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STORM 119 Augustus 2013

No. 119      Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action   Augustus 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

OVERHEARD: at the 7th World Congress of Families, Redfern, Sydney 18 Mai 2013:
“China has aborted 400 million children under its one-child policy in the past 40 years”.

“Half of all Family Planning Queensland’s income is directly derived from Queensland government contracts, like teaching Sex Ed in schools. There are nine links to FPQ from Q Health’s ‘sex ed’ website. FPQ run ‘training days’ for teachers on ‘gender equity’, ‘gay rights’ etc. They have also infiltrated the Qld Education Department a.k.a. Education Queensland refers to QH’s ‘sex ed’ site. So FPQ supplies QH who then supplies it to EQ. EQ use it to train teachers at the Universities. These teachers only have access to FPQ material but not to any pro-life or Christian material. In this way FPQ will soon control the ‘sex ed’ agenda at both public and private schools. When we hear the Federal government demand all States ‘sign up’ for the Gonski Reforms, what does it mean? Gonski will fund the new Australia-wide curriculum. The new curriculum will enforce the same-sex agenda across all Australian schools. There will be no opt-out clause for parents to sign. Parents don’t realise that - yet”. 

DVD REVIEW: The Pianist by Studio Canal for Universal Pictures. (2003) (142 minutes)
Director Roman Polanski(J); Co-Producer Gene Gutowski(J); Director of photography Pavel Edleman(J); Writer Aaron ‘Ronald’ Harwood(J); based on the book by Wladyslaw Szpilmann (J). Stars Adrien Brody(J). 
The rear blurb on the DVD cover says: ‘nominated for seven Academy Awards, winner of three…”. This is code for ‘is a piece designed to suit the prejudices of our Chosen rulers’. This film certainly does that. It won Best Actor for Adrien Brody (J), Best Director for Roman Polanski (J) and Best Screenplay for Ron [Aaron] Harwood (J). It is the biography of Wladyslaw Szpilmann (J) who lived in Warsaw till 6 Juli 2000 where he died, 88 years old. WS was Poland’s ‘leading pianist’ in 1939’ (sic).

GHETTO: When the Soviets invaded, along with their German allies, he chose to stay in the German-created Warsaw ghetto. It was here 500,000 Chosen were allowed to run their own proto-state including having their own police force. WS was invited to join this but refused. Later, when his entire family were provided with jobs in the East, WS used contacts within the Jewish police to escape the Ghetto. While ‘in hiding’ for the next two years WS managed to witness & survive two more Warsaw events: the 1943 Revolt by 30,000 ungrateful Chosen who refused the offer of jobs in the East; the 1st August 1944 Uprising by Polish Home Army (AK) nationalists.

SUBDUED: Encouraged by the USSR, the AK were then left to fend for themselves when German Army units restored order in Warsaw. During the brief return to German control of the Polish capital WS received aid from a sympathetic German officer who was a fan of classical music. When that officer, Captain Wilm Hosenfeld, later asked WS to return the favour -WH had been captured by the Red Army -WS failed to reciprocate. WS indeed lead a ‘charmed’ life but he did not extend that to anyone else. Surprisingly this film is done in a subdued style. Unlike many holohoax films it lacks melodrama. In the ’making of’ documentary director Roman Polanski explains this was deliberate. Maybe he realises many are thoroughly bored with the whole topic? So he shows WS as ’omniscient observer’ i.e. he mysteriously appears everywhere, sees key historical events but is never a participant. Wonders how closely this film follows WS’ book. 

LOCATIONS: Director Polanski explained he filmed at three locations:
“Firstly, we went to Old Warsaw. Occupied by the Soviets in 1944, this site was original i.e. it hadn’t been recaptured and destroyed by the Germans in 1944. Then we went to the vast East German film studio, Babelsberg. There we reconstructed parts of Old Warsaw that no longer exist. Thirdly, we were given a former Russian military base in the former East Germany. It was an embarrassment to a ‘united Germany’ that such still existed so the German government was eager to dynamite this entire housing complex – many five-storey buildings! They offered them to us to let us destroy them, instead”.
An amazing scene, the shambles of post-Uprising Warsaw. We assumed it was all Computer-Generated, then it dawns on you -this is for real! Street after street, block after block of total devastation! Eastern, non-Hollywood, really are so much better than the LA/NYC tripe. It deserves the three Oscars© but is still just agit-prop material.

VISION SPLENDID: We’re asked: ‘is ANA just an oppositional grouping, ‘knockers’ who oppose everything but have no positive vision of what you want Australia & Australians to be?’ Good question. Well here goes.

MIGRATION: We only want people like ourselves here. All types unable-to-assimilate are to be deported. By a rough guess, of the 21 million ‘Australians’ now tallied there are in fact only six million real Australians. Of the rest six million are total aliens who would be at home in any land so long as they got the same welfare, ‘sit down money’ free education, health, etc, we allow them today. They’d be happy to leave if it got too ‘hot’ for them here. Six million however will resist. Amongst these are the millions of ‘multiculturalists’ i.e. people bred of race-mixing. What Americans call ‘Mestizos.’ These have been encouraged to see themselves as some ‘future race’ when they are in fact a race breed for slavery, aliens from both sides of their gene pool, aliens to every land. These will want to stay as there is nowhere else foolish enough to accept them. They will be a problem we will need to consider carefully.

INDIGENES: You wonder that we’ve left out the so-called ‘indigenes’? These we now know are not ‘indigenes’ anymore than the Dingo/Asian Wolf is native to these lands. The DNA code was broken ten years ago. Since then it is possible to trace with scientific accuracy the origins of everyone & every living thing on the planet. Our ’indigenes’ origins are elsewhere. They did not ‘arrive’ here 154,000 years ago as alleged anthropologists claim, but 700 years ago, more recently than Vikings to Iceland. As aliens these liars will be dealt with.

ROLE OF RELIGION: Any country without an underlying theology or philosophy of life is prone to influence by those who do. In short, if you believe nothing you’re open to anything. Look around. Our schools, TV & streets are full of the lost souls a multi-culture needs. Prone to persuasion by any ad campaign, they are perfect consumers. Buy this! Kill your [unborn] kids! Destroy yourself with drugs! As one alien confided to us with much contempt: ‘cattle they’re called & cattle they are!’ This must end. Our people must be educated for life with correct theology to equip them to analyse the world around them accurately.

WATER POLICY:  If the 2008 drought and the 2011 flood taught us nothing we need to be re-taught the basic facts about Queensland and Australia. The climate here is tempestuous but can be survived if the long-term is planned for in the short-term. We need a planning commission to see 20, 30 even 100 years into the future. No more being driven by the short-sighted demands of rapacious Kapital, either local compradore or alien villain. 

The Bradfield Scheme (for diverting rivers inland to irrigate arid regions in Western Queensland) is viable. It has only ever been opposed by those seeking to keep whites as fringe-dwellers and property speculators who thrive on arable land shortages. 

TOURISM: A good example is the so-called ‘tourism industry’. It died in 1997 when the Japanese economy was destroyed by George Soros. It will never recover. Get over it! No amount of advertising here or overseas will lure fools to empty beaches when our dollar is high & their currency low. We must awake to economic facts.

EDUCATION & MEDIA: Many despair of our education system & wonder ‘why do we need to import aliens to do both unskilled work & highly skilled jobs? Why are Australians unfit for any type of work?’ Good question. The answer is simple. The education system does not ‘educate’. Like the media after 1972, it became an alien entity, a hostile presence in our land, serving foreign interests and their long term goals not ours. Both the educationalists and the media types must be viewed for what they are: peddlers of poison, a toxic sludge of false ideas, half-truths and outright lies peddled to the gullible and the na├»ve. When some resist they are compelled to comply by politically correct laws. This must end. Both education and media must be cleansed so they serve our national interest only. This is simply done. All that’s required is the Will to do it.

POPULATION POLICY: Some may ask: ‘what about the millions who don’t fit your vision?’ Fret not! We’ll present them with the same options they give whites daily in the current multicultural cesspit: conform or depart. Nothing could be plainer. What other choice have we?

FAILURE OF DEMOCRACY: Our Two-party system is an electoral duopoly where election policies mirror each other and both quote UN treaties as sacred texts. Slaves, not rulers, they wish to make us slaves as well. The Golden Age of Western Man was 1923-45 where whites stood tall and resisted the alien order to self-destruct. Beginning with Mussolini’s Italy the European Project became a race between we Free and our enslavers. By 1945 it had been defeated, but what a defeat! Who would not choose the death of the 10.5 million whites who died resisting brutal tyranny over those 50 million who died in bondage to the Soviet yoke, 1917-89? The 50 million died in ignominy as slaves and are forgotten. The 10.5 million heroes are not. From Stalingrad to Dresden their faces shine and their voices call to us, their heirs: Struggle, Resist, be Free! Every day we write a new chapter in the History of white resistance to alien tyranny.

Ezra Pound was a literary genius. Although an American he settled in Fascist Italy before WWII & remained throughout the War. After the war he was imprisoned by the US military. To avoid an embarrassing war crimes trial for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ EP was declared criminally insane & kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life.
The following are quotations from America’s greatest fascist poet/philosopher:
(Pound, Ezra.  America, Roosevelt & the Causes of the Present War. 1944, Vienna).

“Now & then a crank Congressman from Nebraska or Dakota raises an uncouth voice to demand a liberty proclaimed by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. The roar of the media soon drowns such rustic vociferations”.   (quoted by H. Jerry Voorhis Extension of Remarks in the House of Representatives 6 June 1938, Congressional Record Volume 83 Part 11 p. 2363).

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5 Septembis 1942: AIF win battle of Milne Bay, PNG. First defeat of Japanese in Pacific.
9 Septembis 1973: Chilean President Salvador Allende executed in CIA coup.
10 Septenbis 1996: MHR Pauline Hanson delivers famous maiden ‘Please Explain’ speech.
11 Septembis 1914: RAN and RAA win battle of Bit Paka, PNG. Of 1,000 RAA and 500 RAN six KIA and 4 WIA. 31 German and native troops KIA, 11x WIA. NG annexed till 1975.
14 Septembis 1812: N. Bonaparte enters a deserted Moscow. Fires erupt immediately.
14 Septembis 1901: US President William McKinley dies. Shot by anarchist 6/9/01.
15 Septembis 1410: Battle of Tannenberg, East Prussia. 8,000 Teutonic Knights slaughtered. Later, 57-day siege of their headquarters, Marionberg/Malabork, fails.
16 Septembis 1498: Tomas de Torquemada, first Grand Inquisitor, dies.
16-22 Septembis 1970: ‘Black Septembis’ – PLO vs Jordan Army. 3,000 Pals KIA.
16 Septembis 1975: White rule of NG ends after 61 years; PNG slips into Third World.
17 Septembis 1862: Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg VA. 11,530 Confederates KIA & WIA.
17 Septembis 1941: Soviet forces enter East Poland. Prevent counter-attack on Germans.
20 Septembis 1803:Irish patriot Robert Emmett hanged after failing to seize Dublin Castle.
20 Septembis 1857: British forces enter Delhi after four-month’s siege.
20 Septembis 1999: ADF occupy Indonesia’s Timor Province after UN Independence vote.
25 Septembis 1945: Viet Minh butcher 400 French civilians with axes, Saigon.
26 Septembis 1943: RAN’s Z Force raid Singapore on MV Krait. All die.     
28 Septembis 2000: Israeli General Ariel Sharon visits Al Aqsa; ignites ‘2nd Intifada.

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