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Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service Dec 2014

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Dec 2014
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BBC World Service News Wodensday 2.30am 24 Decembis 2014: 
“Ukrainian Parliament votes to revoke non-aligned status and to join NATO”. 

“France suffers three terrorist attacks in three days. Police and troops to be deployed" [no mention all were Islamist attacks].

“Algerian military say they have killed a terrorist chief who recently beheaded a French tourist”. 

“Catholic and Protestant politicians in Northern Ireland say after 11 weeks they have agreed to a power-sharing agreement to continue the pact begun seven years ago”. 

Kinshasa [DRC] Symphony Orchestra recently played to audiences in London. World’s only all-black Orchestra. Was founded by airline pilot in 1994 following a near fatal crash. He was grandson of Simon Chibungu the 'prophet of the Congo'. SC founded a church in 1921 that preached 'one day whites will leave Congo'. For this he was arrested after only four months and sentenced to life in prison. He served 30 years in a gaol 2,000 miles from his home and died there.

To suppress the 'revolt' his preaching had began Belgian colonial authorities internally exiled 37,000 families. These founded Chibungu Churches wherever they went, leading to today's church with five million members. The music written and played by his grandson's KSO is about pivotal moments in the life of SC and his Church. One piece played in London was about SC's first healing service. Through their music the church spread spreads the message of SC.

KSO are all self-taught as there are no Western music schools in DRC. They even build their own musical instruments, as such are unavailable in DRC. How? One member is a carpenter so he pulled apart a violin and then copied it to make violins for the entire KSO. He could not get the correct string so made do with bicycle brake cables. It is such improvising that helps give KSO its unique sound.

When asked by other Africans: 'why do you play Western music?' they reply: 'we fly in planes Africans did not build but they get us from where we are to where we want to go. This music is not ours but one day we will write our own and it will be'. Often illiterate, they have memorised their music. This helps  during the frequent power outages in Kinshasa where they are forced to play in the dark. 'Then', they say, 'we play even better' ”.  

BBC World Service News Wodensday 2am 24 Decembis 2014
2am 'The Inquiry' CAN WE SURVIVE CHEAP OIL?” anchored by reporter Simon Mayben(J) 
“Morgan Stanley controls 55 million barrels of oil held on 100 oil tankers. They recently sold it, to flood the world market with cheap oil”.
John Hofmeister, head of US Energy Security Agency (?):
"MS did this because they make profits off political risk. The current drop in world oil prices today is due to overcapacity in US and Canada plus a drop in demand in the developed world. Saudi Arabia has the most ‘excess capacity’. i.e. produces nine million barrels and can quickly raise that to one million barrels. It has the greatest capacity of all producers to influence the market".   
1973 was the last ‘Oil Shock’ J. H. was head of GE’s Lighting Division.
Sadaad Al Hussein:
“In 1973 oil prices went up 400%. Within a year it went up 400% again. Prices then were US$140 per barrel, in today’s dollars. That’s when both Gulf of Mexico and North Sea oil began production. Prices crashed due to new producers; Saudis cut production. ARAMCO in Saudi shrank from 75,000 to 30,000 employees. ‘We want most expensive oil to quit the market, especially Canada and West Africa”. 
Iranian TV says: "Saudis are attacking Russia, Venezuela and Iran as a political act”.

SAH: “ No, the kingdom does not think that way”. Saudi Oil Ministers do not like low prices but refuses to act to lower production". As a result Iran and Russia and Venezuela are all ‘hurting’ ". 

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, whose oil industry is behind the current US over capacity, was Bill Clinton’s former Energy Secretary:
“Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Russia now all depend on oil staying above US$100 per barrel. We should punish Russia for their irresponsibly in international affairs. We can also force a nuke deal on Iran. We should keep the pressure on ‘em”.  
Prof Brenda Richardson of Georgetown University, an adviser to Israili government:
"China benefits from cheaper oil". 
Daniel Yergun(J) called by TIME ‘the most influential man on planet’ regarding oil.
“PRC wants cheap LNG from USA. China’s goal is social stability and economic growth. The US and China have common interests. China must replace the US as 'policeman' in Middle East. This will not be possible for another 20 years, but then they will have a Blue Water Navy”.
[to protect Saudi and Israel from Iran? As US sinks Chosen simply jump ship to rising China?] 

"US oil production has changed the market but Saudi remains the key". 

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