, Order #170-007 was sent to the commander of the Kalinin front. It commanded the capture of the city of Rzhev and its 54,000 people:
 ‘On 11th and 12th January 1942, Rzhev must be captured. Use all artillery mortars and aircraft to smash the entire city.  Destroy it.  Inform me when this order is executed.  Signed I. Stalin’ ” (p.457). 
“In June 1942, the Germans broke through Soviet defences. When the 9th, 28th, 37th and 38th Armies were forced to retreat. Stalin reissued Staff Order #270 on 28th Juli 1942.  First issued on 16th august 1941, this now became Order # 227 of the USSR Defence Commissariat:
‘three to five detachments of two hundred men each are to be created within each army to work directly behind unreliable units to shoot panic-mongers on the spot in any attempted retreat.  Five to ten penal companies of 150-200 men each are to be created in every army. Cowards are to atone with blood for their crimes’ (p. 459).  
“Stalin phoned Vasilievsky to order the 1st Guards, 24th and 66th Armies to attack the Germans who were now only six miles from the centre of Stalingrad.  Stalin asked ‘don’t they understand? South Russia will be cut off from the centre. We will lose our major water way and our oil’ (p.461) .
[We now know that 60% of all aid to Russia came from the US via Iran. Cutting the Volga River would have ended the war. Without US aid Russia was defeated. As for the oil, the German Army was headed for Grozny where 25% of Russia’s oil was based. RE] 
“On 16th September 1942 Radio Berlin said: ‘Stalingrad has been taken. Russia is now cut in half from North to South'. Stalin summoned Zhukov and Vasilievsky back to Moscow. They resolved to adopt the tactic of wearing down the enemy by combining stubborn resistance with attrition while building for a major counter-offensive. For two months, the fighting in Stalingrad was ferocious.  German assaults were blunted despite their using 22 divisions (p.462). On 19th November 1942, Zhukov launched a three-front assault: at Stalingrad, in the South-West and along the Don River.  By 23rd November Stalingrad was encircled with 330,000 Germans trapped inside” (p.463). 
“After Stalingrad, Stalin became attracted to this new form of action, operations by combined fronts. These are the most complicated and massively complex type of battle. All must be coordinated by air, time and place. They came to involve 100-150 divisions, 3-4,000 tanks, 5-7,000 aircraft. Following their success at Stalingrad these became his preferred manner of fighting. Kursk, Belorussia, East Prussia, Vistula-Oder, Berlin and Manchuria. All were massive and overwhelmingly large-scale. Fronts were often 500-700km with depths of up to 300-500km and lasting up to a month” (p.475).   
“At the Tehran Conference, 28 November–1 December 1943, Stalin was asked by Churchill and Roosevelt to agree to ‘the inclusion in a Polish State of East Prussia and Silesia'. Stalin replied: ‘only if the English agree to transfer to the USSR the warm water ports of Konigsberg and Memel” [i.e. East Prussia] (p.489). 
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