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SNIPPETS #64 18th Apri 2015: “UN asks Saudi Coalition to stop airstrikes on Yemen”.

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Saturnsday 18th Apri 2015      by Benn Yogarni 
ABC News Radio 936AM 1055am Frigasday 17th Apri 2015: (Anchor Paul Quinn): 
“UN Secretary–General Ban Ki Moon has asked the Saudi-led Coalition to stop airstrikes on Yemen after three weeks”.  
“The new [Saudi appointed] Yemeni Foreign Minister has called for the Houthi rebels to disarm and retreat from all territories they have seized”. 
YEMEN’s RECENT PAST: What’s going on in Yemen? We must look at what’s happened there in the recent past. Prior to 9-11 2001, when the US launched their so-called ‘War of Terror’ on the rest of the world, Yemen had been a target for an Al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole. Several US sailors were sunk by a crude boat-bomb. AQ and Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility. The USN had been using Yemen to refuel its fleet on anti-Iran watch since the 1990’s. 

UNION OF YEMEN: Before this, Yemen had an unstable history as the forced alliance of two countries – between Saudi ally and former monarchy, North Yemen and Aden/South Yemen a former British colony and Soviet client state. The two countries never really ‘gelled’ and opponents of the ‘union’ remained in both former states. 

SAUDI INTERFERENCE: Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s powerful and often overbearing neighbor wished to retain the union so encouraged harsh repression of any dissenters. The cash-strapped Yemen central government, now a US ally following the 1991 collapse of the USSR, was happy to comply. Repression lead to resentment and increased resistance to central rule. In the South this encouraged the Sunni majority to rally to AQ and ObL. In the North the Shiite minority sought protection of pro-Iranian groups like the Houthis. Saudis fear being supplanted in the region by Iran so lash out at any perceived Shiite resistance to Sunni rule, calling it ‘pro-Iranian’. 

Al QAEDA: The Saudis automatically opposed the Houthis but were mute over AQ. AQ’s ObL was a Yemeni born in Saudi. He was popular in the Kingdom among the many Islamic purists who loathed the Saudi alliance with the ‘infidel’ USA. The actions of both AQ and the Houthis weakened Yemen’s Central government, where many were paid handsomely via US defence ‘aid’. Corrupt elements were happy to see wars against  AQ and Houthis ‘sputter along’ so long as they stayed on the aid ‘teet’. 

ARAB SPRING; Then came the Arab Spring of Feb 2011. Thousands of US-trained and Geo Soros-funded activists instigated ‘popular revolts’ in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen. When these were easily suppressed in several of countries they morphed surprisingly quickly into armed uprisings, especially in Libya and Syria. The former saw its long-time dictator captured and killed within six weeks. The latter took note and has clung to power tenaciously to avoid the same fate. 

EGYPT HAMSTRUNG: Egypt’s dictator was overthrown with US approval after six weeks of activism. He was replaced by a popularly-elected government, the first Egypt has seen in 5,000 years. This angered the Saudis who saw the ‘writing on the wall’ for such Medieval rulers as themselves. They were angry the US, under Obama, sided with political Islam like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, as a moderate path into the modern future. Obama began the process of relegating embarrassing, anachronistic farces like the House of Saud and their Gulf State proxies to the dust of history. 

SAUDI FIGHTBACK: In 2013, the Saudis began their fightback, if for nothing else but to avoid the same fate they had chosen for their old foes, Libya’s Qadafi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Syria’s Al Assad. In the two former cases it was not just the man but every male member of his immediate family who was killed.  First, the Saudis paid the Egyptian Army to overthrown the elected Morsi government only one year into its first term. Obama did nothing. Then the Saudis began arming, funding and training ISIL to topple both the pro-Iranian Shiite regime in Iraq and the pro-Iranian Syrian regime. 

PRO-US OR ANTI-US, ALL MUST GO: This meant attacking both the Iraqi government, a US ally and democratically elected, as well as Syria, anti-US and an un-elected dictator. The Saudis did not distinguish. They wanted both ‘out’. Within one year, Saudi and Gulf-funded terrorists were all victorious and had control of 1/3 of both Syria and Iraq. The US did nothing. This was surprising to many observers as to gain supremacy in Syria meant exterminating the US-trained and funded moderates of the Free Syrian Army, thousands of whom were slaughtered by ISIL’s pro-Saudi forces. In Iraq the government Army, trained and funded by the US for 10 years, were butchered – at Camp Spetcher 3,000 in one day. Again, the US did nothing. 

HOLOCAUST COMPARISONS: It was only when massacres ensued of minorities – Christians, Shiite, Turkmen and Yazidi, that the US’s controlled media were allowed to raise any alarm in the West. Still, Obama did nothing till some in Congress talked of ‘Holocaust’ a key lever in any US political debate as it awakens their domestic Masters, AIPAC. Only after this were aid flights permitted to those trapped and in danger but no military action was allowed. 

IRAN’S ADVANCES COUNTERED BY US MASTERS: In 2014 a new government was elected in Iran. The previous President had been vocal and anti-AIPAC rule of the USA. The new leader was more subdued, a better politician and rapidly had ‘peace talks’ under way over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. AIPAC’s parent body got a fright: they quickly made a pact with their erstwhile enemies, the Saudis, to scuttle these talks. Why? An Iran without sanctions would ‘dominate the region’. With the US in terminal decline, the Enemy and the Saudis together could not restrain them. As a last resort, the Masters flew a war criminal in to address the US Congress. ‘No peace talks’ is all he said, then flew home without seeing Obama. It was now clear who ran America and it wasn’t Americans. 

MASTERS AND SAUDIS OPPOSE US INTERESTS: The Masters openly sided with the Saudis against Iran and its allies across the Mid-East. The Houthis are pro-Iran as is Lebanon where Hezbollah have been the de facto government for years. We can only wonder why the US supports the backward, ‘return-to-the-Dark-Ages’ Saudi elite but not Iran, where elections are held every four years which are at least as ‘free and fair’ as in the either the US or UK. 

SAUDIS, SOURCE OF ALL THE WORLD’S ILLS: If the US had not attacked Iraq in 1990 on Enemy/Saudi orders but had allowed Saddam to annex Saudi Arabia as well as Kuwait, how different the world would be today. But they didn’t, as the same crooks run the US now as then. The same corrupt financial relationships underpin all their foreign affairs, then as now. America is doomed, lead to its death by crooks. We all suffer from this, the EU especially now via the 200,000 refugees they’ve had arrive from ‘North Africa’ via Libya. Qadafi prevented this so was removed. 

REFUGEES AND PAX IRANIA: Many such refugees now claim to be Syrians fleeing the Saudi-funded terror gangs. The world is drowning in a tidal-wave of refugees created by Saudi actions. Only when the US dies and the Saudi elites are toppled by a popular revolt will peace reign in the region. Under civilized Iranian suzerainty, the world will be a better, more stable, place.     

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