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STORM 120 Septembis 2013

No.120            Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action              Septembis 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:
OVERHEARD: at the 7th World Congress of Families, Redfern, Sydney 18 Mai 2013:
“Gay marriage is seen as a form of population control. Those in power don’t say that. They call it ‘sustainable growth’ so as not to frighten us ‘sheep.’ ”

“The reason the Federal government made Giardisal vaccine freely available to all girls in Australia 12 years old and over was not to prevent cervical cancer, which is in fact acquired through having multiple sex partners and therefore promotes a profligate, adulterous lifestyle. No, it was because Giardisal was used to sterilize those same girls. Many cases are now appearing of Australian girls ‘vaccinated’ against the ‘cervical cancer’ virus who, coincidentally, have been rendered incapable of conceiving”.

“Two Australian Independent retail petrol station chains were just bought by PUMA, the Swiss oil company (sic). Matilda Fuels was sold for AUD$200 million and Aussie Fuels for AUD$600 million. Leaves only two independent, retail, fuel chains not owned by major oil companies, Liberty Fuel and Freedom Fuels”.

HALF-CHINESE UNI STUDENT FROM MALAYSIA complained: “there’s no skills shortage! The Gold Coast has double the unemployment rate of the rest of Qld yet the Gold Coast Casino said they can’t find cleaners on the ‘Coast so they’re importing ‘457’s* from China and India to do the jobs”.
*Visa 457 allows an employer to import cheap labour from Asia to meet any ‘skills shortage’ in Australia. It also allows them to reduce pay rates to less than that of Australians.

RACISM OR GENOCIDE? A parent of teenagers contacted us: “my kids are all in High School. They don’t get taught History in school anymore. Its included in another subject called ‘SOSE – Study of Society and Environment’ . Is why they do so much Greenie rubbish, your ‘save the planet’ guff. Well, one of my kids told me the other day ‘Robert Mugabe was the leader of Zimbabwe when they got Independence from Britain’.
I asked: ‘but what about Ian Smith and the 15 year long Rhodesian war of Independence?’
13 year old just looked at me blankly. ‘Huh?’
No, apparently they were taught: ‘in 1980 Zimbabwe was given Independence by Britain’ full stop. What of the 275,00 white Rhodesians and their battle for survival and the 27,000 killed in the Bush War? Erased from history.
So I thought I’d test the kid’s knowledge. ‘OK, so what about South Africa?’
‘Oh, poor Mr Mandela! [who was then dying of old age], first leader of an Independent South Africa’.
 I'm flabber-gasted. ‘What ‘Independence’? Independence from whom?!’ ‘Huh?’ asks unthinking child.

[What brought this conversation to mind was the recent e-mail of a Washington Post reporter named Meyerson ululating over the inevitable demise of ‘white-ruled in America’. We laugh at this but not from the perspective of History. If 100 years of white rule of Rhodesia can be erased and 350 years of Afrikaaner rule, too, then why not white-rule of America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia? We must realise we are not fighting our racial foes for political power or to win elections but for survival. The alternative to Victory is not just defeat ‘until another day’ but erasure. In 40 years time, given the refusal of white females to breed and the high levels of miscegenation amongst those that do, we are facing extinction in many countries now with a white-majority. What to do? Allow ourselves to be ‘replaced’ by alien immigrants at the whim of our equally alien Masters? Or fight, resist and reclaim what is ours. The cry of ‘racist!’ is used to silence us until our genocide is complete. RE]

SBSTV The Light-bulb Conspiracy – the Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence
4pm Solday 21 Augustus 2011 (50 minutes). Sources:
Nicol Fox, technical writer: “there is a light bulb that’s been burning continuously for 100 years”. Markus Krajewski of Bauhaus University, Berlin: “at a cartel meeting in Geneva, 1924, it was decided to shorten the life-span of light-bulbs”. Why? On 21 Octobis 1871 Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb. He started marketing them in 1881. At the 1924 meeting, bulb manufacturer S.A. Phoebus proposed that bulbs, which then lasted an average of 2,500 hours, be deliberately limited to last no longer than 1,000 hours.

The following year, at the 1925 cartel meeting, which now included manufacturers Osram and Philips, set up a ‘1,000 hour light bulb committee’. This committee would fine cartel members who did not shorten bulb life-spans. Within two years average life-spans had fallen from 2,500 hours to 1,500”. Warner Philips, grandson of the founder: “by 1940 1,000 hours was the new standard”. Marcos Lopez, computer technician (Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet Printers DVD): “After 1925, amateur inventors were still attempting to lengthen the lifespan of light-bulbs. One managed to make a bulb that lasted for 100,000 hours”.

ML found, as seen in his DVD, that: “there is a preset failure of sponge in the average inkjet cartridge. There is a microchip in each with a ‘die’ date preset”. Nicol Fox: “planned obsolescence was invented at the same times as mass marketing. Why? People couldn’t keep up with production” [i.e. the mass of production could not be consumed so production would soon cease when all had all the product they needed. To continue production, more material would be required. The earlier material must perish or be in need of replacement. This had to be planned so production could continue at the same pace. The alternative was mass unemployment and bankruptcy. RE].

DVD Review: OBA, the Last Samurai: Made by To Ho Studios & Nippon TV Network. (2011) (128 minutes). Japanese title: ‘Battle of the Pacific’. In Japanese & English.
Stars Daniel Baldwin, Treat Williams, Yutaka Takenouchi & Sean McGowan. Based on the story Tapochau, Oba, the Last Samurai, Saipan 1944-45 by Don Jones. Screenplay by Cellin Gluck. US director Cellin Gluck. Jap director Hideyuki Hirayama. Filmed in Thailand.

The opening blurb said: On 15 Juno 1944 the USMC invaded Saipan, one of the Japanese Home Islands. 20,000 Japanese civilians were trapped along with 30,000 Imperial Army and Navy troops by 70,000 USMC. The majority of the defenders were annihilated. The survivors fled to Mt Tapochau, at the centre of the island’.
This film is very much made in the ‘Japan was a victim not an aggressor’ school of thought. Odd from our viewpoint but Japanese see this as valid. The story is heavily biased. A romantic sub-plot is interwoven that wastes 1/3 of the air-time. The blurb continued:
47 surviving Jap soldiers held out for 516 days against 47,000 US troops.
The story devolved to a battle of wits between a Japanese-speaking USMC captain and his rival, Japanese Army captain Sakae Oba.

When US Marines occupy most of Saipan the remaining Japanese, 200 civilians, fled. With them went 47 members of the South Seas Police, Imperial Marines and Imperial Army. Many urging the senior commander, Oba, to launch one last ‘banzai’ attack so they can all die ‘with honour’ Oba choose instead guerilla warfare. This method, so uncharacteristic of the Japanese Army heretofore, takes the USMC by surprise and keeps them continually wrong-footed. After many approaches, the sympathetic USMC officer persuades Oba to surrender ‘with honour’. Oba suggested a solution: ‘my men will only obey a written order from a surrendered Japanese general’. The American obtains one and the men agree, reluctantly, to surrender. They do so on 1st Dec. 1945, 100 days after WWII ended.

Why make this film now? I believe Japanese watched Clint Eastwood’s film ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ and were impressed with his pro-Japanese viewpoint. They decided it was time to make their own films about the War. They chose to cast themselves as victims, not aggressors, much as Germans do. Let’s hope Oba makes money so they make more such WWII films. Hopefully they’ll drop the heavy bias and begin to see they did have a role in starting the Pacific War. Maybe a future Japanese version of Bridge on the River Kwai will help explain their atrocities.

A 2009 Chinese-Australian coproduction, Children of the Silk Road starring David Wenham [Van Helsing; 300], looked at the Nanking Massacre of 1937 where Japanese forces captured then Chinese capital. For three weeks they raped and murdered like some Medieval army. An estimated 200,000 died. The topic is ignored in standard Japanese school texts. Many Japanese wonder why they’re hated throughout Asia but not in the politically correct ‘white’ lands. Japanese refuse to admit ‘war guilt’ as their schools teach no WWII facts. This infuriates other Asians.

PRO-WHITE CHURCH: Some ask: ‘if the Church has a role in saving the West why do the largest churches support non-white immigration?’ Not all who call themselves christian are. We recommend a pro-white Christian group:          
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Ezra Pound was a literary genius. An American, he settled in Fascist Italy before WWII & remained throughout the War. After the war he was imprisoned by the US military. To avoid an embarrassing war crimes trial for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’ EP was declared criminally insane & kept in a mental hospital for the rest of his life.
The following quotation is from America’s greatest fascist poet/philosopher:
(Pound, Ezra.  America, Roosevelt & the Causes of the Present War. 1944, Vienna).

“It may be observed that certain systems have been purposely invented & set in order to mislead the public to keep them ignorant of the facts of history”. 

1 Octobis 1996: Australian Federal gun ‘Buy-back’ begins. 520,000 arms are surrendered.
3 Octobis 1989: West and East Germany merge after 27 years apart.
3 Octobis 1998: P. Hanson exits Parliament. Old seat abolished, new seat unwinnable.
6 Octobis 1981: Colonel Sadat, Egyptian President, killed for signing peace with Israel.
7 Octobis 1940: Himmler appointed head of ‘Office for Germanisation of the East’.
7 Octobis 2001: Combined US/UK force launches attack on Talban ruled Afghanistan.
12 Octobis 2002: 89 Australians are among 202 killed in double bombing of Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar, Bali, Indonesia. Occurs one year, one month, one day after 9-11 attack, WTC.
14 Octobis 1066: Norman Duke William defeats English king Harold at Hastings.
14 Octobis 1322: Scot king Robert the Bruce defeats English king Edward II at Byland.
15 Octobis 1945: Pierre Laval, P.M. of South ‘Vichy’ France, executed for treason.
15 Octobis 1946: Reichsmarshal Herman Goering suicides.
15 Octobis 2000: Solomon Islands militia’s sign ‘peace treaty’ ending two-year civil war.
16 Octobis 1946: Poland’s Governor-General, Dr Hans Frank, executed at Nurmberg.
16 Octobis 1978: Karol Wojtyla elected as first Polish Pope.
19 Octobis 1908: Bulgaria Independent from Ottoman Empire under Tsar Ferdinand I.
19 Octobis 1987: Sth Afr. President P.W.Botha abolishes Group Area Act, ends apart-ness.
20 Octobis 1999: Indonesian Parliament appoints philosopher/poet Gus Dur, President.
23 Octobis 1956: Hungarian Uprising against Soviet rule begins.
25 Octobis 1983: Attack on Grenada helps US emerge from post-Vietnam shock.
31 Octobis 1975: Australia’s first Race discrimination Act passed.
31 Octobis 1984: India’s female Prime Minister I. Gandhi killed by Sikh nationalists.
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