Sunday, 13 October 2013


BBC World Service 5pm Thorsday 3 Octobis 2013: 
Reporter Mark Lowen(J), Athens: "The leader of the Greek Far Right party, Golden Dawn, has been goaled. He is charged with 'leading a criminal organisation', murder, assault and money laundering. Three other GD MP's were earlier released from gaol. An alleged GD member is accused of stabbing to death a Leftist rap singer. Police had to prevent thousands of anti-fascist protesters from surrounding GD party HQ in Athens".  
The party has also been accused of running 'paramilitary training camps' for its members". 

THE TRUTH ABOUT GOLDEN DAWN:  GD, like all Third Way organisations, presents an alternative to the tired old Left-Right duopoly seen in every Western country. Neither is a real alternative. This was obvious in the 1929-39 Depression. It is obvious since the current Depression began in 2007. So what are the fanatics of Left and Right to do? Reinvent themselves or attack the only real alternative? The arrests of GD MP's show they have taken the second option. 

FASCIST/ NATIONAL SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE :GD re-present the Third Way or fascist/national socialist solution. As the news reported 'thousands of Leftist attempted to attack GD HQ'. This violence began with the birth of Third Way parties post-WWI, in 1919 in Italy and Germany and in every country of West and Central Europe by 1929. The reaction of the Capitalists and Communists is always the same: violence. So the national socialists find themselves undefended by police and courts, they turn to their own resources.

SELF-DEFENCE FORCES: 'Running a paramilitary camp'? What were the SS? They were birthed as 'Hall Security' simply because the Capitalist/Communist gangsters and their minions refused to allow Third Way speakers the right to speak. We had to 'buy' our speaking space with blood. The widespread violence, crooked cops and courts failed to suppress the Third Way in the 1930's. So the Left-Right went ballistic, initiating WWII. They killed 50 million Europeans and Others in the process. Such is their hatred for any fascist/national socialist alternative to their corrupt set-up.

WORLD WAR III? We are not suggesting the suppression of GD will lead to WWIII but we do see it as just the first move against the Third Way in Western Europe. Expect more attacks, in other countries, if it succeeds in Greece. Will this save Capitalism from its own inherent greed? No. Will socialism stage a come-back from the grave where it was consigned in 1989? No. But the collapsing System will use both these corpses to prevent any alternative from replacing it. As in 1939-45 it will the poor and masses who pay the price.  

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