Tuesday, 27 January 2015

SNIPPETS #54 Former SEEK CIO Carey Eaton Murdered in Kenya

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by Benn Yogarni 

Yahoo Seven News 7 Juno 2014: ‘Former SEEK CIO Carey Eaton Murdered in Kenya’:
“Carey Eaton former head of Australian job search network ‘Seek’ has been killed in an armed robbery in Kenya. He was staying at a friend’s house in Nairobi when armed assailants entered. Mr Eaton was co-founder of the One Africa Media group of companies and a leader of the technological revolution happening across Africa”. 
TIME FOR PAYBACK:  He ‘was’. Now he’s just another dead white. His murderers, of course, where black Africans. Some will say ‘what’s new! Whites are being murdered all across Africa – in South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia (‘Zimbabwe’). The land grab by bloodthirsty Rhodesian dictator ‘President for Life’ Robert Mugabe, instigated in 1995, continues.

WHITE BLOOD-BATH: Whites are now killed and their assets seized all across Sub-Saharan Africa. This, of course, has crashed the economy in all these countries. The few white survivors flee OUT of Africa to the dwindling number of white-ruled lands: the US, EU and Australia.

BLACK 'REFUGEES': Oddly, the victorious blacks, having looted murdered and dispelled the once prosperous white-ruled colonies, then set off in search of more white lands to loot. They claim to be 'refugees', too and follow their white victims to their next abode.  Having ‘soiled their own nest’ they now seek to soil ours. They say ‘Africa for Africans!’ and they got it. Now they don’t want it? Then let the whites have it back! But back to the white murders.

'EYE FOR EYE': A Christian fundamentalist explained their view of 'justice':
"Bible says true justice is: ‘eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life’. Liberal-minded courts and lawyers imposing terms of corrective custody for lethal crimes are a nonsense. The only way to restore true ‘harmony’ to the ‘universe’ is for the blood of a murderer to be shed, preferably on the spot where she shed her victim's blood, and in the same manner. The beauty of this Mosaic method is the murderer chooses her own method of execution: torturers are tortured to death, knifers are stabbed to death, etc. Given the heinous nature of many anti-white murders we view this with some pleasure. Is this justice? In fact, anything less mocks the word". 
WHITE-RULED AFRICA: Hmmm. Got us thinking. Whites fled a tidal wave of blood in Africa but millions of blacks now seeking safe haven across the still- white West. (BBC News: '160,000 Africans to EU in 2014 alone") Idea! For true justice we need people like Carey Eaton’s closest kin, a family member, to volunteer to be what the Bible calls a Goel or ‘Redeemer of Blood’. These were given the task of literally ‘redeeming’ the lost blood by personally shedding the blood of the killer.

ISLAMIC JUSTICE: Now this concept is pursued in countries like Afghanistan where courts are ineffectual and the People take the law into their own hands, which is exactly where it belongs. Such an idea would put out of a job the corrupt lawyers, judges and everything that has so disheartened many across the white lands where alien official set ludicrous sentences or acquit the guilty on a regular basis. But back to Carey Eaton. His family would under the current Afghan practice be allowed to KILL any African they could get their hands on.

'KILL ONE, FRIGHTEN 100': A Maoist idea, where the educative goal is to teach morality 'by doing it'. This in the belief that all Africans are ‘related’ so any one could and should bear responsibility for the actions of all others. This is not an odd concept. Many Westerners kidnapped across the Middle East since 1987 have been captured tortured even killed in ‘reprisals’ for the actions of Western governments. Does it act as a deterrence? Yes. Many suggest the 9-11 attacks on the centre of world finance in NYC and the global HQ for US militarism the Pentagon were justified by the incessant attacks by Wall Street funded, US-supplied forces on Arab lands since 1948.

ALL RELATED: When on be can’t detain and kill the perps get their cousey-bros [Cousins and Brothers], as our Maoris associates would say, their near or distant kin. How does this apply in a white context? For every white killed anywhere in the world by blacks, e.g. the ‘accidental deaths’ in every home invasion in South Africa the ‘knack our game; murders across the US, UK, and Australia where is is called a ‘King-hit’ on someone. These are ALL by black s on whites. Therefore any blacks anywhere are ‘fair game’. For reprisals.

INCITING VIOLENCE? Are we ‘advocating violence’? Not simply applying Biblical principles in pursuit of true justice, seeking to deter further violence. This same principle underlies Barak Obama’s widespread use of drone attacks, now said to have cost 4,000 lives since 2008. If it is good enough for an ‘American’ like BO, who are we to call this wrong?       

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