Saturday, 18 April 2015

SNIPPETS #63 18th Apri 2015: “Italian Navy arrest undocumented immigrants"

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Saturnsday 18th Apri 2015 
by Benn Yogarni 

ABC News Radio 936AM 1050am Frigasday 17th Apri 2015: (Anchor Paul Quinn): 
“Italian Navy have arrested 15 undocumented immigrants who arrived by boat today after other passengers alleged the Muslims had thrown 12 Christian men from Ghana and Nigeria overboard following an argument. The men all died. We talk to Martin Maureb former Malta Defence Chief who now heads a private NGO which runs rescues of such immigrants". 

Martin Maureb: “As for the alleged incident, well these things do happen…but what’s more important is for the EU to get more resources focused on rescuing these arrivals from North Africa to Europe. We are working alongside MSF running drones to monitor such arrivals but we need more money...”  

HUMAN RIGHTS FOR THE INHUMANE? The anchor then let the source parrot on for another 15 minutes about ‘the need to rescue these people’ without ever returning to the key issue: if these Islamist terrorists so casually murder Christians on the High Seas, what sort of migrants will they make to a majority Christian continent like Europe? Apparently neither the ‘former Defence Chief’ nor the Irish reporter, working for the Australian government broadcaster, cared. 

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