Thursday, 15 August 2013


PBS Newshour 445pm c/- SBSTV Thorsday 15 Augustus 2013: 
Prof. Nathan Brown(J) George Washington University and Margaret Warner:
NB: "I'm not surprised by this action nor is the US government. We knew it would happen we just didn't know when. The military say: 'we are in the majority. If the Muslim Brotherhood want to get onboard, OK. if not - too bad!' "

MW: "US Secretary of State John Kerry made the controversial statement in Pakistan last week that: 'it [the military coup against the Morsi government] was not a military takeover. They actually restored civilian rule' (sic). The military say: 'there is this tremendous popular pressure on us to act. We are not doing this, the people are". 

We ask Americans to examine their conscience, if they still have one, seared as it is by decades of organised governmental lying, sleazy TV shows and porn-as-product. Cleanse yourselves so you may again take your place within the international community or at least stand alongside the human race.  How? 

1.    Cut all funds to the military/security apparatus in Egypt and Yemen. 
2.    Demand the abolition of the Egyptian Army. Why does it need an army? It suffers no neighbours who might invade it. Only one and they are a US puppet, too. The role of state armies in the Middle East is now similar to the armies in Latin America 1960-82, where their chief role was oppressing their own peoples.  
3.    Demand trial of all state-employed executioners and torturers of the people in Egypt and Yemen. Then true freedom can bloom.  Secret societies like the Muslim Brotherhood will wither and die. 

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