Thursday, 7 August 2014

Population means Replacement


MIGRATION: In 2001 the Howard Liberal government was importing 95,000 aliens per year to Australia. After the infamous MV Tampa Affair, where alleged refugees hijacked a cargo ship demanding it bring them to Australia, Howard increased immigration to 140,000 per year. 

In 2007 the new Rudd ALP government doubled immigration, now totally alien, to 3000,000. This included 50,000 in each of the ‘family reunion’ & ‘refugee’ categories. Few whites are now allowed entry. Why so many aliens especially under ‘family reunion’ & ‘refugee’? These usually lack any skills necessary for the development of Australia. In fact, both these groups are a burden to us with much higher crime & unemployment rates. They also have much lower literacy & education rates. 

So why import them? The stock answer is: ‘to fulfill our international obligations’ but that says nothing. The truth is every white nation, from here to North America, is being flooded with incompatibles. Aliens. These eventually rebel, destroying the host society through crime, rape, random violence. These hostile parasites drain life from the community. 

The usual ‘fruits’ of increased alien immigration: vandalism, street crime, a Left-ward drift of all political parties who attempt to capture their vote, not ours.Gradual de-culturalisation country as we Us change to accommodate Them, not them to fit us. 

Demoralisation of the hosts community occurs. All we cherish is ridiculed, then gutted by our ‘leaders’. Result: death of the host culture & its people. You ask: ‘why so many immigrants?’ They’re not ‘migrants’. They’re our replacements.

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