Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why all the High Rises?


EXPLOSION OF HIGH-RISE DEVELEOPMENTS: All down the East Coast of Australia there is an explosion of high-rise apartment construction. Why? 

POPULATION EXPLOSION: This is a result of the Rudd government plan (2007) to increase the total population of Australia from 21 million to 35 million, all via non-white immigration. The foreign owned media praised this as did the ‘business community’, also foreigner-owned. Who decided Australia needed an extra 14 million people? Don’t expect the truth from the Greens. They are 100% foreign-owned as are all our political parties, apart from the tiny AFP & KAP, both black-listed from any media mention.

BUILDING BETTER CITIES: We need to go back to an earlier ALP government. Under the Hawke- Keating ALP government (1983-95) Cabinet Minister the Reverend Brian Howe, a Uniting Church minister then & now, wrote a policy document ‘Building Better Cities’. This futuristic blueprint for Australia’s cities predicted the current high-rise boom. Australia at the time had very little high-rise. We’d seen in UK & USA these inevitably had become haven for ethnic ghettos & hubs for crime & generational unemployment. 

ALIEN INRUSH: Across the UK & US these were slowly abandoned. So why plan to build them here in the 1990’s & why actually do it now? The ALP wanted to replicate what they’d seen happen to the UK & USA. That is why they are now importing the same breed-stock, Pakistani & Africans that created such a mess of the UK & USA. 20 years later it is our turn. Is this conceivable? 

ALIEN MASTERS: We battle alien Masters who think not in quarters, as our corporations do, or in three-yearly cycles, like our politicians. These creatures plan decades, even centuries, ahead. Lenin said: ‘two steps forward, one step backwards’. That is they are flexible but inexorable in progressing towards their goals. 
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