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STORM 139 Apri 2015

No. 139                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                         Apri 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

OVERHEARD AT A BUS STOP @19.9.13: Elderly, white couple who seem to assume a young Indian woman is a tourist:
“You stayin’ in Australia long?” 
“You’re from India?” 
“No, America”. 
“Where abouts?!” 
“So why did you come to Australia?” 
“To have a baby”. 
[Obvious subtext: ‘This is my ‘anchor baby’ I’m staying. It’s you that’s leaving, whitey’. RE]. 

HEIR OF CHERNOBYL @9.10.13: “My sister-in-law died from cancer of the salivary gland. It produces your spit. She saw a TV ad for family genealogies so she got one. Found she had a distant cousin living near Chernobyl, Ukraine. She contacted her in 2003 and went for a visit. While there she drank groundwater, even though everyone told her not to. She figured: ‘locals do and nothin’ happens to dem.’ After she returned to Brisbane she got sick and died within four months. She was only 48 years old”. 

OLIVER STONE @ 11.10.13: “Hollywood director Oliver Stone visited a psychiatrist from an early age. He was married three times, to a Lebanese, then to a Korean. He had two sons and a daughter. His son Sean Stone is a film maker. His first documentary was filmed in Iran. Though born a J-- Sean converted to Christianity but then to Islam. He converted to Islam before leaving for Iran”. 

INTERNAL EXILE @ 25.10.13: A 50 year-old White female: “I’m from Melbourne [2,000km South of Brisbane]. I was forced to sell my home because of what happened to the State School next door to my house. It was a small school so the government closed it down. Then they sold it. Later, it reopened as a private school, but as an I----ic School. That’s when the whole suburb began to changed. The M-----s arrived. They started to  buy everything – schools, shops, homes. When they had enough people of their own in the area, they started to get elected to local Councils, then the State Parliament. THEY TOOK OVER! They wanted Sharia law. 

Two doors down from me they set up a ‘gun bank’(?) Every Friday the M----- women drive up with bags of cash to deposit it there. It’s how they avoid paying any tax (?) 

My local chemist there was a Christian Arab who says to me: ‘every day these long, black BMW’s roll up and out gets these women dressed from head-to-toe in[burqas]. Each one has a government-issued, pension card. So I have to sell them prescription drugs at a government-subsidised price. How’re they getting welfare if so wealthy?’ ”

“All the men seem to have four wives, each with their own house and their own set of kids. And who pays for them? Us – poor, stupid, whites! They favour their own. There’s mosques goin’ up all over. When I went to a shop and wanted to be served, if one of ‘them’ walked in they got served first. I’d yell: ‘hey, am I the wrong colour?!’ That’s why I come to Queensland – it’s a M------Free Zone. Forget about Sydney and Melbourne - they’re long gone!”  

EDITORIAL – ATTATURK Book Review: ‘Why?’ We have been asked: ‘why the lengthy review of a book on the rise of Attaturk and demise of the Ottoman Empire?’ Attaturk, was a title Kemal Mustafa adopted meaning ‘Father of the Turks’. He single-handedly created modern Turkey from the decaying ruins of a dying empire. Attaturk was a proto-fascist, one of many such nationalist leaders to emerge from the chaos of post-WWI Europe.

POST-WWI FASCIST RULERS:  Others were Mussolini, Degrelle, Mosley and of course Hitler. Too much time is spent studying the unique conditions under which the NSDAP’s 1933 election to office. Very little examination is done of other fascists, some much more successful if gauged by longevity. A. Hitler ruled a brief 12 years but Mussolini did so for 22 years, Spain’s Franco for 35 years and Salazar of Portugal for 40 years. Why study the meteoric rise and fall of One but ignore the slow, methodical plodders who outlasted Him? Is a trick of the Enemy and their Media. 

END OF WAR, NOT END OF FASCISM: WWII ended in 1945 but fascist rule did not. For this reason Enemy-run Hollywood keeps the general public focused on the brief, glittering reign of the doomed Third Reich. Hitler died in 1945. Attaturk’s regime lives on, in the current Turkish President Erdogan’s ruling AK Party. We must reject the ‘if only’ arguments of some who say: ‘if only Hitler hadn’t attacked Stalingrad’ or ‘if only he hadn’t stopped developing the German A-bomb in 1941’ etc. These are dead ends. 

NON-EUROPEAN MODELS: What is more profitable for our Race and Nation is to study, and model ourselves on, the various successful fascist states and ideologies which thrived after WWII. Attaturk’s was one of these. Among others are Argentina’s Peronist Party, which has held office several times, and India’s ruling BJP.   

POINT OF CLARIFICATION: regular storm STORM readers may wonder at our insert of WCOTC and Odinist flyers. Have we changed religions? No. ANA still support Christian Fundamentalism. We also support several US POW’s who are not Christians. They write; they ask us to distribute their material; we do. Why? Out of solidarity. The higher these prisoner’s ‘public profile’ is the better the treatment they will be afforded by their gaolers, who are often hostile aliens. We encourage readers to write them. It’s them today; it may be us tomorrow. 

The President and the Pirates: SBS TV c/- Screen West Solday 29th Decembis 2013 1015 pm (50 minutes):  This film is by Screen West (Western Australia government Film & TV Office). President of Puntland, Abdirahman Farole, is an Australian citizen. He is anti-Al Shabaab and anti-piracy. He wants Puntland to be a democracy
“just like Australia. In 1991 the Burbur – Catastrophe – occurred. The Socialist dictator Siad Barre was toppled after a war with armed clans but then the clans unity broke down, they turned on each other. So far more than 500,000 people have been killed. The number of rapes has skyrocketed".
Abdirahman Farole was a banker in Mogadishu. He was forced to move to Melbourne, first Footscray then Heidelberg suburbs. He liked what he saw of Australian life. “In Australia, there is rule of law and social justice. Everyone gets their rights met”. His friend Imam Musse runs the Virgin Mary Masijd

In seven years, from 2005 till 2012, over 4,000 sailors from 125 countries were hijacked by Somali pirates. US$400 million in ransom was obtained. The cost to the world economy is estimated at US$18 billion per year. Omar Farah says: 
“large foreign fishing fleets cruise just off the Somali Coast, stealing our fish. Unemployed fishermen become eager pirates of these fleets who, in 2006, made US$ 9 billion profit - from our Coast! Somali fishermen simply see themselves as taking 'direct action,' attacking foreign fleets they see as ‘pirating’ their fish. The lure of money is also strong. An individual pirate's share may be as much as US$ 138,000 from ransom of a large ship, which can average $5 million per. What do they do with all that money? Women, drugs, alcohol, new cars from the Middle East - all the cash - it's quickly gone”. 
When Farole took office in 2009 he found:
“Puntland's annual budget is only US$ 40 million, 70% is spent on the Coast Guard. He hired a South African security company to train and arm Puntland's Maritime Protection Force (MPF) – 800 men in patrol boats. Foreign navies sat back and watched for three years and did nothing to help the MPF. MPF use pirate's own skiff's. Their annual budget is lower than many European football teams".
Farole sees a need to the export market, especially the mining sector for uranium. Farole says:
“all aid to Somalia in the past 21 years has gone to Mogadishu. They accept 20,000 refugees a year. Puntland has 400,000 refugees. Shouldn't we receive some of that foreign aid, too?”
BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld& Nicolson, 1989). 

“The entire Yugoslav Communist Party leadership they were called ‘an arsenal of Trotskyism, a shameful purely Turkish-style terrorist regime(sic), intolerable in a Communist Party . They must be got rid of’ In Novembis 1949Cominform  issued a resolution titled The Yugoslav Communist Party is in the Power of Murderers and Spies. Written by Suslov it contained every imaginable charge including comparing the Yugoslav Communist Party to the Nazis, accusing them of ‘spying’, ‘being allied with imperialism’ and ‘fostering kulak regeneration’ ” (p.536). 

“The only bright spot to brighten those dark years for Stalin was the growth of the international peace movement. It began in 1948 when pacifists from both camps meet in the Polish city of Wroclaw. Next came the Paris meeting of the All-World Peace Congress (p.537). Stalin saw this as rife with possibilities. Given the US nuclear advantage and the disadvantage of the Socialist Camp it was essential to maximize world public opinion. Official Soviet propaganda supported the idea of peaceful co-existence and Stalin personally selected the Soviet representatives to the April 1949 Paris AWPC meeting” (p.538).

“After 1945 Stalin gave a great deal of aid to the Chinese Communists. Arms and equipment of all kinds were delivered to the People’s Liberation Army. By the later half of 1947 Chang Kai Shek was forced to flee to Taiwan” (p.539). 

“Stalin could not forgive independent, free thinking. For Stalin’s the chief quality of any official, however essential, was reliability and loyalty to him personally” (p.521). 

“On his 70th birthday [in 1950] poems of glorification poured out, even by decent and talented men. Sincerely meant, they represented an expression of the universal, blind adulation of the chief idol. As they praised the Leader the people entered into a kind of religious ecstasy. Stalin embodied socialism. Believing in the Leader, we believed in the ideals he personified. [And the difference between this and Hitler-worship? RE]. For the whole of Decembis 1950 the Soviet newspapers were full of loyal and devoted anniversary articles. The humiliation of a great nation was in full swing. As early as 1931 the German anti-Bolshevik Karl Kautsky has asked: ‘what is left before Stalin arrives at Bonapartism? When will he crown himself Tsar?” (p.528). 

“After his 70th birthday Stalin’s health deteriorated rapidly. The ageing tyrant was perpetually afraid. His daughter Svetlana wrote: ‘he was tortured by fear that became a persecution mania. The mania was not a sick fantasy. He knew he was hated and he knew why” (p.529).

“Stalin died at 950am 5 March 1953 of a stroke” (p.574). 

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