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STORM 131 August 2014

No. 131                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Augustus 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets ‘insider’ intel, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm these stories. Here’s the latest:

SOMALI CONTACT: @ 18.9.13: “EU, Turkey and others plan to spend US$1.8 billion rebuilding infrastructure in Somalia. Turkey itself is resurfacing the roads in Mogadishu. In the 1960’s, under Siad Barre's government, China built a 960km stretch of road. They've just promised to resurface it”.

ON ‘HARD MEN’ @10.7.13: Elderly LNP member told us about ‘hard men' he'd known: “I once did a tour of inspection with Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, long-term Queensland National Party Premier, on completion of Wivenhoe Dam. Sir Joh had no education beyond Grade eight; hated intellectuals; ridiculed the ALP and all unions as ‘Socialist’. During the tour someone boasted to Sir Joh: ‘this entire site is automated! It’s all run by just two men’. Sir Joh thought for a moment, then grinned: ‘ya couldn’t see about getting rid of one of ‘em, I s’pose?’

“I met both NSW ALP Premier Neville Wran and South Australian ALP Premier Don Dunstan. Nev was unnerving, like a Mafia hit-man. Don? He was weak as a kitten”.

On Gonski Education Reforms proposed in mid-2013 by then ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard: “do you know Gonski? He was Chairman of the Board for Wayne Goss’ company* on the Board of Director’s of Theresa Rein’s company**. Why's the media never mentioned that?”
 *Wayne Goss was ALP leader who replaced Sir Joh as Queensland Premier, 1989-95. 
** Theresa Rein was ALP Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s wife. Was reputedly worth AUD$145 million at 2007 election. 

COAL SEAM GAS: [STORM do not endorse this view but see them as a reflection of the ignorant majority, via the foreign-owned media. RE].
A poor, white male from Tara:
“I live in Tara. Never ‘eard of it? You’ve heard of Toowoomba, 100km West of Brisbane. Well, go 100km West of Toowoomba. That’s Dalby. Then 110km North-West of Dalby. That’s Tara. Population, 300. We’ve just been put ‘on da map’ as the heart of da new Coal Seam Gas industry. We’ve got coal seams dere now. Means jobs for town-folk, but…some are opposed. Like Steve Irwin’s Dad, old Bob. ‘Got ‘imself chained to a gate, part of da ‘Lock Da Gate’ campaign. Tried to deny entry to da CSG Company, owned by da Chinese..
So, of course, dey called da cops. Da guys property is one of dem 30 acre ‘hobby farms’ dat was popular in da 1970’s. Some joker sold 100’s of dese to city folks. None of ‘em ‘as ever turned a profit. Well, da cops arrive but dey bring da sniffer dog. Why? Dey duz a quick search of ‘is ‘ouse and shed. Dey finds 100 marijuana pot-plants ‘n’ $38,000, cash, in a drawer. Now da guy’s lost ‘is block, ‘is cash, da lot. ‘E’s in gaol. When ‘ill people learn: it don’t pay to fight da CS Company. Just give ‘em what dey wants!" 
HASIDIC RANTING: @ 8.12.2013: Local Semite expressed opinion of Hezbollah's 'threat' to an adjacent State:  “pity we can’t just kill them all. But…that would be really fascist, I suppose…?”
RUSSELL BRAND(J): Mixed-race woman spoke to us. A Sicilian married to a Papua-New Guinean, with three mongrel offspring:
“I went to Russell Brand’s Brisbane concert with my 18 year old daughter. He was so foul-mouthed, so dirty, but so funny. First off, he dealt with ‘signs’. Women come to his concert with signs like: ‘HAVE SEX WITH ME!’ These two girls, best friends, both held up such signs. He points to the two girls, turns to the rest of the audience with a grin and asks: ‘should we try a three-some?’ Both girls nod enthusiastically. He was sooo rude!” 
We ask: why do white women debase themselves before our Enemy? Is honour unknown to them?

MORE MORAL COLLAPSE: A Portuguese/ Timorese female told of her son’s divorce:
“He was 26 years old. He married a 30 year old woman. She left him 79 days after the wedding. They went to England for their honeymoon. On their return, he saw on their phone-bill that she'd spent AUD$3,000 on phone calls to Australia, while in the UK. Turned out she had a boyfriend. They’d been going out when she met my boy. Her boyfriend got her pregnant but wouldn't marry her. So she tricked my son into thinking the baby was his. He married her to ‘do the right thing’. After the wedding she claimed she had a ‘miscarriage’. The baby was dead [did she get an abortion?]. When my son confronted her with the phone-bill, she left him. He's been devastated”.
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO …the KAP? In mid-Juli 2014 STORM spoke to the Katter's Australian Party HQ. An un-named KAP official was asked: ‘are you standing candidates in the Mars 2015 Queensland State Elections?’
KAP HQ: ‘Yes and no. None in your electorate [Pine Rivers]. The nearest candidate to Brisbane is in Gympie (100km to the North). Why? The LNP government changed the election rules. Made it harder for minor parties to qualify for electoral funding, but easier for the LNP and its alleged foes, the ALP and Greens. To now qualify for public funding you need 6% of the the primary vote not just 4% as before. Otherwise you lose your deposit. In the 2012 Queensland State election, KAP stood 76 candidates across 89 seats. Only 12 of those gained the required 6%. So this time we will only stand in those 12 seats’. [Assuming KAP gets same portion of votes in 2015. RE]

STORM: ‘Media reported KAP had merged with the [smaller but wealthier] Palmer United Party?’
KAP HQ: ‘No! The media said that. We told them we are consulting PUP on strategy e.g. we requested they not stand candidates against us so the two parties don't steal each other's votes. But merger? No way! We disagree on too much. E.g. Clive Palmer believes in Visa 457s*, is pro-'queer marriage’ and pro-China - all his campaign material in the last election was printed in China. He's not pro-Australian! There's no way we could ever merge with them.”
[Conclusion: Foreign-owned media mislead the public: KAP lives! KAP, a registered, pro-Australian political party, will be denied ‘oxygen’ by media as was One Nation. PUP is a tool of China. RE]

EDITORIAL - ACTIVITIES: People ask: ‘what's ANA been up to? We never hear of anything’. ANA returned to its origins, mimicking the Trotskyite Left. These infiltrate larger political groupings and ‘turn’ their policies/actions in the desired direction. Is a method perfected by ANA’s First Chair, J. Saleam. If you don’t 'hear from us’ we are ‘at work’.

NCC: The National Civic Council, is a Right/Conservative group. Who are the NCC?

CSSM IS BORN: CSSM was birthed in 1936 at the start of the Spanish Civil War where Nationalist forces and Bolsheviks first joined battle after sporadic flare-ups across Europe since 1917. Pope saw neither side as essentially pro-Catholic so mobilised his ‘troops’ to found his own global cadre of political activists. We still see the skeleton of this in the global anti-abortion movement, an almost entirely Catholic front. In the 1940’s NCC prevented Communists from seizing control of the then-ruling ALP. However, once victorious the NCC, then called the Catholic Social Studies Movement (CSSM) or The Movement* and its allies, The Industrial Groups or Groups** instead of being applauded were now feared.

ALP PARANOIA: The ALP and its allied unions, themselves deft hands at conspiracy and subversion, now saw they had created a monster. 1954-58 they began a thorough purge of all Catholics  from the ALP's many front organisations. CSSM/NCC internal homogeneity allowed them to defeat the Australian Communist Party. But the ALP thereafter saw the NCC as the epitome of evil. An ALP Left contact told us: “for decades the worst insult an ALP member could offer another was: ‘Grouper!’ ” Explains reaction of our ALP/KAP friends [STORM 128].

CHURCH TURNS LEFT: ALP split 1954-58 saw the Left began its slow infiltration of the CSSM’s founders and main props, the Catholic Church itself. This lead spectacularly to the 1964 convocation of the Second Vatican Council by moderate Pope Pius XXIII who then promptly died. His deputy, who became Pope Paul VI was a very different ‘fish’. A liberal and ‘progressive’ he used the convocation of the global church to arrange for its dismantling. By 1965 the results were clear. One of their first acts was to disavow all contacts with groups such as the CSSM. Priests no longer allowed calls from the pulpit for CSSM aktions or use of church halls for their regular meetings. Soon, all contact with CSSM-type groups was shunned and so were its members. The message got through: the Church no longer desired such a group to exist.

ALP TURNS LEFT: However successful, it sealed the fate of the ALP for 23 years as the expelled now formed the Democratic Labor Party and seized four Senate seats. They held these till 1974, denying the ALP government for 23 years. Rather than suffer this self-inflicted wound, ALP turned to the Left, ironically embracing the very people it had created the IG's to defeat. In 1972 these Leftists, lead by Whitlam, won office via their subversion of government monopoly media, the ABCTV/ABC Radio, and every higher learning institution. These seizures cemented their rule till today.

LEFT TURNS GREEN: By 1995 the ALP ‘vision’ had dulled. These key State, idea-producing organs then passed into control of the Ultra-Left/Greens. Moderate student groups, like Liberals, are tolerated. Right groups such as ANA are barred or even banned. Until this deplorable situation is reversed White Australia is doomed. On top of its total control of Australia's culture production agencies, the ALP New Left allied with pro-Hanoi ‘peaceniks’ who then ruled the streets of every Australia town and city. By 1970 in Melbourne alone they were able to marshal 120,000 to a pro-Hanoi rally, largest political gathering in Australia till 1997, when pro-gun groups surpassed it.

CSSM BECOMES NCC: CSSM continued, now as National Civic Council, just as it had after the ALP ejected it. That blow was almost fatal. Membership dropped as ALP pressured the Roman Catholic Church to distance itself. After 1965 the Church began to liberalise. A new crop of Leftist priests appeared influenced by  Liberation Theology, a Latin American heresy embraced world-wide in the 1970’s.*** This lead directly to the 1979 Sandinista conquest of Nicaragua.

NCC REVIVAL: After languishing for 40 years the NCC are BACK. By 2012 Australians had their fill of ALP perversions and lies. In 2009 Queensland elected its first and, thankfully, only ever female Premier. She lied to us to get elected then boasted of it soon afterwards. We did not forget. In 2012 a massive landslide swept the rival Queensland LNP to power but…they soon proved to be liars, too. A miffed public sought a Third Way between depraved Socialists and deceiving Capitalists. The NCC revival had begun. Contributing to this was the 2009 election of Australia’s only ever female Prime Minister. She, like her Queensland fellow traveller, lied to win then boasted of it soon after. See a pattern? So did we. In 2013 the Federal LNP were swept to power in a landslide. But…they also had deceived us. The Third Way just kept growing. Media lies, smears and silence followed.

NCC EXPANSION: NCC Queensland branch now has 20 new Groups, one for each Federal Electorate. They write letters, send delegations and pester local MP’s to do their bidding. It works. But… after a few months some ‘odd fish’ appeared at NCC meetings, obviously LNP. How do you spot them? Unlike our ALP agents in the KAP, these LNP operatives quickly exposed themselves by their scornful and splenetic reaction to normal NCC discussion topics.

LNP INFILTRATORS: These LNP patricians look down on all other life-forms. Say something ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ and their opprobrium is soon apparent. They treat all others as foolish children, in need of guidance. Are easily exasperated. LNP infiltrators roll their eyes at any hint of a ‘conspiracy theory’ or any attempt to depart from the accepted text via the controlled media. LNP and ALP both loath whites and/or Christians. Seek their swift demise. Few among the general public realise this. Both major parties are alike. Only their modus operandi differs.

AKTION: 'What’s ANA been up to?’ Defending your lives with our own. You can help: stay informed; join your local KAP and/or NCC Group. Be watchful for ALP/LNP infiltrators. Expose them when you can but stymie their efforts where possible. Guide these groups: they are our last, best hope for a white, Christian, Independent Australia.
*Activists were ‘Movement Men’. ** Activists were ‘Groupers’. ***pp 52-62 Jesuits by M. Martin (NYC: Simon & Schuster 1987) 

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989).

 “For Stalin ‘strategic thinking’ never rose beyond amateur, one-sided, incompetent, clichéd.” (p.474).

“There is not a single document in the archives to show Stalin had any concern about the number of lives lost [in WWII]. He was oblivious to the fundamental principle of the military arts, i.e. that the objective must be gained with the minimum cost in human life. By the end of the war the Soviet Army had 500 infantry divisions alone, not counting tank and artillery units, double the size of the Army in 1940. Given such numbers Stalin thought it unnecessary to worry about the scale of losses” (p.475).

“The only genius Stalin showed during the War was in its latter half when he stopped interfering and simply approved the plans of Zhukov, Vasilievsky, Antonov and the Front commanders” (p.476).

Whenever an important operation was planned, or crisis erupted, Stalin would send for either Marshal Zhukov or Marshal Vasilievsky, deputy chief of staff June 1942-Februa 1945.  Every day of the war, either face-to-face or by phone Vasilievsky or Zhukov would report directly to Stalin” (p.475).

“In January 1946 Stalin ordered Voznesensky to compile a Post-war Damage Report. This Report catalogued a vast toll of destruction: 1,710 towns destroyed, 70,000 villages burnt to the ground – mostly by Soviet forces – 32,000 factories blown up, 65,000 km of railway track destroyed, 100,000 State collective farms laid waste, 25 million made homeless and left living in barns and cellars. The war’s total cost: 700 billion roubles or 30% of the Soviet GDP”.

“Stalin viewed a situation [in January 1946] akin to the Russian Civil War, with nationalist forces being pursued by the Soviet Armed Forces in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania” (p.504).

“Total human cost of the War? Soviet statistics were not careful. Voznesensky said 15 million were killed. In 1946 Red Army General Staff listed total Killed In Action/Missing in Action at 7.5 million. Stalin approved this. In 1956 for the first time N. Khrushchev boosted this to 20 million saying ‘Stalin only took the lower figure so as not to diminish his image as the Great Wartime Leader’. Reformer Khrushchev took the opposing view. True loses can only be guessed at” (p.505). [our emphasis].
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