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STORM ALERT # 49:Ukraine Air Crash Reveals Media Operate in ‘Two Worlds’:

STORM ALERT #49     
319am-519am Frigasaday 18 Juli 2014
STORM ALERT is published in the national interest. No action should be implied or inferred.
  Ukraine Air Crash Reveals Media Operate in ‘Two Worlds’:
By Ixul Dante 
BBC World Service 4am Frigasday 18th Juli 2014, Reporter David Stern, Kyiv:
“a Malaysian airliner on route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in Eastern Ukraine. Early reports say it was shot down by a missile. The Ukrainian government is blaming pro-Russian rebels operating in the area. The rebels are blaming the Kyiv government. 290 lives may have been lost”. 
The Media's ‘Two Worlds’: What became clear in the hours after the air crash was that a world-wide propaganda offensive was underway. TV news in Brisbane ran the story continuously from 730am till 430pm and then into the evening. All regular programming was suspended. This has become the norm as the previous day, a high profile court case, Channel Nine had used exactly the same blanket coverage of just the one story, the Baden-Clay murder.

Why ‘two world’s? Working with the public means I get to hold 25-30 impromptu conversations with complete strangers per day, every day. This makes it easy to ‘gauge’ the public’s opinion. Well, today it was glaringly obvious none of them knew that for the past 65 days the fascist junta in Kyiv, installed by the CIA in a coup and later fake ‘election’ had been waging a murderous war of attrition against civilians. Over 1,000 innocents, mostly armed with only shotgun and small arms had been slaughtered by a modern army with equipped with rockets, long range artillery attack helicopter gunships, tanks machine guns and satellite surveillance via the US NSA. In short, it was a massacre. Yet the Australian public knew nothing, was the information secret? No. But the ‘mass media’ had denied it to them. How?

WHITE MURDER AND RAPE: Since Decembis 2013 sever al ‘high profile' cases, to use the media label, have flooded our TV, radio and print media, all conveniently owned by Rupert Murdoch and other foreign moguls. The case are a white-on-white murder by South African Oscar Pistorius of his blonde girlfriend. Brisbane had white Baden-Clay kill his white wife. B-C got life in prison. Then there's veteran entertainer Rolf Harris' ‘rape’ of 12 young white girls up to 30 years ago. The 86 year old received a five-year gaol sentence. Just prior to that Melbourne witnessed saw the Robert Hughes ‘Hey Dad’ rape case where he copped a 10 year sentence for ‘molesting’ five of his white, female co-stars on the 1980’s hit TV sit-com.

SELECTIVE AND SORDID: To switch on the ‘news’ for the past 7-8 months has been to only hear of these sordid cases, all by white males against whites females. The reporters in every case were, without exception, breathless bimbo types. So for serious aficionados of news there has been ‘nothing happening’ since last year. But…

USA: In the US 100’s of whites have been beaten to death often in broad daylight by gangs of up to a dozen young black males. This briefly appeared on the mass media ‘radar’ in early 2014 when the ignorant blacks mistakenly targeted and murdered a NYC J-w. The NYC media shrilly shrieked, as usual when something concerns one of our Masters, shouting ‘racism!’ They suddenly went silent when they realised it was a nation-wide, anti-white murder rampage. This J-w was simply ‘collateral damage’ as our Master's military love to say.

UK: In UK the same censoring is occurring for the almost-weekly, horrific murders of young white males and females. Hunted in parks by packs of frenzied blacks, stabbed to death in front of their parents, mutilated, burned alive. In each case the controlled media simply report: ‘police are investigating' before dropping the case forever. The London Daily Telegraph carries many such reports but does little follow-up and its reporters refuse to ‘join the dots’.

SOUTH AFRICA: Since Nil-son the Mangler seized power in 1994 over 70,000 whites have suffered violent deaths, nearly all at the hands of blacks, except for Riva Steenkampt. 5,000 white farmers alone have been slain. All the murders are explained not as a planned genocide but ‘robbery gone wrong’ even if the only thing stolen was another white life. Odd though, the killers often wait then capture entire families before slowly, methodically raping and torturing to death in front of each other. The nearly all-black police and media see nothing amiss.

AUSTRALIAN MEDIA: Here, every weekend there are black-on-white murders that are never reported as such. Our TV media ape the US format. A male J-w anchor with a female blond/airhead side-kick, a jokey weather guy/girl and news reader and another blond girl. One show even has a ‘panel’ called ‘Kochies Angels’ to discuss at length such issues as: ‘should children do chores around the house?’

LOUNGE DECORE: Their choice of TV studio decor is revealing. The ubiquitous lounge is arranged to face the audience, as if ‘we’re all your friends and you’re part of our conversation’. Aims to show social pariahs and shut-ins 'you're part of society, too'. What is also different is the length of the TV news programmes. Instead of the old fashioned 30 minute News bulletin they now run for five hours from 6am till 11am, then begin again from 3pm till 7pm. Nine hours per day, seven days a week. This, in theory, should give us a surfeit of news, but no. Only the same 4-5 'news' stories, such as those  named above, got all the coverage from Decembis 2013 till Juli 2014. Day and night, blanket coverage. In fact, early in the case Channel Seven even sent a reporter to South Africa for a week to stand outside the court house and report ‘live’. Why?

NEWS FEED: To distract us. Next time you watch the 'news' look at the bottom of the screen. On each channel a ‘news feed’ runs below while the bubble heads and their Masters yap above. Each Saturnsday and Solday on the AM news shows, stories such as these appear on their 'feed': ‘body of a man found in a Sydney street. Police are investigating’. 'Body of a man found in a Brisbane Park…' 'Body of a man in a Melbourne flat…’ Often outlying cities and towns get a mention, too. A regular drum-beat of murders, every weekend. No media comment or overview. Certainly its not going to be discussed by the deliberately vacuous 'Kochie Angels'. So what’s going on?

LOCAL CASES: Two local Brisbane cases in 2011and 2012 may shed some light. ‘A body of a man was found near the Nundah Hotel. Police are investigating’. So far, so good. ‘A body of a man was found in Gympie Road, Strathpine. Police are investigating’. Hey, that's near us! So we followed it up. Turned out the Nundah man was beaten by a black gang waiting outside the Hotel for just such inebriated white males to prey upon. Their stalked this guy, knocked him to the ground, stomped on his head till it split open and mashed his brains out. He was so mutilated that it took police a week to identify him from his finger prints. Was a local radio station DJ. Even this didn't excite media interest as it would have shone a light on the racial aspects. Better to let a friend die than defy their alien Masters.

STRATHPINE MURDER: In the second case a local white male, again inebriated, was stalked from a Hotel by 14 Pacific Islanders, notorious for their huge size – even women can be 150kg - and ferocity. Logan City, South of Brisbane, has been ethnically-cleansed of whites by PI's a decade ago. Of course, like Detroit the resultant loss of white taxpayers rendered the City dysfunctional. Now they seek other white cities to infest, including ours. plague. On Brisbane's Northside, they have begun their 'work' of exterminating all whites. In this particular case, their white victim managed to run for two blocks before they caught and surrounded him. One came from behind to deliver a ‘king hit’, what the media are now required by Qld Police to call ‘a coward punch’. Felled, and unconscious the rest of the gang then began stomping. Again, head split open and brain case emptied.

DEARTH OF INFORMATION: One wonder why the mediums don’t just report ‘another white man stomped to death by black savages’? Well, that much truth has been illegal here since the ALP outlawed 'hate speech' in 1995. After an initial media report nothing more is EVER heard of the victim's fate. Contrast this with the 6-8 months coverage given to the very few white, female victims of violence such as Baden Clay’s wife, Pistorius' de facto wife, Melbourne reporter Jill Meagers’ 2013 rape/murder. All these got almost a year in the spotlight, then get commemorated each year on their ‘anniversaries’. Such is life in the  in the bimbo-dominated media.


GENDER-BIASED NEWS? When all this began sever la years ago many WN simply dismissed it as ‘what do you expct from a bimbo dominated media?’ As this reporter jonws when I began jounalrism in 1989 of 27 in my course 24 where white fmeleas, one a queer and one a Philipino. I was the sole white male. The result? Now bombos literrly control the information flow. They don’t report what does not severve the New World Order. They won’t report anti-white attacks or pro white events. They love non-whites and anti-whites. All alien refuges are treated favourably. The only perverts are white males heterosexuals like Robert Hughes and Rolf Harris. Is this a coincidence or part of a long planned conspiracy? Not sure. Is why we put it before our readers.

DUMBED DOWN SHEEPLE ARE LED BY JUDAS GOATS: So what does any of this have to do with the 18/7/14 diwning of the Mlasyain atiliner? The three year long war in Syria by terrorist armies each supported by the US, Isr—l and Saudi Arabis is not reported; the two month war by the US supported and funded Ukrainian fascist junta is not reported; no ‘male’ news is. Only bimbo froth. So our public have been dumbed down, just as the UK and US masses are too I assume. Leaves them lost, helpless, unable to comprehend, thrown back for information onto the very same media liars who have kept them uninformed to date. Sad and sick socity without solutions, a childlike Wonderland turned nightmare.
What was 9-11 caused by? Geo W Bush aid: ‘they envy our freedom’. This lad the masses to enlist in records numbers and to die in two wars, 1,000s retuning as cripples. Will the 18/7/14 crash by another Sarojevo? We know our Masters love numbers. 9-11 for the US attacks; 7-7 for the London train and bus attacks; 3-11 for the Madrid train bombings. 12-10-2002 for the Bali bombing that killed 89 Australians – exactly one day, one month and one year after 9-11. They do this ‘cause they expect the dumbed down public to have trouble remembering such events. So our Masters make it easier.

WORLD WAR THREE? We are predicting, in the hope of forestalling, they begin WWIII on the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. Former German Chancellor Schmidt said in Juno 2014: ‘the events in Ukraine are approximating the start of WWI’. We believe this 86 year old was trying to send a warning. Despite a lifetime serving the Master his basic humanity was leeching out as he faces his Maker. A week later German authorizes arrested an 89 yo who had been a graderner at Auschwitz. For ‘the murder of 100,000J—s’. Maybe this and 86 yo Rolf Harris’ arrst are a warbing to such as Schmidt and his generation: stay slaves or die. You are never safe from our wrath’.

A LACK OF SS: In early 2014 the aviaable number of real SS had diminhshed so the Masters, desperate to keep their media hate machines churning ourt Holy Hoax tales just like their Hollllllllywoofd cousins, changed the law. It was no longer necassrily to have been directly involved in the killing of J---s in WWII to be cgarged with gneocede. Really? Using that precedent, maybe every citizen of the MOTS should be charged with ‘benefiting’ from the Deir Yassin massacre and complicity in every Arab death since 1948 as all ‘indirectly benefited’. Too equal? Yes.

FUTURE HOLOCAUST TRIALS: But don’t expect our tame media bimbos to report these cases, even in a distorted fashion, as it might awake the public from their long sleep. Each of these probably had to murder an unvobnr baby and eat its placenta to get their job in the first place. In 100 years should the white Race surive we will have our owb holocausrt Rrials and the aborters, both prepreators and supplicants will be judged for hteir crimes. What s ihti their Book says? ‘Eye for Eye’. YES.    

ANA: Yours for a white Future.

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