Wednesday, 2 October 2013


5pm BBC World Service Wodensday 2 Octobis 2013:  
"The US government is in its third day of shutdown following the failure of negotiations between the US House Republicans and Democrats". 
A Singapore-based US reporter assured the BBC: 'this is nothing. This is the 17th time this has happened in the past 20 years. It's entertainment:  no one's paying any attention' ". 

SHUTDOWN? What is 'shutdown'? Why did it happen?  First, we must look at the dilemma facing all Western 'democracies' in this, 'the worst depression since 1914' (BBC early 2013). 

SPEND AND SAVE: 237 years ago Britain's North American colonies set the world on the path to mass democracy. We believe this system is dying having reached its logical end. Let's examine how the System actually works.

TWO TYPES OF PARTY: Only two types of political party are permitted to exist. Across the EU, North America and their clones states world-wide the larger of these two parties usually promise largesse in return for votes. They offer bribes and inducements, without EVER explaining where the money will come from. 

SPENDERS: We call these parties Spenders. They appeal to the masses of poor, illiterate, ne'er-do-wells and the impecunious but also, unfortunately to the many rich who feel guilty about their wealth.  Into this category fall all Labour/Labor parties including the US Democrats. 

SAVERS: The second category of mass parties are the Savers. Usually smaller than the Spender parties, these parties ask: 'hey! Who's paying for all dis?!' The masses routinely elect Spender parties to office which eventually reduce the country to near bankruptcy. Voted out, they are replaced by the local Saver party. These cut services and balance the budget. Unpopular, they get kicked out so the Spenders can to re-elected. 

U.S. DILEMMA: The US has had many Spenders since 1933. As a result it has more poor and indolent than ever. It can NEVER  be restored to prosperity. Its US$16 trillion debt can't be re-paid. 

WARS WITHOUT END, AMEN: The US-instigated wars since 2001 will continue till someone - or the Hand of GOD - stop it. These act as both a distraction for the masses and a harvest for the US ruling elite, a coterie of criminal bankers and their minions. 

DEATH OR DUOPOLY: We have to agree with the BBC's friend in Singapore. This 'shutdown' is just political theatre. Nothing will change till the duopoly of Spend/Save is toppled for good. The only question is: when will the masses tire of both?

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