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STORM 138 (Mars 2015)

No. 138                  Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                     Mars 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

DISAFFECTED UNIONIST @9.9.13: Trade Union official on why the ALP lost 7.9.2013 Federal Election:  
“I’m with the ALP Left. I wish the ALP could be swept away, all of them. They’re so corrupt! They represent no one. They once did, till Simon Crean took over the ACTU [Australia’s peak union organ]. As ACTU chief, overnight all the ACTU Council became university graduates. Ever since then unions have not been representative of the workers. The ALP followed the same path – now they don’t represent workers, either. We need a new Workers Party, one that will represent the Masses. Not one that pursues queer rights or women’s rights, Who cares about that?! All union bosses retire to million dollar mansions on the Gold Coast. Corrupt!” 
“I used to be member of a Pentecostal Church in The Valley [Brisbane’s nightclub and brothel precinct]. We were called Glad Tidings Baptists* - till we got fire-bombed.
That was nine years ago. After that we had to change address and our name. Before that, we’d been running a ‘feeding programme’ for homeless/street people. You upset one of them, they tend to get violent. Someone threw several petrol bombs in the main auditorium. The fire-sprinklers did the rest. Without the building, we split into separate groups, operating in separate parts of Brisbane. With the move, our membership leapt ahead, so it all turned out for the best”. 
[*GTB was rundown but on valuable real estate, a bit too close to China Town. So was it the homeless? RE].

THE I.T. GUY @15.9.13
“Last year I was IT director for a major corporation. They sacked me so now I’ve got a franchise as a home handyman”. [Capital wastes people’s talents in its pursuit of the ‘bottom-line’. RE]
“I worked for a large foreign bank at their Brisbane office. Prior to the 2007 Crash we had 150 staff. By 2013 that had fallen to only 15. Now there are none. All operations were transferred to the Sydney office. I got out early and moved into another job, with a local bank. That bank has AUD$7 billion in debt, all from commercial loans. Even after 2007 they continued lending up to 120% on homes. How? With no deposit they would give you the full price plus 20% extra to cover the ‘legals’. Was crazy! This bank amassed debts of  AUD$12 billion but were allowed to ‘write off’ AUD$5 billion of it”.   
EDITORIAL – FASCISM, THE ONLY TRUE DOCTRINE:   In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. The Cold War officially ended with victory for US-lead forces, democracy and Capitalism. Karl Marx, long dead was now buried. Or so we thought. Yet all across the world deluded Leftist youths and anachronistas spout Lenin, Marx, Mao, and their assorted acolytes as if nothing had happened. Why? 

KAPITALIST EXPLOITATION: Because the forces that first birthed Marx’s 1848 version of Communism, rampant exploitation, still plague us. The wise see the real alternative to rampant Kapital is not more Marxist nostrums but Fascism, the only philosophy to harness Kapital's greed to 'social good' without the violent social dislocation seen in every Marxist coup from Hanoi to Mogadishu. Such logic is lost on Marxists ingenues who, 25 years after its demise, still drag out this stinking corpse and, like Weekend At Bernie’s, continue to wave around its rotting limbs, blind to its yawning faults.

ORIGINS OF LEFTIST VIOLENCE: Any wonder the Left are angry and prone to violence? Add to this their predilection for attracting social malcontents, perverts, cross-dressers, gender benders and drug-fiends. And that’s just the university lecturers who peddle this bilge. The real reason they HATE  us on the ‘Right’ is we’re ideologically correct, just as Mussolini and his confreres were in 1919. Our perception of the economy, a Nation and its People are accurate as were theirs. That is why our Fascist forebears have been smeared by the controlled media's paid liars and bent academics ever since, with some exceptions. In 1938 TIME magazine chose Mussolini as their ‘Man of the Year’ only because they thought they had him ‘in the bag’. Months later Mussolini allied with AH and the same media derided Mussolini and have done ever since. 
BOOK REVIEW: Hitler and Stalin - Parallel Lives by Lord Alan Bullock (London: Harper- Collins Books, 1991). (1,165 pages)                                                                       [emphasis throughout ours]

p. 98-99: “Trotsky was seen as an outsider by the old Bolsheviks. Few had a good word for Zinoviev, who like his friend Levi Kamanev, was seen as a foreigner. Both were Jews. This meant the three most important posts in the Soviet Union after Lenin’s were held by Jews: Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kaminev. This is why Hitler never tired of identifying Moscow with a perceived ‘Zionist world conspiracy.’ ”  

p. 101: “Russia reintroduced conscription in March 1918. 800,000 joined the Red Army whose numbers peaked at 2.5 million in 1920. It was the combined weight of these which in 1922 finally crushed the quarrelling White Armies”.  

p. 103: “Lenin suffered a series of strokes from 1922-24 and died in January 1924 aged 54”.

p.104: “On 6th July 1919 there was attempted coup by the Socialist Revolutionist Party. Trotsky recruited 40,000 former Czarist officers and 200,000 former Czarist Non-Commissioned Officers to run his new Red Army during the 1917-22 Civil War. Later Red Army Generals Voroshilov, Buddeny and Ordzhonikidze all began their Red Army careers as former Czarist NCOs”. 

p.104: “The 1922 Census showed that of the Soviet Union’s population of 140 million, 65 million described themselves as neither Slavs or Russians. These 65 million were the National Minorities.  Till 1924, Stalin was Commissar for National Minorities”.  

P.105: “Trotsky suppressed the May 1919 Kronstadt Naval Base Mutiny by executing 67 naval officers”.  

p.105: “Trotsky made a list of Stalin's character defects: 'the narrowness of his interests; his psychological coarseness and the special cynicism of the provincial, freed from prejudice by Marxism but not replacing them with any well thought out philosophy’ ”.

p.105: “Other early Bolshevik's criticised Stalin as being: ‘very able, but very hard to work with as he personalized every situation. He was loud in his claims and harsh in his criticism. He saw treachery and conspiracy where others saw only inefficiency and muddle. Stalin was consumed with jealousy and spent more energy feuding with rivals than fighting the Common Enemy’ ”.  

p.107: “Lenin retained Stalin for his 'grubost' (vulgarity) which he saw as essential in a party dominated by ‘intellectuals’ ”.  

p.108: “The Russian Civil War produced staggering human losses. The first of many such barely credible, yet well documented, figures for this History stated that 15 million perished 1917-22 from war and famine. Compare this with the First World War (1914-17) where only two million had died. The Russian population was thirty million fewer in 1923 than demographers had previously projected. Industrial production in 1920 was only 15% of the 1913 output, a drop of 85%, thus wiping out all economic gains since the Czar's 1862 Decree Emancipation of the Serfs”.  

pp.109-110: “One side-effect of the Russian Civil War was War Communism, the militarization of Communist Party rule. Under WC, the CP leadership came to see force as the only way to solve social and economic problems. In his 1920 book A Defence of Terrorism Trotsky set forth the basic principles of WC. He rejects ‘Parliamentary democracy, equality before the law, and all civil liberties as bourgeois frauds'. Trotsky argued: ‘Class War can only be won by force, not votes. To reject terror is to reject socialism. A La guerre, come a la guerre. The state exists for the masses, but does not exclude compulsion by force. Compulsion of labor has replaced free hiring just as socialization of the means of production has replaced capitalist property' ”.
p.110: “In 1921, Lenin abruptly reversed the policy of War Communism and instituted his New Economic Policy (NEP), which allowed for a mixed economy, part State and part Capitalist. With  Lenin's death in 1924, Stalin revoked the NEP and reintroduced WC”

 p. 111: “In March 1920, prior to the Ninth Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) Congress, a loose grouping of delegates formed calling themselves Democratic-Centralists. They opposed authoritarianism. Other DC goals were autonomous trade unions and a role for trade unions in the management of State industries”.

p.112: “Lenin had specifically opposed trade union control of industry in his 1902 work: What is to be Done? He said: ‘there can be no independent ideology developed by the working class on its own apart from the guiding hand of the Communist Party. Without the Communist Party there can be no Dictatorship of the Proletariat’. On 8th March 1921, six days before the Ninth CPSU Congress, there was another attempted coup at Kronstadt Naval Base. The coup leaders specifically denounced the ‘oppressive rule by the Communist Party ' ridiculing it as ‘Commissar-ocracy’. They then called for ‘a Third Revolution’ ”.    

p.113: “Lenin suppressed the Kronstadt revolt by rounding up and shooting several thousand sailors without trial. He went further, showing again his readiness to sacrifice every principle in order to retain power”. p114. Lenin said: 'only the Communist Party is capable of resisting the inevitable petty bourgeois wavering of the masses and their relapse into trade union narrowness and prejudice’ ”. p.115: “The Ninth CPSU Congress immediately approved Lenin’s new repressive measures but soon after, in 1921-22, over 1/3 of CPSU members found themselves expelled from the Party, many for ‘factionalism'. Lenin retorted: 'we've had enough of Oppositionalism!'  declaring all these to be ‘Syndicalist and Anarchist Deviations' ”.    

p.119: “Scriabin was a Jew who used the alias Molotov, meaning hammer. He later became Stalin's Foreign Minister”. P.120: “Head of the Soviet Secret Police was a renegade Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, who had passed Stalin's ultimate loyalty test. When Stalin told him: 'your brother is mixing with Rightists.' LK replied: 'then he must be severely dealt with' whereupon he phoned his brother to inform him. His brother promptly shot himself”. P. 121: “Molotov was forced to agree to his beloved wife being sent to a Concentration Camp. In reward, both Kaganovich and Molotov later became Stalin’s most loyal assistants on the CPSU Central Committee Secretariat. Both outlived Stalin, Molotov till 1986 and Kaganovich till 1991”.  

p.122: “Stalin became CPSU General Secretary but did not create the party Machine. He merely perfected its organisational structure. When he started, Stalin had 767 staff directly under him. By 1923 they had collected all the vital details on the CPSU’s 485,000 members. Stalin altered CPSU rules so that thousands of local officials were no longer locally elected or responsible to their local bodies. Instead, all officials were appointed ‘by the Centre', i.e. by General-Secretary Stalin himself. This lead to a recognition they relied solely on Stalin for power, just as he relied on them for his”. 

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