Sunday, 25 August 2013

General Al-Sisi

BBC World Service 5am  Saturnsday 17 Augustus 2013:
Reporter Sharma Khalil, Cairo: "Sixty people have been killed across Egypt today in various cities. Security forces have been using armoured carriers and live ammunition against unarmed demonstrators. Mursi supporters called for a Day of Rage in all cities in response to what they call 'the coup'. We now know over 600 people were killed by the Egyptian military last Wodensday [13/8/13]. Today near Rentisi Square security forces used birdshot, live ammunition and broke up the demonstration almost immediately. Then the killing began..."

SBSTV World News Australia 7.06pm Sat 17 Augustus 2013:
Reporter Marcus Rubenstein, Cairo: "One month ago Egypt's general Al-Sisi was called a hero for toppling Islamist President Mursi. But today, after widespread bloodshed, many are asking on whose behalf Al-Sisi is ruling. Predecessor, general Tantawi, was seen to be too close to the previous regime [of general Mubarak]. 

General Al-Sisi is first Egyptian Defence Chief not to have seen active duty [combat]. He is a graduate of British and US military colleges. Egypt's military has strong links with the US military. 

Egypt is the fifth highest recipient of US military aid after Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Take away Israel and the other three are all close partners in the War on Terror. The US aid does not go to the Egyptian government, but directly to its generals. 

Some claim Egypt's ruling generals have wide-ranging investments in business, even that they control 50% of the country's economy. This prompted a few to ask: 'who does Al-Sisi rule on behalf of - the people, as he so often claims, or the economic interests of his own military caste?' "

We could not have put it better. 

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