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SNIPPETS #48 EU Buries Itself, On Orders from DC

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by Benn Yogarni
BBC World Service News 4am Thorsday 24th Juli 2014: ‘Bodies returned to Holland’:
“Two planes deposited bodies at the airport in Holland where they were met by the King and Queen. 40 hearses then proceeded to Hilversum'".
"Two SU-25 fighter-bombers were shot down in Eastern Ukraine where they were supporting ground operation against rebels. They crashed near where MH17 did".  
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for 'swift and substantial sanctions' agsinst Russia over the MH17 crash. This is despite the German business community opposing sanctions as these would 'adversely affect the economy'. Since last Thorsday [day of the crash] public opinions polls, which had opposed sanctions, immediately swung in their favour. The German media have been scathing throughout of the government's inaction". 
1. EU SUPPORTS TERRORISM: The EU have supported the terrorist government in Kyiv since its inception. Now they are paying the price. Nothing compared to the 1,000 plus civilians killed by Kyiv's fascists legions since their unprovoked war cranial offensive began against the two Eastern Republics. Didn't Geo W. Bush say post 9-11: 'any who support terrorism is our enemy and we're coming to get you'. In 1999 the EU aided and trained the KLA Albanian terrorists battling Serb rule. In 2011 Libya's  armed revolt was funded by the EU and US, as was and is Syria's. When is GWB 'coming' for them?
2. 'FIGHTER-BOMBERS SHOT DOWN': Shooting down theSE bombers validates rebel claims they fired on MH17 in self-defence. Remember in 1987 when the USS Vincennes fired on an Iran Air Airbus killing 243 innocent civilians? Did the UN condemn it or the EU call for sanctions on the US? No. 'The passenger jet appeared as an F-14 fighter' said the USN captain. We must accept radar is not as precise as we might imagine. Why not accept the same explanation in East Ukraine? 

3. EU ECONOMY TO CRASH: Merkel wishes to crash the German economy. Why? On orders from Obuma and his alien Masters. As a loyal NWO stooge Merkel serves the Wall Street banksters not the German people. As for 'the German media' these are foreign influence pedlars, just as in every Western land. Why else are they so mute when a quasi-fascist state, a modern Sparta, slaughters 608 Palestinian civilians in the past 16 days for the loss of only two of its own? WAR? Massacre!

4. US DOMINANCE DEMANDS EU CRASH: After the 2007 Wall Street Crash, AKA the Global Financial Crisis, wise folk fled that den of thieves. The EU's Eurozone seemed a safer place than the alien-controlled US 'free for all'. This was unacceptable to the Wall Street rogues. The Eurozone must be destroyed. This fits the Project for a New American Century's 1994 plan to prevent the rise of any competing economic power which might usurp the US's financial pre-eminence.

5. US DEBT ALLOWS NO ALTERNATIVES: US economy is sunk due to the US$17 trillion budget deficit it cannot repay. But still, any alternative world financial leader must be prevented, specifically the Euro as rival to the dollar's 'world reserve currency' status. Is why after 2008 the US bankers began attacking the Eurozone. They began with its weakest members, the so-called PIIGS: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain. By 2013 the PIIGS had all been rescued all due to bailouts from the European Central Bank AKA the German Central Bank.

ATTACK PLAN: To sink the EU the ECB must be broken. To break the ECB the GCB must be broken. That means the German economy, long-time powerhouse of Europe, must be brought asunder. How? Since Bismarck in the 1870's Germans have envisaged a United Europe stretching from France to the Urals, co-ruled by Germany and Russia. Lesser countries specifically the UK, oppose this. Both WWI and WWII were engineered to this end: 'keep Germany and Russia as foes so they never unite to rule us all'.

UKRAINE CRISIS IN CONTEXT: By 2013 the Germans had survived every attack of Wall Street. So Wall Street turned on their Russian partners. Under Putin Russia has been it 'fire-proofed' against UK/US fiscal manipulation but its neighbours/allies are not. In early 2014 Ukraine's pro-Putin government was toppled in a UK/US dirty tricks operation. They used all the Cold War tools: paid thugs, assassinations, false flags, black ops, black propaganda. Their goal?

MH17 PROVOCATION: Lure Putin into 'reacting' so their media hirelings could report he had initiated the action. But Putin wisely avoided all their traps. He refused to 'recognise' the two rebel Republics of Donetz and Luhansk. Many pro-Russians have died there in the past 3.5 months but Russia itself stays safe. MH17 is just one more lure for Putin to avoid. Some ask: 'but 294 lives lost. Isn't it too far fetched to say MI6/CIA would do this?' By 2nd August 2014 the IDF had killed 2,000 Palestinian civilians. The Us did nothing. What's a human life worth today? To the NWO: Nothing.

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