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Australian National Action's Edited Correspondence to POW's  
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 Saturnsday 24th Mai 2014

Thank you for the material of Le Pen and the Front National. We get little news here. System keeps us amused with celebrity gossip and endless sports.

Saturnsday 24th Mai 2014
Dear J,
           Have put your Edgar Steele interview on the Internet at: Friends of George D Loeb Jr 

Have not heard from Australian National Movement since 1990’s just before JVT (Jack Van Tongeren) got out after his 17 years stretch for ‘terrorism’ i.e. allegedly setting fire to a restaurant. WA State government are very much under the thumb of  ‘a particular ethnic group’.

ANA were warned to ‘avoid ANM’ as they were ‘too trusting’ and got ‘wrong advice’ from ‘senior Right figures in Sydney who were known to be in contact with the Branch’, Special Branch that is, State political police. These liaise with Federal spy agency, ASIO.  Here we have only State and Federal Police. 

Our States are similar to US states prior to 1860. State law has writ, not Federal. e.g. when Feds banned guns in 1997 they held a meeting of Council Of Australian Governments (COAG), i.e. all State Premiers plus PM, to agree on ‘enabling legislation’ i.e. State laws which put into effect Federal aims.

Saturnsday 31st Mai 2014
Dear M,
             We have a blog ‘Friends of GDL Jr’ that we put material for prisoners on. What of GDL Jr? We lost contact about a year ago. First our mail to him was returned; then it went ‘missing’. Then his outgoing mail to us began to disappear, now nothing gets through either way.

Saturnsday 28th Juno 2014
Dear ,
          Send us your articles. We’ll put everything we can on the Internet. We will be sure to add your name and address to each entry. Our criteria for articles covers pretty much what we already have on the blog. History, politics, religion, philosophy. An emphasis on White Nationalist/National Socialist material.

Odinist is OK even though our main focus is pro-Christian. Can’t use anti-Christian stuff, such as some US friends are now sending us. Is no point, really. We realise the Enemy rules in the US and uses your churches as a tool of their rule but is not quite so obvious here.

For starters, there are not so many of the Enemy here. So standard US NS material seems odd to our public. It’s shooting at targets we can’t fathom. Makes sense the Enemy congregate in the US as it is the current world power. That is, after all, the Enemy’s m.o. But out here in the ‘sticks’? There are very few.

As for ‘Aryanism’ it is a moot point here. At one stage ¼ of our population was Irish. The Germanic element here is very small, maybe 5%, yet NS groups here ‘ape’ their US parent groups and demand 100% Germanic. This while excluding fellow whites with Red hair and pink skin. Duh!
So obviously, we have very few NS. Sad. ANA is definitely NOT Aryan as I’m not – being ¾ Irish and ¼ Welsh. No blonde hair here!

AH said: ‘NS is not for export’. NS groups in every country must grow in response to local issues that evoke local responses, thereby gaining local adherents. But our NS groups are too eager to ally with the KKK, etc which has NO context here. Rather than a ‘local response’ they appear alien and odd.

ANA are 100% white just not Germanic. We see no reason to accept inferior status for Anglo-Saxons and Celtics. Maybe these issues don’t crop up in the US? Seems odd to reject the local conditions and seek to mimic groups in other countries. How is that ‘nationalistic’?

We don’t have the same ‘freedoms’ the US does. No Constitution or Bill of Rights for instance. The ‘rights’ we have are whatever the current government says. Is why it was so easy to disarm us in 1997.

Saturnsday 5st Juli 2014
Dear M,
            Is winter here. We rarely get below 7’C in this city (of two million) as we are in the sub-tropics, only 500km below the Tropic of Capricorn which runs through Rockhampton. We think of it as ‘cold’ if we have to put on a jumper over out T-shirts.  Even in winter the maximum temperature here is 23’C so we never really get ‘cold’ but our houses are built for heat an humidity so we aren’t suited to ‘cold’ weather.

GDL Jr is someone in TX facing life for a similar ‘crime’ to yours but he did not manage to beat it. He contacted us several years ago. Contact got tighter and tighter then one year ago it ceased altogether. We set up a blog for him, at his request, but now others get use of it. 

As you said in your letter ‘there are large numbers of racially–aware men but few activist’. We find the same here. People today lack ‘commitment’. They allegedly are unable to ‘commit’ due to their unsettled upbringings.

Heard on BBC radio today of ’52,000 unaccompanied minors flooding across US border in past eight months’. When interviewed, all claimed to be children of single mothers from Central America. Came North to avoid ‘gang culture’. Gangs are a replacement for the nuclear family unit.

Yes, is hard to communication with Peckerwoods or as we call them Bogans. Karl Marx called such ‘lumpens’ i.e. they are just ‘lumps’ that live and breath. They lack consciousness or what he called ‘class consciousness’. They did not comprehend they were being exploited or oppressed so do nothing to end it. Even Marx had trouble getting people ‘active’.

Is how the Communist Party came into existence. The followers of Marx preached from 1848 till 1907: ‘one day, the workers will arise!’ The Russian fought Japan 1904-05. They lost. The 1905 Russian Revolutions was the result. The Reds saw their chance and took it but the uninformed masses, who ‘rose up’, were easily crushed. 

Russia's leading Marxist, Lenin, asked: ‘why?’ He wrote volumes on it saying: ‘the workers need to be lead. Those leaders are a vanguard, a Vanguard of the Revolution. These must be a hardcore of trained activists, a party'. Thus the Communist Party was formed. They spent the years 1905-1917 organising. Their later success in Russia was no accident. Their victory in the 1917-1921 Civil War inspired the spread of Marxist to all countries. 

The Communist Party lead the workers to victory on many battlefields in many lands. They ruled Russia for 70 years through seven leaders. Their  eventual collapse came due to the internal flaws in Marx's original theory. In 1991 the Soviet Union ceased.

Racial nationalists need a similar organisation. You can't expect lumpens to understand what you're saying. Copy the Marxists: get alongside the people, meet their needs, be a friend, earn a hearing. Then they'll follow you, not because of what you say but out of loyalty to you personally.

I work with 4-5 trusted co-workers. Over years we've discussed many things. They are mainly proto-socialists - who isn’t these days? I.e. they accept the welfare, free education, divorce, taxation - all part of Marx’s 1848 platform! After years they trust me, even though they're not Racial Nationalist. They agree with what I say. Of 3,000 staff at this facility to have only 5 active listeners!

Maybe it’s all we can expect from a dumbed-down population. Remember what socialist anthropologist Margaret Meade allegedly said: “don’t believe an active minority can’t change the world. No one else ever has”.  

We agree the ‘USA’ must end and a new nation be born from the ashes but will it be a pro-white outfit? More likely a Mestizo-run set-up as now seems to exist in many US states. The Enemy will hide in the background, as usual, playing various groups against each other.

George Zimmerman case is the latest of what Marxist ‘provocation’ aimed at inciting a response from one group against another. A friend in Yakima says: ‘the Enemy play a game of 'let’s you and him have a fight' ’.

The role of the controlled media is to keep us child-like, ignorant yet easily aroused. They funnel our passions via sex, drugs, gossip, exciting our ‘lower’ more base instincts while publicly ridiculing and dulling down any attempts at ‘higher’ morals. They reduce most to animal status then express fake surprise when we slaughter each other.
Saturnsday 30th Augustus 2014
Dear M,
             Thank you for the many copies of Rivarol. People here are waking up. Several new parties have arisen but are leading people into a dead-end. In response, the foreign-controlled media and existing two-party System are becoming more vicious.  Is a pity the Right have thrown their lot in with the Enemy in Ukraine.
Saturnsday 20th Septembis 2014
Dear M,
              As you say, Summer is ending there but Winter is ending here. Best Winter we have ever had. Here in the sub-tropics our one bug-bear is humidity. Doesn’t matter how cold it is if you rug up you begin to sweat, catch a chill and then get the flu. 

So we dread Winter the one week we get of it usually gives us a flu’s last a month. But this year, whether it’s Global Warming or what I dunno – we got 15 weeks of very mild winter with no humidity. Is like the climate has changed and quickly. So we have had doonas and blankets on our beds 15 weeks and literally no sweat. We’re all thinking: if this is global warming, thank goodness.
 Tuisday 4th Novembis 2014
Dear M,
             Summer is late coming here. The climate has certainly changed but I doubt Man has anything to do with it. The natural rhythm of these things over centuries is much bigger than a few car fumes or coal powered stations. Is wild egomania to believe ‘man makes the earth’.  Is typical atheistic illogic.

We normally, till this year that is, have a maximum of seven days of winter i.e. temperatures at night get to below 7’C. This year however we had 13 weeks of this Winter. A real winter! And here, in the sub-tropics. Was great. We all enjoyed wearing our ‘winter woolies’ (some I’ve had for 40 years so little is the usage they get).

Previously all North Australia had only two seasons – Hot and Hot ’n’ Wet. Only this year have we had clearly distinct seasons. Is weird.  So if this is ‘global warming’ we’re happy with in.

I will google that trad.youth. com. Also Generation Identity and NAARG. Yes, we get White Voice, too. I agree it is full of ‘1980’s right-wing reaction’ but is easy to get stuck in a rut. An old saying is ‘generals are always preparing to fight the last war’.

Talking about generals, heard a good quote from Andrew Jackson: “take time to deliberate but when the time comes for action, stop thinking and go in. One man with courage makes a majority”. 
Agree with you about Ebola. Good real estate is being wasted on the wrong people. To the North of us PNG has a 20% AIDS rate, like South Africa. Is much more lethal that Ebola so why the noise about one and silence about the other? Either way the diminishing whites of the world can only hope these afflictions slow done the enemy’s advance.

Am not sure what you mean ‘better pan-British than Kraut’. We have a prejudice her by NS against non-Teutons, like myself. Being ¾ Irish and ¼ Welsh I am looked down on for not being ‘Aryan’. Has always seemed so tedious to me when there are so few whites left that we quibble over such ancient hates as Anglo vs Aryan. I had an argument in 1997 about this with an Aryan NS leader. I said: ‘We Irish built Australia!’ ‘Yeah’, says he, ‘only because a British soldier stood over you with a gun!’ Is time to circle the wagons into a laager if we are to survive what is coming upon the Earth.

Our media predict the Republicans will win both Houses of Congress. I suspect they will go ‘overboard’ like in 1994 with Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America. Will backfire, alienating moderate voters, guaranteeing victory for H. Clinton in 2016. Republicans are typical Conservatives, thinking short-term. Our foes think in millennia.  Yours in the Struggle.

 Saturnsday 29th Novembis 2014
Dear Kamerad A,
                            Agree with you, we need to form bonds amongst nationalist grouping world-wide. It was the vision of Cdr Rockwell to found the World Union of National Socialists in the 1960’s.
 Saturnsday 10th Janus 2015
Dear Kamerad A,
                            GDL Jr is the minister from Florida gaoled for life for defending himself and his wife from two alien aggressors. He has a son? He never mentioned him. We lost contact with GDL Jr over a year ago. Mail to him was sporadically interrupted, with six of our STORM newsletters returned over a 12-month period. Then all our mail to him starting came back marked ‘Return To Sender’. Why?

We got classified as a ‘security threat group’ simply for writing to GDL Jr, who had been classed as such. Then mail to us from him ceased. We’d had prior contact with GDL Jr five years previously to this when he was also ‘cut off’. His handlers are very much ‘down’ on him. Hopefully he'll re-surface.

 Saturnsday 10th Janus 2015
Dear M,
             I understand what you mean: “in 18 years inside I’ve given literature to 100’s of men and so many say ‘we’re doomed”. I agree with your formula for material: 20% ‘problems’ to 80% ‘solutions’. Let me know if our stuff is too depressing. Feedback is always appreciated.

My emphasis is this: the entire White Race, on all continents, is in peril. Many here look to the US to ‘save’ us as they did in WWII. Or they look to Germany for an example. For this reason some here join the Klan or wear brown-shirts. No. Hitler said: “NS is not for export”. Every country’s NS/WN must find their OWN solutions to their own, local issues. 

Saturnsday 17th Janu 2015
Dear M,
             Thank you the very large package of magazines. The Broadsword, Present, Cornerstone, Horizons, Militant and RivarolWe can only wish Australia had such a depth of Right journalism. Thank you, again it is inspirational. Things here remain the same. Economy heavily in debt as government tries to meets demands of public who expect to ‘have it all’ for nothing.
Saturnsday 28 Februa 2015
Dear A,
            I agree with you on the ‘Muslim issue’. When Tom Metzger was asked “if the enemy of my enemy is my friend therefore if the enemy of the Enemy is Islam, does that make Islam friends of the White Race?” He wisely answered: “the enemy of your Enemy can also be your Enemy”.  This is the true in the current three-way war where the Chosen are seeking a world war between Islam and Christianity.

Unfortunately, the past 100 years of Darwinism and Marxism have so eroded the West that the ‘church’ today is unable to mobilise the forces required to resist. Any attempts by secular-Rightists to resist Islam are combatted by Antifas forces of the Ultra-Left all heavily financed by their Chosen masters on Wall St, etc. If the US and EU fall to Islam, who will defend the Chosen Heimat, MOTS? Is as yet unclear.

Look forward to hearing from Rev’d Derik Punneo. I agree the governor of Alabama is a brave man.  The enemy media will slander him. Yes, I received the 46 Questions. Excellent material! Maybe if more people question the ‘facts’ the whole swindle will collapse.
 Saturnsday 28th Februa 2015
Dear M, 
         We’ve recently had criticism from Prisoners of the Race War that our material is “too negative” and “should be more upbeat and positive”. Unfortunately it is difficult to find anything positive to say. But, following the wishes of our readers in the USA we will in future refrain from sending them any ‘negative’ material. 

Am up at 6am watching an old 1954 British 'B' Grade film, South Of Algiers on GEM/Channel 90 the 'British' channel. Standard 'trouble in the tropics' pic where white adventurers seek treasure amongst the 'wogs' pursued by some wily criminals. Just fluff, but was filmed on location in Algeria. Shows nightclubs, casinos full of scantily-clad blonde females and hard drinking white men. 

Released in 1954 would have been filmed in 1953, the year before the French lost in Vietnam. Two years before Algerian POW's returning from captivity in Vietnam, newly indoctrinated into Marxism, began their War of Independence from France. Is probably the last Western film shot in Algeria. A time-capsule. 

1954-62 War left one million dead and forced one million white French colonists to flee Algeria. Marxists ruled till 1993. When the first 'free' elections threatened to allow an Islamist reign to begin, the French urged the Algeria Army to seize power. The resultant 1990's civil war killed 90,000 in a furious wave of terror and mass slaughter. Today Algeria is ruled with an iron hand, supported by France who believe they must secure their Southern Frontier. Back in 1953, when this film was being made, all this was unknown. 

 We live in turbulent times with Wall Street-instigated wars from Ukraine to Mali and Syria.  We cannot hide our heads in the sand, no matter how much our friends may want. Not only did the film-makers not know what would come but few suspected the lose of Algeria as a colony would trigger the demise of white rule in all 54 countries across Africa. The war begun in 1954 did not end till 1994 with the final loss, South Africa. 

In the 1950's and 1960's American foreign policy wonks spoke of a Domino Effect. They preached: 'if Vietnam falls, so will Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, all the way down to Indonesia'. They used this fear to force Australia and New Zealand into sending troops, ships, tanks and aircraft to Vietnam, 1962-71. We sent 50,000 and lost 500 KIA. At the time, and since, the Domino Theory has been ridiculed. But that's because the Effect took place in Africa, not SE Asia. 

We'd love to tell our US friends 'everything is going to be alright' but we can't. How many in Rhodesia foresaw a War in Algeria would end their lives 25 years later? The Bible tells us "beware of the Signs of the Times". Also "be watchful and prayer". Any who counsel "peace, peace' when it is the moment of their greatest danger" should be avoided. 

Yours for a White World,  Steve Godfrey     (ANA Brisbane)

Box 635 Strathpine PS 4500 Australia   ph: 0448 187 582

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