Friday, 22 November 2013


STORM ALERT is published in the national interest. No action should be implied or inferred. The opinions expressed remain entirely those of the author. 

By Frontig Harsution
ABORIGINAL POLICY: As in most other areas there has been little or no change in policy under a Qld LNP government since their 21.3.2012 election ended 20 years of Ultra-Left ALP rule. The late-stage invaders of Australia, arriving only 700 years ago during the last ‘Mini Ice age’ are still officially accorded ‘indigenous’ status. Called ‘custodians’ of the land their only real role was a negative one. They used fire to hint with, destroying vast areas of the continent. The dry arid wasteland they created is what greeted the first whites in 1788 when they arrived to build a new land here.

The current Sydney fire storms like the Tasmanian predecessors in 2011 and Victoria in 2009 are the direct result of Abo fire policy. Their ignorant mismanagement of a land that was not theirs was disastrous. The ubiquitous ‘gum’ tree which tends to explode like a bomb in high temperatures is their greatest ‘gift’ to the world. A giant weed it was one of the few trees that could survive their annual hunt/burn-offs. Like them the gum is useless for constructing anything solid.

Recognition? These types only deserve condemnation. Indian scientists in 2011 proved from DNA evidence that our ‘indigenes’ where from there. This they intend to use in a future land claim for all Australia as being an Indian ‘homeland’. This may explain the current inrush of 200,000 Indians per year to Australia from all over their Diaspora.

BIKIE P0LICY: Hells Angels are a USA company used to transport hard drugs for the US-based criminal syndicates. A ban on them alone should suffice

GUN ‘CONTROL’ POLICY: In October 2013 the Newman Qld LNP government concluded a ‘gun buy-back’ scheme that netted 8,500 ‘illegal’ firearms. It was the same L-NP setup who in 1997 under Borbidge enforced the Howard’s Federal governments ‘gun buy-back scheme’. This was implemented after the Pt Arthur massacre 3,000 miles away. But during 20 years of ALP rule 1989-2012 there was no attempt to steal private firearms. Newman is Borbidge revisited! Borbidge lasted two years. Learn from this, Newman.

IMMIGRATION – LEGAL & ILLEGAL: Much is made of migration here by illegals but most Australians have oppose ALL migration since it began in 1949. Certainly a majority have opposed it since non-whites took precedence in the 1980’s under Hawke-Keating. So whether they are legal or not most don’t want them.

Three key elite groups do, however. Their anti-democratic tendencies ensure migration both legal and illegal will not end soon, despite popular demands. The media, entirely foreign-owned and controlled; academia - entirely foreign-populated and funded; the political parties – entirely sold out to foreign pay-Masters.

Eliminate these 100,000 traitors and Australia will blossom and bloom, freed from the yoke of hostile alien-rule. If not we, like the UK, US and South Africa will follow the path of Rhodesia. Dispossessed, murdered and their existence erased from history. Will you ‘fight’? Resist these evil in every form. RESIST.                               BELIEVE.                              ACT.

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