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BBC World Service 4am Thorsday 29th Augustus 2013:
"British Foreign Secretary William Hague has presented a resolution to the UN Security Council condemning the Syrian government for its use of chemical weapons. UN Secretary General says the UN will not act till its weapons inspectors have completed their work". 

Commentator James Robbins: "the UK wants Russia to veto this resolution as they know Russia is determined to defend the Assad regime. The UK wants fIrm legal footing for any war but wants the Russians to be seen by the world as 'spoilers'. " 

"The Syrian government says any attack on any nation is a violation of the UN Charter". 

Here we go again... 
IRAQ: Since 1990 the UK has been America's lapdog in every Middle East war. First in Iraq when the US Ambassador to Iraq April Glassby told Saddam Hussein to 'settle ' the Kuwaiti border dispute, then went on holiday for two weeks. He took the hint and invaded. That was the trigger for Geo Bush I to declare: 'he's after our oil in Saudi Arabia!' when Saddam was not. This allowed the US to plant a base in the Saudi kingdom for the first time, till 2003 when all 40,000 US troops were expelled.

AFGHANISTAN: Of course, earlier the US and Saudi rulers had spent 1979-89 destabilising Afghanistan. With the Russian withdrawal from there the Taliban took power in 1995. A brutal barbaric Medieval crew, they only obtained international recognition from three states - UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. After six years of oppressions their Taliban were toppled as a result of 9-11-2001. The Saudis were not happy.

SOROS: Meanwhile a billionaire Geo Soros, who obtained his spoils from destroying six Asian economies in 1997, had gotten into the business of 'regime change'. In 1999 he overthrew Serbia's Milosevic government with the aid of the CIA using 'civil rights activists' of Opfor. These used the internet, mass media, German radio station B99, to organise mass rallies and civil disobedience. Then they stormed the Parliament. The pattern was repeated across Eastern Europe. Their biggest victory was in Georgia where a new President was US-trained lawyer. This young man in 2004 lead Georgia into a war with Russia. Opfor set up training institutions for radicals from across North Africa and the Middle East.

ARAB SPRING: These later fomented in 2011 the so-called Arab Spring which saw the Tunisian, Libyan and Yemeni governments toppled. Then came Egypt and Syria's turn. Thousands of radicals were being jointly trained by the CIA and Soros' clones for one purpose: to rewrite the Ottoman Empire as carved up by the French and British in 1917 under the Sykes-Picot Treaty. But things came unstuck.

LIBYA: Libya resisted so the CIA called in French and British warplanes. These ended up costing billions as the poorly-trained and armed 'activists' were not a real army and needed expensive Western aid. Qatari, French and British Special Forces teams arrived to coordinate airstrikes. Libya fell. Their ruler was tortured, then murdered, on camera.

SYRIA: Identical tactics were used against Syria, but failed. The regime there was too wise to be tricked by calls for 'democracy' from paid stooges of foreign powers. After one year worse thugs were called in. US-trained killers began to flood the country from neighbouring Northern Iraq, a US protectorate since 1991. These 'secular nationalist ' forces were soon followed by Saudi funded jihadis like the Al Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda-linked group. Iran knew the 'war', so long threatened by the US and its satellite states, was coming. They called upon their ally Hezbollah to aid the Al Assad government. These won great victories over the Saudi/US rabble. The US was forced to use even more severe tactics.

FALSE FLAG CHEM ATTACK: Then came a 'chemical weapon strike' in Damascus only two blocks from where UN weapons inspectors had arrived just the day before to investigate previous chemical attack claims. Too convenient? Before the inspectors had even gone to the alleged attack site the US Sec Def Chuck Hagel (BBC Wodensday 28th Augustus 2013) and US Sec State John Kerry (BBC Tuisday 27th Augustus 2013) and US Vice President Jo Biden (28th) all voiced their insider 'knowledge' that: "Syria did it!'

REAL WAR CRIMINALS: All the world saw the similarity to the lies that lead up to the 2003 US invasion and conquest of Iraq. But to no avail. The real war criminals are those in London, Paris and NYC/Washington DC and Riyadh. Only when they are all on trial can the world live in peace.

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