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STORM ALERT #57 Australia's Time Runs Out in 2050

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by Ixul Dante     15 Janus 2015 
AUSTRALIA’S TIME RUNS OUT IN 2050*  **This is anecdotal. Readers need to ‘join the dots’.
In 1994 the first black Africans began to migrate legally to Australia In 1995 freed mental patient Martin Bryant allegedly killed 35 at Port Arthur Tasmania, scene of a notoriously brutal convict settlement. As a result in 1997 CHOAG (the Australian States, Territories  and Federal governments) banned long-arm firearms from sale to the general public. Subsequently gun shops were closed and rifle ranges closed. Gun permits remained but became rare. Australia’s four million gun owners were now treated like criminals. In 2001 Liberal PM John Howard limited overseas immigration to 95,000 per year.

As a result of widespread divorces and abortion policies from ALP Whitlam government 1972-75 Australia’s population increase is solely due to immigration not ‘natural increase’ i.e. births. In 2001 Howard stopped ‘boa ties’ arriving in Australia dramatically with MV Tampa saga where illegals seized a ship then tried to hijack it to Australia. Were stopped, an election called and Howard won a landslide. Then quietly increased immigration from 95,000 to 140,000 p.a.
All the Tampa illegals were later allowed entry. In 2007 Howard lost office. His replacement was Ultra Leftist Kevin Rudd, a Sinophone. His first o/s trip in 2997 was not to DC, as is usual with new PM’s, or more traditionally to London but to Beijing. He addressed the University body there in Mandarin to much applause. It has never been revealed what he told them. Immigration leapt from 140,000 p.a. to 300,000.

At the same time the GFC struck, the result of Wall Street bleeding the US public dry, then cutting off all credit. Western economy collapsed. Australia’s soared, tied to PRC’s economic rise. We feed them all the iron ore, coal and gas they needed. Till 2013 this kept us afloat as the rest of the West sank. In 2007 we soon saw the true nature of K.Rudd’s government. A series of attacks on Indians in Melbourne and Sydney were reported as ‘racially motivated’. They were allegedly ‘on student visas but working illegally as taxi drivers and petrol stations nightshift attendants. Both high risk occupations. Public ignored the reports but K.Rudd did not. Ultra Left Victoria ALP government rammed through tough ‘antiracism’ laws after 10,000 ‘All Indian Student Union’ members staged a roudy march through Melbourne. A week after same gang did the same in Sydney. NSW ALP government refused to pass any new laws after NSW cops denied attacks were ‘racial’

But K.Rudd sent a delegation to India where the reports were carried as ‘racial’. K.Rudd said ‘these attacks threatened our overseas student industry worth billions of dollars’ i.e. Australia tax payers waste AUD$12 billion per year on education system half of which goes to educate Third Worlders? Education is our second biggest industry after mining. Indian media lied about the attacks. So K.Rudd sent seven delegations begging Indian to continue to send people here as ‘students’ most of whom remain here after completing their ‘studies’. Eventually the Foreign Minister went then finally K.Rudd himself. To India. To beg them to continue invading us. True.

What do Indians make of such a supine crowd? Immigration from the Indian Diaspora – we have met these – from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Fiji UK USA, Canada, NZ. All are flooding into Australia after seven Australian Parliamentary delegations made it plain: ‘you are very welcome here’. A source supplies us with Immigration Statistics each year but routinely assures us: ‘white migrants remain at the top. The two main source countries are UK and NZ’.
Have you spoken to any of these migrants? All are non-whites! In 2003, just before she was gaoled by the Ultra Left Beattie Qld ALP government, Pauline Hanson asked publicly: ‘is it true the Australia Immigration Department is not run by Australians at all but Arabs and Chinese?’ In answer she was gaoled for three years on unrelated ‘electoral fraud' charges. Hanson was released after only 11 weeks detention and widespread public protests. She never asked that question again and has since been our version of ‘Glenn Miller’. 

In 1994 South Africa went black. 68% of whites voted to end apartheid/white rule i.e. fro their own extinction. How? Why? World media smeared SA since 1948. Grew too much to resist. They needed to ‘feel better’ about themselves so did as they were told by the media and voted themselves out of existence. Happy? Dead. After 1994 the new ANC government rewarded its white allies in the SABC with the sack as BBE arrived i.e. jobs quota for simply being non-white.
Many Ultra Leftists and Enemy agents migrated to Australia where they immediately joined the dominant duopoly of the ALP and Liberal parties and set to work deposing white rule here. Was all admitted in 2009 by father of the director of The Kings Speech on ABCTV documentary series Australian Story after his son was presented with an Oscar by his idol Steven Spielberg. One critic said: ‘They looked like twins’. Father admitted to making millions as a Wall Street broker and devoting these funds to ‘toppling racism in Australia just as we did in SA’.  

1993 Mabo Act: Passed by Ultra-Left Hawke-Keating ALP governments(1983-95). To ‘recognize(sic) Aborigines as owners of all Australia’. Wik Act 1995 enabled transfer of Australia from white hands to ‘traditional Owners(sic)’. Long process of Native title court cases began. Cost billions, all paid for by white taxpayer. Only lawyers and Abos gain. By 2015 30% of our continent was ‘Abo-land’ – i.e. whites are barred.
2004: Liberal PM Howard forced Intervention i.e. Federal troops and police entered Abo ‘homelands’ after evidence from female rights campaigners of widespread abuse including routine domestic violence, child rape and murders. ALP Left protested but when K.Rudd was elected in 2007 he retained Intervention as did Gillard in 2009. Continues under Abbott. All the while the number and size of Abo lands increases daily with more Native Title cases won. 
2011: Indian Professor tells ABC Radio of a breakthrough in DNA research. Is able to prove ‘Australian Aborigines come from India. Same DNA Dreamtime myths language etc’. Story is quickly dropped. Now see why the 14 million will come from Indian sources and via their Diaspora? In 2050 a survey will be done via DNA. Will 'discover' a majority of Australians to be ‘Aboriginal’. Or Indian. Either way they will claim the land and whites will be deposed. 

In 1994 Rev Brian Howe ALP Fed Min for Planning released his grand plan Building Better Cities. Demanded only high rise and medium to high density dwellings be built in Australia, the world’s least crowded land with lowest population density: one man for every four sq km. Illogical made no sense so report was ignored by public. In 2012 was reported on ABC Radio 936 AM Radio National: “from now on no new homes will be built in Sydney Melbourne or Brisbane. All new dwellings will be medium to high density". Was later announced the average house block was to be reduced from 360 sq metres to 80. Due to a ‘land shortage’(sic).

In 2009 then Ultra Left ALP PM Julia ‘Juliar’ Gillard announced ‘Australia will have a population of 35 million by 2050’. As we already had 21 million and had reached Zero Population Growth in 1973 we wondered where these extra 14 million would come from. From immigration. Media ignored story and public went back to watching 24/7 sports via US-based Fox Cable TV.  
*Was recently lambasted by a US contact for being a Jeremiah: ‘you’re like that Old Testament prophet! You only prophesy bad things, never good. Why don’t ya say somethin’ good for a change?’ The white Race is in a house on fire. The fire alarm doesn’t work and the police have told us not to shout or they’ll arrest us for incitement to hatred. Fire brigade are ‘busy’, our children are asleep around us on the floor. What do we do? Watch them die? Or shout, scream and cause a fuss, the better to wake up any ‘help’ that may be available. But all ‘help’ is diverted outside the house by police who say ‘he’s mad! Ignore him’ and they do’ Slowly we stew in our own juices as we watch our flesh melt away before us and smell the acrid stench of our own selves burning.(WWII fighter pilot described immolation thus).
**Was also told by same source: ‘only write 20% problem and 80% solution or the boys will get too depressed’. Good idea: no whining without a remedy. But as the remedy inevitably involves death, bloodshed and violence – all which can get us time in the slammer, is a recipe for silence. 
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