Wednesday, 4 March 2015

SNIPPETS #62: BALI NINE - Degeneracy, Depravity and Death

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Thorsday 5th Mars 2015 
by Benn Yogarni 

Chanel Nine News 4pm Wodensday 4th Mars 2015: (Anon./generic bimbo reporter): 
“If these executions go ahead Australia could always withdraw its Ambassador from Indonesia in protest". 
'PROTEST' - AT WHAT? As mentioned in an earlier piece, Australia is ill-served by a generation of non-reporters, in fact distorters, who have skilfully crafted a fake 'world' for us to inhabit. One where an abomination like the Miley Cyrus-virus is 'normal', queers are 'OK' and convicted drug-couriers such as Chapelle Corby are simply 'misunderstood'. In such a demimonde the Bali Nine heroin couriers are 'kids gone wrong'. As one Chanel Nine distorter asked in the above broadcast: 
"how would you feel if it were your child that was about to be murdered?"
REAL WORLD: But outside this dark, dystopian 'world' there is a real world where drugs kill. In that world there are real governments, not one's like ours where media hype and spin are all that matter. In that real world, citizens count for something, not just corporate giants and their profits. In that alternative world, where debts are paid and crimes are actually punished, drug pushers get 'murdered'. Why? 

DRUGS KILL: Because, to use a clique 'drugs kill'. Rather than criticise Indonesia for its allegedly 'tough stance on drugs' Australia should embrace it. We should thank Indonesia's President and his government for doing what we don't have the guts to do: draw a line and stand by it. Do Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop realise what fools they make of themselves, and us, by debasing themselves in what JB admits have been "over 50 high-level contacts" with Indonesia seeking the Bali Nine's acquittal?

APOLOGY TO INDONESIA: We'd like to apologise to Indonesia, its President and his people for the fools who run our country and the corporate media barons they obey. Thank you for your stance against drugs and drug pushers. We envy such a country and wish for closer cooperation with you in the future, once our current degenerate, depraved and debased elite are toppled. Till then, Salmat Jalan - good travelling.

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