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#5                                                                                                             Saturnsday 23 Novembis 2013
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To: Prime Minister, Hon. Tony Abbott MHR
Dear sir, as predicted the Indonesians have set their 'mob' on our embassy. Is time for a 'tit-for-tat'. We must not be their punching bag. They will not respect us. All of Asia is watching this
21 Nov

BBC E-mail: Deadly clashes in Saudi capital 12 ‪On Thursday, 14 November 2013 9:27 AM, Steven Godfrey <> wrote: On the same day Indonesia refused to accept boat people returnees, Saudi police and 'vigilantes' were killing African illegals who refused to go home. Yet, again NO international outcry and usual double-standard. When will our government wake up? If these illegals are so valuable and 'enrich us by their presence' (Green party policy) why is every other government in Asia so eager to pass them unto to Australia?  ‬
14 Nov

Dear Mr. Abbott, why are the RAN still rescuing these unwanted boatie trash, just as they did under the KRudd-Gillard-KRudd government before you? If the Indons wish to allow their fellow Muslims to drown why should we intervene? Our Navy is not their 'taxi service‬
28 Sep

To Hon Tony Abbott, MHR:
Dear sir, pls do not cave in to the provocations of the RI Prez. Remember the lessons of the 1962-65 Konfrontasi under their previous dictator Sukarno. We came to the point of war with the Indon's then.

 Bang-bang has sworn to 'reclaim Timor' since its lose in 1999. At heart, their regime is a military state. It is also a mandala which seeks to expand its 'sphere of influence' at the expense of weaker neighbouring states. In the 1950' and 1960's Malaya was their target. Today it is Australia. As you know, in politics timing is everything.

Why did the Indon Prez delivers his throning speech on the opening day of our 44th Parliament? Then repeat it on the second day? He knew he had obedient minions within the House, all on the Green and ALP benches. Before long that great toady, Ms Ju-liar Gillard, played his tune bleating: 'apologise!' For what?

They smell 'blood'. So give them a bloody nose. Call their bluff, just as Menzies did. Be great! Only then will they respect you as they did John Howard in 1999. Ignore the curs of the ALP/Greens who preach supine submission like slaves.

PS. Not long after your LNP won election on 7th Novembis 2013, a boat sank off Indonesia. The pro-Asianist Australian media blamed the Abbott government. When SBSTV News interviewed survivors they asked: 'did the Indonesian military know you were setting out?' The shocked captain replied: 'Know?! They drove us to the boat in their own trucks!'

Why is Bang-Bang Yudiyona so angry? In the time of the KRudd-Gillard governments, 2007-2013, over 40,000 illegals entered Australia via Indonesia. Each paid between US$7,000-$70,000 to various smugglers. Much of this went in bribes to RI officials. Including Bang-bang? It now appears so. He is angry that the Abbott government policy of returning all boaties to RI voids his corrupt dealings with smugglers. He risks 'losing face'.

Don't listen to him or his hirelings in the Australian media or his lapdogs within our Parliament. Obey those who elected you, sir. That would make you a stand-out politician and long will our people honour you - and keep re-electing you.

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