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STORM 122 Novembis 2013

No. 122              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                    Novembis 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:
CABBIES LAMENT: “The Virginia Palms Motor-Inn at Virginia [on Sandgate Road] has changed its name to Virginia International. For about three years [since Gillard got into office] it’s been a Immigration-run facility. Its full of boaties [those entering Australia by boat illegally to circumvent set immigration quotas]. I picked up a fare from there on Sunday. Then I got some from the Colonial Mobile Village at Zillmere [on the corner of Beames and Zillmere Roads, is a caravan park full of semi-retired and unemployed whites]. It’s now half-full of boaties fresh from the holding facility at Christmas Island. I had to take them to Disney On Ice. They were running late and complained to me: ‘the trains are too infrequent here!’”

ART or THEFT? Was reported to us that a local author has ‘the dope’ on a female writer with initials ‘JKR’ Is it true? You decide.
“There was an old volunteer who visited sick children in a London hospital. He told them tales of a wizard called Wally who went to witch’s school, played a game called Quiddich etc. One of the children’s parents urged him to write them down and so amuse a wider public. Eventually the old man did and took the manuscript to a literary agent. The same agent managed an unknown female writer, JKR.
The old man did not like the way his agent re-edited his material so stormed off to a publisher who would allow him to ‘self-publish’ the raw unedited material. The old man then began selling these to his family and friends. He died suddenly, leaving 300 copies of his book Wally the Wizard under his bed, unsold. His agent was cross with the old man for refusing the re-edit and also for self-publishing.

With the death of the old man the agent passed along his ‘re-edit’  on to new young female author who was only too happy to claim it as her own. This appeared as the first Harry Potter book. When it became a bestseller the old man’s family contacted JKR’s publisher planning to sue for ‘breech of copyright’. A large sum of money persuaded them to defer indefinitely all proceedings”.

Sounds incredible till we recall Dan Brown bestseller The Da Vinci Code, which sold 40 million copies, was based on Michael Baigent’s lesser book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. DB and MB had the same publisher. MB sought to sue after The DVC became such a success but soon dropped it. We wonder why and whether plagiarism in the art and literary scenes is uncommon or the norm?

DVD REVIEW: Coast (Episode One, Season Two) 55 minutes (2006)
BBC Bristol/Open University Co-production. Presenters Nicholas Crane & Dr Neil Oliver.  
Produced and directed by Oliver Clarke. Reporter Alice Roberts:
“We are on the Isle of Wight 12 miles off the English coast. After WWII British scientists came here to test German V2 rockets they’d captured. 1,000’s of people worked on Britain’s space programme in the 1960’s, 200 on the Isle of Wight alone. While the Russian and American space programmes spent vast sums the British operated on a shoe-string. They were based at the site of a WWII gun battery overlooking the open sea.

With a minimum of work they linked the three gun emplacements and re-configured the ammo stores to serve as their underground base. The gun site itself was built on a pre-existing Napoleonic fort tunnelled into the cliffs. Why build a missile fleet? Britain had exploded its first A-bomb in 1952 and now needed a delivery system if it were ever to return to the ‘Big League’ of world powers. From 1955-71 they worked at re-using the V2’s hydrogen peroxide [hair bleach] engines to power Britain’s original nuclear missile fleet, the Black Knight rockets.

A civilian version became the Black Arrow. A variant of this, the Black Arrow R3, was used in 1971 to launch the first British satellite, the Prospero, into orbit from Woomera Rocket Range in South Australia as Britain had no launch facility of its own. After 25 years top secret research and development, the core team of Raymond Wheeler, Jim Scragg and John Underwood were ecstatic. Team leader Wheeler recall: ‘I heard from Woomera by telex of the successful launch. I had a wonderful weekend! Then I went into a board meeting on Monday morning to be told: ‘the Minister responsible for science has withdrawn all funding. Go down and tell your staff half of them are sacked immediately’.

Scientist Jim Scragg agreed: ‘Hansard later recorded the Minister as saying: ‘we see no useful purpose in future satellite launches’. Politics is a funny thing’. In 1971 money was short. Britain had to make a choice – either go it alone with Black Arrow or join with France to fund and fly the Concorde super high-speed aircraft. They chose Concorde’. By June 1972 the Isle of Wight base had been abandoned. Host Dr Neil Oliver: ‘it’s hard not to be disappointed by such lack of foresight”.  

[We do not believe this ‘cover story’ of lack of funds. After 25 years secret operations, this British effort went public. Two days later it was shut down. On whose orders? America. Since 2004 America has been threatening war with Iran over its alleged nuclear programme. We all know Iran is no threat to the USA but America can brook no rivals, whether formal allies or declared enemies. Not long after the BAR3 programme was cancelled the Woomera test facility was closed. Later dismantled all its equipment was sold as ‘scrap’ and shipped - to India. RE]

BBC World Service 11 November 2013 Indian Mars Mission Hit By Snag:
Reporter Paul Rincon: “The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has reached an orbit from earth of 71,623 km. Isro’s chair K. Radhakrishnan said: ‘the target is 100,000km. The 1,350kg spacecraft has used only 2kg of its 852kg fuel load. On 1 December the engine will be fired to dispatch the craft on its 300-day journey to Mars. On 24 September 2014 the craft will enter Mars’ gravity field. The PSLV rocket allows the MOM to reach Mars at a cost of US$72 million, extremely cheap by the standards of planetary missions”.

DVD REVIEW: Che (2008) 160 minutes Produced by Wild Bunch Films and Telcinco.
Director Steven Soderbergh(J) Writers Peter Buchan & Benjamin A. Van der Veen (J)Based on The Bolivian Diary of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara published by Ocean Press. Filmed in Spain & Bolivia. Producers Laura Bickford & Benicio del Toro Executive Producer s Frederic W. Brost, Gregory Jacobs(J), Brahim Chioua(J) Stars Benicio del Toro as Che, Lou Diamond as Mario Monje, BCP leader, Matt Damon as Fr Schwartz a German missionary.

Intriguing how many of Hollywood's Leftists volunteer to appear in pro-Left films, like JFK & Che and take an active hand in their production. They never doubt Marx, their god, no matter how many times he's proven wrong. This film is the usual ‘tribute’ piece, like JFK. To the Left’s fallen ‘heroes’. This film is nothing new. Oddly, it has some of the most realistic battle scenes we've seen. Much better than 'rah-rah' bombastics of the BlackHawk Down genre. Che is just an updated Red myth to enable another generation of youth is to brainwashed into Sollywood's cult of death.

DVD REVIEW: Constantine (2005) (116 minutes)
Villlage-Roadshow Films, Warner Bros Films, Lonely Film GMbh, DC Comics. Director Francis Lawrence. Producer Akiva Goldman(J). Writer Kevin Brodbin & Frank Cappello. Stars Keanu Reeves. Rachel Weisz(J). Shia Labeouf(J). Tilda Swinton.

Has a cast familiar to any sci-fi/fantasy audience: KR is from the Matrix trilogy, RW from The Mummy trilogy, SL from the Transformers trilogy and TS from the Narnia trilogy. The introduction drops us straight into Hollywood's symbiotic obsession with imagined Nazi mythology: “he who possesses the Spear of Destiny holds the fate of the world…the spear of Destiny has been missing since the end of WWII”. What is the SoD? Myth tells us the Spear which pierced the side of Christ still carries His Blood so has the Power of GOD to enact change, for good or ill. Occult nonsense, invented by Sollywood, but attributed to Hitler & Co.

Despite this fatal flaw, we liked this film. Why? Simply because, while violent, it shows a stronger reverence for the Christian faith and rituals not seen in Sollywood since the 1970’s films like The Exorcist and its many imitators. In these priests have spiritual power, demons are real and evil, not ‘cool’. For its spiritually-correct attitude alone we rated this film highly. For the bitter twist at its end, we applaud it. Is a good stable-mate with such films as Legend and Priest.

7th Decembis 1945: Viet Minh leader sends a telegram to his ‘old friend Leon Blum’ [former French Premier]. (p.85 Denis Warner)
9th Decembis 1987: Day One of First Intifada, Palestine versus IDF Occupation.
9th 1992: USMC land in Mogadishu, Somalia.
9th  Decembis 2001: US declares War against Taliban, begun on 7th Octobis 2001, to be ‘over’.
12th Decembis 1940: H. Himmler begins ‘racial register’ (p.54 Butler).
11th-15th Decembis 1862: Battle of Fredericksburg, VA costs Union 12,653 men, Confederates 5,309.
12th Decembis 1940: H.Himmler begins 'racial register' (p.54 Butler).
13th Decembis 2003: US forces capture Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq.
16th Decembis 1976: Federal Liberal government grants Abos ‘freehold title’ over Native Reserves.
Dawn, 16th Decembis 1838: Battle of Blood River. 464 Afrikaaners attacked by 15,000 natives. Whites kill 3,000+ for nil loses (500+ whites lost in previous massacres). Renamed Day of Covenant.
20th Decembis 1989: US forces invade Panama. Kill 1,000+ Detain President Noriega (till today).
22nd Decembis 1944: Vo Nguyen Giap forms first 27-man platoon of Viet Minh guerrillas.
22nd Decembis 1989: Rumania President N. Ceausescu overthrown in KGB coup.
22nd Decembis 1993: Australian Senate passes Mabo Act, granting entire continent to Abos.
23rd Decembis 1996: Federal High Court Wik ruling. ‘Native Title’ overrides ‘leases’ to whites.
726GMT 24th Decembis 2006: Karen rebel chief General Bo Mya Knu dies aged 79 years old.
25th Decembis 1989: Rumanian rulers Nicolae & Elena Ceausescu executed by military court.
25th Decembis 1991: Last Soviet Premier M. Gorbachev hands power to Russian President B. Yeltsin.
26th Decembis 1826: First British settlers arrive in Western Australia, at Albany.
27th Decembis 2004: Ukraine elects first ever pro-US President.
29th Decembis 1979: Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.
30th Decembis 2006: After long show trial US murders Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein.
31st Decembis 1994: Russain Army invades Chechenia. First Chechen War begins.

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