Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Egyptian Army's Massacre 14th August 2013

BBC World Service 9am Thorsday 15 Augustus 2013:
(Reporter Hugh Sykes): "The Egyptian Health Department confirms 273 people were killed yesterday in a crackdown by Egypt's Security Forces using armoured carriers and bulldozers against two protest camps. The protesters had been demanding the re-instatement of the deposed President, Morsi. Morsi supporters claim as many as 2,000 were killed. There is no way to confirm this higher figure".

The US government supports the current Egyptian military junta lead by General Asisi just as they did the dictatorship of General Mubarak and Colonel Sadat before him. Morsi was brought to power in the first democratic election in Egypt's 5,000-year history. 

Yes, the winner was no friend of America. Yes, he was an Islamist. But isn't that the essence of 'democracy'? That people are given a choice and when 70% chose Morsi that makes him,  President, Right? When 80% later chose Muslim Brotherhood candidates as their MP's that made them the government. Right?

WRONG. Since 9-11-2001 the term 'democracy' means whatever the US ruling elite says it means. They routinely and deceitfully claim 'there is only one legitimate democracy in the Middle East' - their puppet/clone Staat. Hardly a true democracy when all its MP's are ex-military officers and it is little more than a garrison-staat of the West, a modern Crusader-staat and just as doomed.

No, if the US and the dying West seek a long-standing relationship with anyone in the East especially the Middle East, they need to nurture the nascent democracies they inadvertently encouraged to bloom.  Not strangle them at birth for being defective, like so many Downs Syndrome children. 

Despite both Palestine and Iran holding regular democratic elections since 2007 and 1980 respectively the US do not rate these as 'democratic'. Why? Both government are anti-American. By what standard does America judge others? By itself! 

Therein lies the error. The naked plutocracy exposed by the Wall Street Crash of 2007, AKA the Global Financial Crisis, and before this in the Crashes of 2001, 1997 and 1987 reveal America not to be not a demo-cracy,  i.e. rule by- and for-the-masses. 

Instead it is a plutocracy, ruled and by and for the elites. Indeed, this massive and elaborate hoax as partially exposed in the many 'Crashes' is quickly masked over by the elites' total control of the world media, entertainment, and education systems and virtually every means of political discourse. 

It is common to speak of the American Dream, the myth that any may rise to whatever heights in whatever field they choose. America's continued suzerainty is not a dream for most of the world, but a nightmare.

Regimes rise and fall, millions die at the whim of the US elite yet they act surprised when a pair of missiles, albeit filled with passengers, on 9-11-2001 temporarily penetrated the bubble of their collective self-conceit? Two missiles? How long was Bagdad blitzed for in 1990? Six months. And Belgrade in 1999? Six weeks. And Bagdad, again, in 2003? Yet one pair of decrepit, condemned skycrapers (1) topple in the Emerald City its suddenly WWIII?

When growing up in the 1960's every Aussie schoolboy knew how to spot a schoolyard bully from a real tough-guy: 'he can dish it out but can't take it'. The USA is a bully. Its current debt celling is US$16 trillion and counting. We all wait for the world's banks to simply say: 'no!' to more loans to the US. Then like a massive Greece they can wail for bailouts but none will oblige. 

Boo-hoo! Death by self-inflicted super-sizing. We can only await with baited breathe a real New World Order, the BRICS, to replace this current Neo-gothic 19th century pastiche. Pray it will soon to DIE. The brief US empire mirrors more and more the aged Ottomans, using disparate massacres and bribes to retain meagre control of its vassals. Oliver Stone claims 'the Pentagon and CIA have 8,000 drones ready to execute their will' worldwide. Is this to be the last gasp of the US tyranny? 

The violence in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere in the aftermath of the 'Arab Spring' uprisings will continue till the US stops funding 'useful idiots' who serve them, not their own kind. If it is serious about human rights and true, not fake US-style 'democracy,' the US government must condemn the coup in Egypt as a coup. It must cut all funding to military juntas in Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere.  It must be true to it's Founding Fathers not its current Masters. 

(1) Silverstein bought the WTC for US$20 million only weeks before their collapse. They were ordered by State authorities to be gutted of asbestos costing US$1 billion. i..e. rendering them worthless. Till, they were newly insured for 'terrorist attack' to the tune of US$3 billion then 'hey presto!' a loss became a win. 

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