Tuesday, 27 January 2015

SNIPPETS #59: Attack on Charlie Hebdo

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by Benn Yogarni 
BBC World Service News Thorsday 8 Janus 2015 (Reporter Hugh Scofeld):
 ‘The weekly 1130am Staff Conference at French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, was attacked today by three gunmen shouting 'Allah Akbar'. As they left they told bystanders: ‘the Prophet has been avenged’. Twelve were killed including the editor, four cartoonists, an economist and two police guards. Charlie Hebdo knew they were under threat. They had a tradition of vitriolic attacks on religion dating back to  Charlie Hebdo's founding in 1970 as a result of the 1968 Paris Student Uprising. There is a tradition of anti-clericalism on the French Left that stretches back to the 1789 Revolution. In recent years Islam has been the prime target of this. One hour after the shooting French Socialist President Francoise Hollande(J) appeared at the scene proclaiming it ‘an attack on French values and free speech’ ”.
SBS TV World News 630pm Thorsday 8th Janus 2015: 
“A Melbourne media entity who knew some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists said: ‘there are other means of registering a protest if you object to content’ ”. 
'FRENCH VALUES': Let us examine these spontaneous claims. What are uniquely ‘French values’? If we begin with 1789 these were 'liberty, equality and brotherhood'. But where has pursuit of these lead us in the past 225 years? From pornography and street whores, to GOD slanders and Church mockers as men and women show their 'freedom' from all restraint. This 'freedom' lead to new discoveries like France's pioneering the 'pill' and popularising it after 1962. This lead them to become the world's leaders is legalised child murder ('abortion') which has effectively culled 60 million whites, directly contributed to today's 'demographic shift'. Now aliens flood in to take vacant white jobs, homes and lands.

FASHION: France's 'fashion' industry has always pushed the boundaries of propriety, leading to such child-whore-ingenue's as Milly Cyrus and her posse of Disney alumni. France played a key role popularising the discredited Marxist notion of 'revolution' where simply replacing one ruling elite with another somehow ameliorates working conditions all for lower classes.

PUTSCH: France, America's chosen proxy, routinely topples national leaders like Iraq's Saddam Hussein (2003), Ivory Coast's Lauren Ngagbo (2012) and Libya’s Qadafi (2011). Use false pretexts then butcher them after show trials. Attempt same in Syria, Mali and CAR with limited success. This ‘French value’ has made them a scourge of the Third World for decades.

WALL STREET'S 'DOGS OF WAR': Under alien rulers like Sarkosy(J) and Hollande(J) the once proud French joined the British, Canadians and Australians as hirelings of Wall Street, true rulers of the world. Forget democracy. As for Hollande defending ‘free speech’ we are all well aware this exists only for them, not us.

The ruling elite love to preach about 'free speech' but if ever the oppressed masses seek to reply they answer us will a rain of bombs and rockets. Those upstarts at CH may never know who and what they offended but the Christian Bible has much to say about such 'fools' and their imperviousness to hard facts.

'OTHER MEANS OF PROTEST': As for ‘other means of protests’. Really? Like running for election as Greece's Golden Dawn did only to be beaten, banned even murdered. Here we face the threat of such Wall Street hirelings as Socialist Alternative and the ultra-fascist 'Antifas' hate-gangs? 'Free speech' but only for them; 'democracy' but only on their terms. No wonder some demand we 'do a Reichstag' and burn down every Parliament across the West, these monuments to hypocrisy. But let's start with the ruler's modern day 'heralds' the so-called 'media'. As on 9-11, when they targeted 'world trade', Islamists have got it right.

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