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STORM Alert #49 Sarkozy Resurrected?

STORM ALERT #49     
519am Saturnsday 20 Septembis 2014
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SARKOZY Resurrected - Who Benefits? 
By Ixul Dante 
BBC 4am Moonday 8th Septembis 2014: “French Socialist Party leader has told the European Social Democrat Conference: ‘Maria Le Pen would be French President if an election were held today”.

BBC World Service 5am Wodensday 17th Septembis 2014: Reporter Lucy Williams:
“French government survived a ‘no confidence’ motion in the National Assembly. French Prime Minister purged his Cabinet of rebels last month. Government remains deeply unpopular due economic stagnation [due to US/MOTS enforced sanctions on Russia] and a very unpopular President”.

BBC News 4am Saturnsday 20th Septembis 2014: “Former French President Nicola Sarkozy announced he will run for the UMP leadership two years after losing office to Francoise Hollande’s Socialist Party. Is unclear what role so divisive a figure can play” [our emphasis]. [Says it all: Sarkozy seeks to divide Conservative voters given recent polls showing President Holland at below 20%.]

WHEN a HUNGARIAN is NOT a HUNGARIAN: Sarkozy is not French. The French media are banned from saying so but we can. He was described during his election campaign and subsequent term in office as ‘Hungarian’. We were advised in 1980 by Poles fleeing the suppression of Solidarity by Poland’s Communist-lead Army: ‘do not trust anyone who calls himself a Hungarian. They are not really Hungarian but something worse’. Many will remember the UK tabloid-media baron, Robert Maxwell.  Seen by many as the ‘equal’ to Australia’s Rupert Murdoch, he called himself a ‘Hungarian’. In his latter years he spent much time and shareholder’s money in MOTS building monuments. He then disappeared leaving a mountain of debts. Did he die? A body was produced but the more suspicious smelt a rat. Not unusual given his profession but a covert ops ‘rat’ in this case.

LEGACY OF MITTERAND – AND ZOLA: So why is the ‘Hungarian’ Sarkozy returning to the public eye two years after a sound drubbing by Hollande? The question should be: how did this ‘Hungarian’ ever get to be President in the first place? Begin with Alfred Dreyfus(J) case of 1870’s where Emile Zola(J) defended him then ‘fled’ France. Subsequent rise in the interwar years of Maurras’ Camelot du Roi quasi-fascists culminated in their failed coup attempt of 1937, La Cagoule and French wartime collaboration. After Liberation by US forces 3,000 Rightists were murdered by Communist death squads in Marseille alone. French people have fought a titanic struggle with the alien sub-race.

MOTS DEMANDS AN ATTACK: In 2003 USA was ordered by MOTS to attack and occupy Iraq. Defeated in 1990 by USA and strangled by UN sanctions ever since, bombed weekly by USAF and dying a slow death, Iraqi people were on their knees. Why invade? Who were they a threat to? MOTS. 100 suicide bombers had detonated in MOTS during second Palestinian uprising/Al Aqsa Intifada. MOTS held Iraq’s Saddam Hussein responsible for offering impoverished and imprisoned Palestinians families US$25,000 for each son who volunteered to suicide while taking some Occupiers with them. MOTS logic was simple: topple Saddam and bombings would cease. They were right. US public were told elaborate tales of WMDs, etc. they happily swallowed. One wrinkle in the pudding: France.

FREEDOM FRIES: French Socialist Party President Francoise Mitterand opposed the attack on Iraq. In 1990 the USA had forced 28 countries to send troops or funds to pay the US$50 billion cost of ‘liberating Kuwait’. The US paid very little. They lost only 177 troops, half to friendly fire by their own highly equipped but incompetent forces. France sent troops. But 2003 was different. No one accepted Saddam’s Iraq was a threat to ‘world peace’ so only three countries attacked: the US and two lackeys – the UK and Australia. Geo W Bush called these ‘the Coalition of the Willing’. French saw it as ‘the Anglo-Saxon Club going to war’. Gaelic paranoia at imagined ‘Anglo-sphere’ conspiracy was rife. Angry US lawmakers renamed French Fries ‘Freedom Fries’, even openly spoke of ‘bombing France’.

MITTERAND EXPOSED: Such talk only fed French hysteria where the whims of the world’s sole superpower were taken seriously. Mitterand was toppled and his secret revealed: he’d been a member of the WWII fascist police, the Milice, which arrested and sent many ‘Hungarians’ to ‘the East’ for ‘special treatment’. He’d also protected Klaus Barbie, Marseille’s wartime Gestapo chief, since the 1960’s. An amazed Presidential staffer blurted out: ‘we never suspected! He surrounded himself with people like us. There has never been so many of us in the French government before’. Us? We? ‘Hungarians’. There were soon to be many more...

RISE OF THE ‘HUNGARIANS’: After toppling Mitterand the pro-MOTS, French Socialist Party were ordered to ‘lose’ the election. Conservatives had a true friend of MOTS running. No fake like Mitterand but one of their own, Nicola Sarkozy. Supine media were NOT to mention his ethnicity and did not. Dozey public saw his grotesque, gargoyle features but were morally stunted by the many Hungarians on their TV’s in their films and music videos to recognize one of these was about to seize the highest office in the land. After Sarkozy won election the US pro-MOTS media took note: their public, similarly mentally dulled, would be equaled non-reactive to direct alien rule. Shows like 24 began portraying only non-whites as US Presidential. It worked. In 2008 the public ‘elected’ Obama.

HUNGARIAN FOLLOWS HUNGARIAN: Sarkozy failed to be anything but an incompetent sleaze bag, a worthy example of his sub-species. His lurid affair with an actress who became his wife did little for the economy. Was laughed out of office. World Bank President Dominic Strauss-Kahn, another Hungarian, was to take his place in 2012 but was ambushed in a NYC hotel room by media allegedly for ‘rape’ of hotel maid who it later turned out sold sex to guests. Too late for DSK however. His place was taken in the un-losable election by another Hungarian, Francoise Hollande*.

PRESIDENTIAL SEX FIENDS: Just like Sarkozy, Hollande has, in the local euphemism been ‘unable to keep his d—k in his pants’ i.e. has had affairs in office and in 2014 tossed his ‘partner’ – no he didn’t marry the First Whore – out and replaced her with another First Whore. Both FW’s were and are actresses. Maybe they were hired with: ‘can you play a President’s wife?’ The Anglophone media assured us: ‘the French are very broadminded in these things’. i.e. immorality doesn’t matter so long as their reptilian sub-species do it. But apparently it does. FH’s popularity rating is only 15%, down from his usual 20%. He fears M. Le Pen who obtained 25% of the popular vote in 2012. Of course, the System cannot allow a genuine French woman to win office so now wheels out has-been Sarkozy. Credible? Makes as much sense as US where John McCain is lauded as ‘senior statesman’(sic) for fomenting 2013-14 Ukraine-Russia border war and for passing US$700 billion 2007 Bank Bailout bill.  

McCAIN FOR 2016? Just like France, that other booming ‘democracy’, USA already has its next leader chosen. Hillary Rodam Clinton, Hillary Rodam or Hillary Clinton depending on her audience. This political chameleon should do well in office. But how to ensure she ‘wins’? Choose a dud to run against her. Like the tired old war-horse McCain in 2008. Or someone from a minority sect the Protestant majority will never vote for, like Mitt Romney. Poor America. Why not save the one billion dollars 2012 election cost and just get a kid with a coin to choose the next wanna-be stooge-in-resident.
*WHAT’S IN A NAME? Amsterdam is the chief port for sale of diamonds worldwide. Its diamond trade is controlled by ‘Hungarians’. These routinely change names and aliases whenever they relocate. A good example is the late Hungarian comedian, popular on US TV in the 1960s’, Dick Van Dyke. His TV side kick was another Hungarian, Murray Amsterdam, Murray being an anglicisation for Moses.    
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