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STORM 121 Octobis 2013

No. 121                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Octobis 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:
“I come from Malaysia but I’m Chinese, or my mother was, well she was mostly Chinese, she was a mixture. My mother’s family treated her very bad. She was shunned for marrying a ‘foreigner’, a white Australian. They thought that was ‘beneath her’ so they rejected her. They look down on Australians as inferior. So we as her four kids, we get the same treatment. So I never go there and I have nothing to do with them. They’re so old world! Their view’s are so narrow! My neighbour’s like that. He’s Greek. He wouldn’t allow his kids to marry non-Greeks. And they didn’t. I know Italian families who are the same. This is racism! They don’t think multiculturally”.

[maybe 500 years of Turkish rule resulting in a patina of brown stain across all countries bordering the Mediterranean has taught these ‘racists’ the value of keeping one’s bloodline pure. As pure as you can after 500 years of having your women raped by Turkish overlords. RE]

DVD REVIEW: JFK (1991) 3 hours 25 minutes
Studio Canal+, Alcor Films, Itxlan Films & A.Kitman Ho Productions. Stars Kevin Kostner(J), Kevin Bacon, Garry Oldman, Jack Lemmon(J), Walter Matthau(J), Ed Asner(J), Tommy Lee Jones & Sissy Spacek. Writer Zachary Sklar. Exec. Prod. Arnon Milchan(J). Writer/producer/director Oliver Stone(J).
Oliver Stone, a Leftist conspiracy theorist, is allowed to make films and is treated seriously. Rightists pushing the same agenda would be laughed at, denied funds and made a public fools of. Double standard that is US-style ‘democracy’. This film explores every possible avenue to answer one question: ‘who killed JFK?’ JFK is based on On the Trail of the Assassins by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and Crossfire: the plot that killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs. In the film Garrison is played by Hollywood’s Leftist, Kevin Kostner.

Not until 152 minutes into JFK does Garrison meet a credible though anonymous source. This is after a 152 minute deluge of contradictory facts. Garrison's 'source'? CIA general ‘X’, played by Hollywood Leftist Donald Sutherland. X tells Garrison of a ‘secret plan’ to kill JFK coordinated by every institution of the 'industrial military complex’. In all his films Stone utilises lengthy monologues to advance his plots. But X feels very much invented, much as Stone 'invented' a lot of dialogue in his film Nixon. He said in the Making Of Nixon documentary: 'I felt this conversation should have taken place therefore I believe it did'. Not a very historical approach. Is why Stone majors in fictional, not factual, films. Here’s what X said [emphasis throughout is ours. RE]:
“I’m a secret Pentagon guy. I supply the hardware. Bullets, planes, rifles. For what we call Black Ops. Rigging elections. Coups. Assassinations. Psych warfare. Propaganda. In WWII we did Rumania, Yugoslavia, Greece. We helped evacuate the Nazi intelligence operatives after WWII. We used them against the Communists after 1945. In Italy 1948 we stole the elections. In France ’49 we broke the strikes. We overthrew Quirino in the Philippines, Arbenz in Guatemala, Mossadeqh in Iran. We did Vietnam in ’54, Indonesia ’58, Tibet ’59. 
We were good. Then we got involved in Cuba. We set up all the bases for the invasion. It was to take place in October ’62. Khrushchev sent missiles to resist. Kennedy refused to invade. There were a lot of angry people. So by September ’63 UI was working on the Kennedy Plan to remove all US personnel from Vietnam by the end of 1965. Under this plan, National Security Memo #263, we even ordered home the first 1,000 US troops. 
But in November ’63 two weeks after the assassination of Vietnamese President Diem and two weeks before the assassination of Kennedy I was posted to the South Pole as escort for some VIP’s. On the way back, in New Zealand, I heard the President had been shot. Oswald was charged at 7pm, Dallas Time with police officer Tippit’s death. That’s 1400 hours the next day in New Zealand time. But already their papers had the entire history of this unknown 24 year old Oswald. Studio picture, detailed biography, Russian information, and were sure he'd killed the President alone although it was another four hours before he was charged with that crime in Dallas. It struck me as a cover story, just like we would do in a Black Op. 
After my return from New Zealand I asked myself why was I, chief of Special Ops, sent to the South Pole to do a job many others could've done? I wonder if it could have been
because my routine duty, if I’d been in Washington, would’ve been to order additional security in Texas. I checked it out and found that someone told the 112th Military intelligence Group at Fort Sam Houston to stand down that day, over the protests of Colonel Reich. It’s a standard procedure in a known hostile city like Dallas to supplement the Secret Service. 
We’d have arrived a few days earlier, studied the route, checked all the buildings. We never would have allowed open windows over Dealey Plaza. Our own snipers would’ve watched the area. Never would’ve allowed the car to slow down to 10mph. or take that unusual curve at Elm and Houston. But none of that happened. It all violated the Basic Protection Codes we had. It is the best indication of a massive plot centred in Dallas. Whoever did this were Black Ops, people in my business. Army Intel people were seen that day in Dallas. I don’t know who or why but they weren’t protecting 'the client'. As for Oswald. Army Intel had an 'Oswald' file, but destroyed it. Many other strange things occurred that day but Oswald had nothing to do with them. 
The entire U.S. Cabinet were sent to the Far East; one-third of a combat division, returning from Germany, was kept in the air above the US at the time of the shooting; at precisely 1234hours that day the entire Washington DC telephone system crashed for one hour. Coincidence? The Cabinet was out of the way; troops in the air in case of mass rioting; phones down to stop the 'wrong story' spreading. Nothing was left to chance. 'He' could not be allowed to escape alive. Things were never to be the same again after that day. Vietnam started for real. Those of us in Black Ops knew the Warren Commission Report was a fiction. Why appoint Allen Foster Dulles to investigate JFK’s death, the man who'd  sacked him? 
Why kill JFK? The how and the who were just scenery, for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia. It keeps them guessing. It's a game to prevent them asking the basic questions: why and who benefited? Who had the power to cover it all up? In 1961 just after the Bay of Pigs invasion we drew up National Security Action Memos 55, 56 and 57. In them Kennedy told the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Lemnitzer, that in future 'the JCS would take responsibility for all covert and paramilitary action'. Kennedy wanted to splinter the CIA into ‘a thousand pieces’ as he’d promised. Now here he was, ordering the military to put this plan into ACTION. Unprecedented! The shock waves were felt all along the corridors of power. This came right after the firing of Dulles, Richard Bissell and general Charles Cabell. All these had been Intel sacred cows since WWII. That made for some very angry people.
Thanks to bureaucratic inertia Kennedy’s directives were never implemented. One result was the anti-Castro operation, Operation Mongoose, went to Black Ops. Secretly based at Miami University, the largest domestic CIA Station, it had an annual budget of US$100 million. With 300 agents, 7000 Cuban operatives and fifty fake business fronts to launder cash it waged a non-stop war on Cuba. This included industrial sabotage and crop burnings. 
Thanks to NSAM 55, 56 & 57 the Black Operatives were now allowed to use the rules of covert war learned abroad and practice them back here, on American soil. They had everything they needed: the men, the money, the bases. Now they had a motive. Fearful, in March 1963 JFK demanded massive Pentagon budget cuts. These would have closed 52 military bases in 25 US states plus another 21 overseas bases. That's a lot of money! 
Do you know how many helicopters have been lost in Vietnam [by 1969]? 3,000. Who makes them? Bell Helicopters. Who owns Bell? Bell was bankrupt when First National Bank of Boston asked the CIA to use helicopters in Vietnam. What about the F111? General Dynamics of Ft Worth TX. Who owns it? Look at the Defence Budget since the war began. In 1949 it was only US$10 billion. So far in Vietnam we’ve spent US$100 billion. No money, no war. The organizing principle of our society is for war. The authority of the State over its people resides in its war powers. Kennedy wanted to call off the Cold War. He wanted to call off the Moon race and cooperate with the Soviets. He’d signed a treaty to ban nuclear testing. 
He refused to invade Cuba in 1962 and was set to withdraw from Vietnam. But all that ended on 22 November 1963. That’s how it started: with defence contractors and oil bankers. Everyone in the power structure has plausible deniability. No connections. But it must succeed regardless of the cost in money or lives. The perpetrators must win and never be subject to prosecution by anyone for anything. What happened in Dallas? It was a coup
Kennedy announced the Dallas trip in September ’63. Then a second ‘Oswald’ began turning up all over Dallas (sic). On 26 November 1963, the day after they buried JFK, President Lyndon Johnson signed National Security Memo #273. It reversed JFK’s policy to withdraw from Vietnam and authorised covert attacks within North Vietnam. It was these that later provoked the Gulf of Tonkin Incident [and a massive US troop influx]”. 
JG: “They killed JFK... because he wanted change?”
X: “Of course! It’s happened that way throughout history. Kings get killed! Politics is power, nothing more”.    JG: “This is too big for me!”    X: “You have to continue: you don’t have a choice. You've threatened the national security structure. They’d have killed you already except there’s spotlight on you. Instead they'll attack your credibility”.   JG: “They already have…”  
The postscript of the film:
“in 1979 Richard Helms, Director of Covert Ops in 1963, admitted under oath that Clay Shaw had worked for the CIA in the past. Shaw had died five years earlier, in 1974. No autopsy had been was allowed. In 1978 JG was elected judge of Louisiana State Court of Appeal, New Orleans. He was Re-elected in 1988. JG is the only person ever to see someone [Clay Shaw] prosecuted for J.F.Kennedy's killing. In SE Asian wars two million Asians lives were lost but only 58,000 Americans. A total of US$220 billion was spent. 10 million Americans were airlifted there by commercial airlines. 5,000 helicopters were lost. Six million tons of bombs were dropped. A Congressional Investigation (1976-1979), found there existed a ‘probable conspiracy’ in the death of JFK. Files of the House Select Committee on Assassinations are locked away until the year 2029”.
 Ezra Pound was a literary genius. Although an American he settled in Fascist Italy before WWII & remained throughout the War. After the war he was imprisoned by the US military. To avoid an embarrassing war crimes trial for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ EP was declared criminally insane & kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life. 
The following are quotations from America’s greatest fascist poet/philosopher: 
(Pound, Ezra.  America, Roosevelt & the Causes of the Present War. 1944, Vienna).
 “John Adams [America's forgotten second President – after Washington but before  Jefferson] said in old age:
‘every bank is downright corruption taxing the public for the gain of private individuals. If I said this in my Will the American people would pronounce I had died crazy’ ” (‘a letter to Benjamin Rush’ 28 August 1811 The Works of John Adams vol. IX p.638)).
“John Adams said: ‘all the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arises not from defects of its Constitution or its Confederation nor from want of honour or virtue so much as downright ignorance of credit and its circulation’ "(quoted by H. Jerry Voorhis Extension of Remarks in the House of Representatives 6 June 1938, Congressional Record Volume 83 Part 11 p. 2363). 

1115hrs 4th Novembis 1995: Leftist Israeli P.M. Yitzhak Rabin executed by nationalist Yigal Amir.
6 Novembis 2003: Pauline Hanson freed from Queensland gaol 11 weeks into three-year sentence.
9th Novembis 1989: DDR ['East Germany'] opens borders for first time since 1961 to ‘refugees’.
11 Novembis 1880: Australian nationalist Edward ‘Ned’ Kelly hanged for death of three police.
11 Novembis 1918: First world-wide ‘bruderkampf’ ends after killing 10 million whites soldiers.
Europeans never recover. Africa, Asia and Latin America avoid war and begin demographic rise.
11 Novembis 1975: Leftist Prime Minister Edward ‘Gough’ Whitlam deposed by Governor-General.
11 Novembis 2004: Nationalist Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat murdered by Chosen doctors, Paris.
19 Novembis 1941: Heavy cruiser HMAS Sydney vanishes with all 645 hands NW Western Australia.
23 Novembis 1963: JFK shot, Dallas TX.
25 Novembis 1971: Australians leave South Vietnam after 10 years. Lose 500 RAA, RAN & RAAF.
27 Novembis 1947: UN Resolution 181 divides Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish 'States'.

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