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SNIPPETS # 58: 'Islamist Terror Comes to Sydney…"

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by Benn Yogarni 
Channel Nine News 945am Moonday 15 Decembis 2014(various reporters):

 ‘Islamist terror came to Sydney today…’
“Three gunmen have taken 40 hostages in the Lindt Café, Martin Place Sydney. Hostages have been forced to stand against the front window holding an Islamic State flag…” 
“How could this be happening here?!”

BBC World Service News 5am Tuisday 16 Decembis 2014: 
“16-hour siege at a café in Sydney has ended with Commandos storming the area. Two hostages and the lone gunman were killed. Four others were wounded. Gunman was Iranian refugee and cleric who faced up to 40 charges including murdering his own wife, indecent assault and writing abusive letters to widows of deceased ADF personnel. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipioni said: ‘this is no time for speculation or dividing the community. We are ALL Australians”. 
'NOT A MUSLIM': What HAD happened? In the early hours much raw data emerged. Media even allowed one Rightist on to rant: ‘what do you expect when you let Muslims in?!’ By midday all this changed. The usual controllers and spin-doctors appeared. Media anchors became more cautious. An hour after the ranting Rightist a Leftist lawyer appeared to warn: ‘people should be VERY careful what they say on air’.* And they were.

SPIN TAKES OVER: By mid afternoon the media changed from ‘Islamist terror attack’ to ‘we are not sure this is now a terrorist attack’. By 5pm the ubiquitous ‘Muslim-female-in-a-burqa’ was on air being interviewed by all claiming ‘Islam is a religious of peace, blah blah blah’: the usual 'party line'. All of us began to 'turn off', seeing what was happening. Entire affair will be forgotten by week’s end as it does not fit the multicultural myth of ethnic harmony. Funny the way reality never conforms to Marxist theory! 

ROLE OF POLICE: Who is Scipioni and what right has he to tell the media to NOT report what they see and hear? He was Area Commander for Cronulla during the 2005 Uprising by oppressed whites. The next day he appeared at a press conference on the beach, sobbing that: "my grandchildren are Greek and Maltese! They should be allowed to walk on these beaches, too". A total denial of the two years provocation by Leb gangs of whites that the Uprising was merely a response to. As a reward for his skilful mishandling of the facts he was soon elevated as NSW Police Commissioner. The then corrupt Sicilian Mafia ALP Premier, Moses Iemma, was kept in power by Saudi funds via the nearby Lakemba Mosque. ALP lost next election due to their corrupt incompetence but Scipioni stayed on. Now, on behalf of his ‘Greek and Maltese grandchildren,’ he will enforce a media blackout and demand retractions. Watch, as History is re-written before your very eyes!

*Section 18C: How was it Scipioni had such power to silence? Due to the Race Discrimination Act 1974, Section 18C which forbids ‘condemning of a group on religious ethnic or other grounds’. In short, a Muslim terrorist who kills non-Muslims and calls himself a jihadi cannot under Australian law be identified as such. Illogical? In 2010, under Ultra-Left ALP PM and trade union lawyer Julia ‘Ju-liar’ Gillard, TV and print journalist Andrew Bolt was prosecuted  for saying ‘many Abos getting welfare and government jobs are really whites’.

THE SEVEN WHITE Abos: Seven of these, all apparatchiks and academics, successfully sued Bolt. Then Federal Opposition leader, Tony Abbott a friend of Bolt, promised to repeal 18C if elected. In Nov 2013 he was. Bolt had been sued under reign of Federal Attorney-General Dreyfus(J). Abbott set his own Chosen George Brandis (J) to work on 18C. Within 12 months Brandis admitted defeat. What had happened? Abbott even publicly reversed himself, saying: "we need to retain 18C for the purposes of National Unity’ and to help build ‘Team Australia’.

CHOSEN PRESSURE: None could comprehend this total policy reversal so blamed ‘Muslim pressure groups’. In fact, it was those who brought them here and constantly defend them, using them as a foil to undermine and destroy our Anglo-Saxon, Christian society. The Chosen. Why? 18C had become their favourite tool in opposing any White/Right groups, including Dr Fred Toben's Adelaide Institute.

THREE-WAY WAR: As in the Middle East, a three-way war is occurring between two proxies, both stooges of the Chosen – the Christian West  and the Muslim East. We've been – killing each other since 1939 to save the Chosen from the logical consequences of their actions. All this battle, for and against 18C, took place under a ‘media’(censorate?) blackout. They said nothing. So even under LNP rule, 18C cannot be altered. Even the reasons why it cannot be altered are deliberately stifled.

MUFFLED AND CONFUSED: That is Australia today, a slave state where ‘facts’ are twisted our of all shape to resemble nothing tangible. Any wonder the general public give up in despair at all these lies and distortions? 

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