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ALP government CensorsTwitter #1

Saturday, June 15, 2013 
Twitter Censors Political Debate (0) Short URL:   Posted by @WDallasBrooks on Mar 30 2013. Filed under Censorship, Top Stories. 

Why Is The Media Failing To Report Censorship? 
Twitter Censors Political Debate
 Saturday, June 15, 2013
Key players forcing Twitter to censor political debate expose themselves in an audacious display
Twitter Censors Exposed!
Death-threats, censorship, filtering, honey traps and account tampering: Twitter is in the thick of an alleged scam to end political debate in Australia. Now, in a stunning admittance, key players forcing Twitter to censor political debate in Australia, have exposed themselves in an audacious display on, of all things, Twitter. After weeks of canvassing Ministers, Government and Opposition MPs and a main-stream media that is less than interested, our on-line campaign to end Twitter censorship lead to one Independent MP to address the matter with the Government – and then being told by a Government Twitter agent how and what to ask to avoid getting the answer!               [sociallocker]

Tweets On How To Deny Censorship   Tadlette is the name of a chief Twitter left-wing activist, and who we suspect works in the Prime Ministers Press Office; we also suspect she is very closely aligned to the unidentified @TwitterAU, and at least one source alleges Tadlette to be in a romantic relationship with the newly appointed local “moderator”, although this is as yet unconfirmed. is committed to individual freedom and privacy, but given Tadlette’s outrageous involvement in censoring Twitter, we have undertaken an investigation of who Tadlette is. All we are prepared to reveal is, as far as we can ascertain,

Tadlette is an American [NYC  J__/ADL employee??] citizen living and working in Australia, is a female in her early 20s who resides in Canberra. Our sources indicate she is employed in the Prime Minister’s Press Office and works closely with John McTernan’s staff on managing social media “dissidents” and organising pro-Labor or pro-Government campaigns; it has also been alleged that Tadlette met with Twitter representative Mike Brown (@mikeisbrown) during the secret initial meetings with government prior to establishing the @Twitter AU position.

The image (left) is a screenshot of Tadlette advising Independent Federal MP Rob Oakeshott who has been canvassed by many anti-censorship campaigners in an effort to get answers from the Federal Government on confirming Government backed censorship, and stopping it. On Thursday, 4 April, 2013, MP Oakeshott agreed to follow up on the exclusive revelations, inspiring the extraordinary series of tweets from Tadlette advising Mr Oakeshott on what to ask, what not to ask, and how to deny the knowledge of the answers. In another exchange, when threatened with screen captures of her requests for @TwitterAU to suspend users, Tadlette explains as a right wing photoshop job.

Tadlette suggests “photoshop” used to fake her tweets asking @TwitterAU to suspend users
MrOakeshott had been requested by the anti-censorship campaigners to contact, but instead contacted the mysteriously well connectedTadlette. From this we could safely assume that Tadlette is known to MrOakeshott, and is trusted in managing on-line questions from those not aligned to the Labor Party. Since @TwitterAU was introduced into Australia, the level of account suspensions, filtering, blocking and account terminations has sky-rocketed. We receive a dozen new complaints every day of tweeters not being able to send tweets, tweets being censored or deleted or even amended.

An Australian censored from sending tweets to Australians in Australia   Our own @OzPoll account for was suspended 20 minutes after being set up. Only after weeks of aggressive interchange with Twitter and the threat of legal action was @OzPoll re-instated. But that has not meant trouble free use. Our editor’s account (@WDallasBrooks) was suspended, then the profile data mysteriously altered so links to were removed; when replaced, removed again. And again. A fellow conservative user had his tweets suspended – but only in Australia.

In other examples, the Prime Minister’s Press Office twitter account (@PMOPressOffice) has recurrent tweet moderation to only allow positive Labor messages; negative messages were removed, and those accounts ear-marked for suspension. A left-wing tweeter suggests the Leader of the Opposition will sell his daughter for sex to get what he wants… this was NOT filtered. This is very stark contrast to disgusting assaults by left-wing users who are, mysteriously, never censored or filtered by @TwitterAU.

In one such example, twitter troll @AshGhebranious says “Easy! They will send Tony Abbott’s daughters to Indonesia to have sex with ministers till they allow coalition to tow back boats”. Even though this was immediately referred to @TwitterAU, no action was taken because @AshGhebranious is a renowned Labor staffer. But despite all this evidence, and a raft of requests sent to @TwitterAU by Tadlette and others demanding accounts be suspended or filters applied, there are many who seek to deny this action – even when they acknowledge it is occurring, as one tweet from Tadlette clearly shows. There is no doubt that censorship is now occurring at an escalating level. The only question now it: what are WE going to do about it?        [/sociallocker]

The infamous troll asks conservative MP if he’s going to “murder” any refugees today and broadcast it live on TV: this tweet was NOT filtered

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