Wednesday, 4 March 2015

SNIPPETS#61: Bimbo-isation of the Western Media

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Wodensday 4th Mars 2015       by Benn Yogarni 
Facebook Entry of author George RR Martin (Games of Thrones books and TV show): 
“if I hear one more word about ‘that dress’’ somethings going to happen to Tyrion!” 
BIMBO-ISATION OF THE WESTERN MEDIA:   What dress? What is he talking about? For the past month to social media – the new litmus test for what is ‘news’ is “this went viral on social media!” – have been abuzz over a dress that appear s to be one colour to some but another to others. That’s it. In that time frame thousands have died in wars, from famine and the Ebola plague. Governments have been toppled and opponents assassinated but only this one trivia point made the ‘news’. Why? 

FEMALE DOMINANCE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA: First, some background. When I began studying journalism in 18989 at QUT our first year course had 24 females, one token Asian male, one token homosexual male and me, a token white radical . Think courses are randomly selected? Think again. The reason for so many fems was the glitter-arty at the time were whining about a ‘lack of female perspective in the media’. What that meant we had no idea but every media related course was soon filled with willing females. 

MEDIA BRAINS DRAINED: All bimbo brains. I call it ‘my three years at St Margaret’s’ after one of Brisbane leading girls schools. All very posh and polite but in three year I had only two real conversations. One of five minutes and one of ten minutes, both with the token Asian and both cut short by worried bimbos who said: “hey guys, can you cool it down?!” The rest of the time the topics for ‘talk’ was tightly restricted to clothes, hair and food. That’s all. The routine whine from these bimbos was ‘”this isn’t what I expected Uni to be like!”

MINDLESS CONFORMISTS: Oh, and what did you expect? They’d all seen films like Spring Break and couldn’t understand tertiary study needed men to make it happen, not a class of mindless comformists, which is all these ideas-consumers were.  Fast forward 26 years. The ‘news’ now runs on every TV channel – 7, 9, and ABC – from 530am till 11am then from 3pm till 730pm. All female dominated. All trivia. The much vaulted ‘female perspective’ is now everywhere. It is mindless. 

INCREASINGLY DESPERATE TERRORISTS: In the meantime terrorists groups, desperate for coverage are becoming more and more savage. ISIL started out beheading people a year ago. That soon became passé. Then mass executions, up to 1,700 in one day. Then toddlers with severed heads, Western hostages, mass immolations and desecration of 5,000 year-old statues. All are now ignored in the femo-centric Western media. 

END OF THE WEST: So Geo RR Martin is correct: only a popular fictional character, popular with females i.e., could stop this downward trend. Sorry, Geo its terminal. To cleanse the West we must BEGIN with the femo-media. No time now for their foolish frippery. Oh, but first they’ll be used deliver to us the ‘first female US President’ in 2016, Hillary Clinton. That will be their piece de resistance and the West’s coup de grace. Future generations of media, thankfully un-female, may ask: ‘how did the West die?’ From the death of a thousand cuts, all un-reported by System stooges and their media ‘hos.
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