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ANA Calendar 2013

            NINS Calendar*
Why a Nationalist Calendar? Roman Catholics have 'saints' calendars. Each date is marked by someone's martyrdom. As a practical example to the young it's obvious: you need to embrace suffering for 'the cause' to be advanced. Second reason: for those ‘time poor' a daily snippet of racial history can inspire & remind: we owe existence to past heroes.
NINS Calendar is published in the Public Interest. No action should be inferred or implied. All remarks are the opinion of the editor alone.  
Compiled by NINS Acting-editor Atom Egonian
6.1.1945 HMAS Australia loses 39 KIA, 56 WIA Luzon.
13.1.1911 birth of Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen
17.1.1991 US begins air war on Iraq
19.1.2004 Cricketer David Hookes beaten to death by Serb hotel bouncer
20.1.2001 Geo Bush II inaugurated 43rd US President
21.1.1924 V.I.Lenin dies aged 54 years from effects of assassin's bullet.
22.1.1879: Battle of Rorke's Drift, SA. 139 whites defeat 4,000 aliens;
22.1.1973 Roe Vs Wade US Supreme Court legalises child-murder; 1973-2012 genocides 40 million.
23.1.1942 Japs capture Rabaul, Australian New Guinea.
26.1.1788: first men settle in Terra Australis/Terra Nullius
29.1.1942: Grossen Wannsee Conference: Endlosung
30.1.1649: Catholic Charles I beheaded by Cromwell's Protestant Army.
30.1.1788: Bonnie Prince Charlie, successor to Charles 1, dies.
30.1.1933: A. Hitler named German Chancellor.
30.1.1943: Battle of Stalingrad ends.
30.1.1948: M. Gandhi assassinated by Hindu nationalist.
30.1.1968: VC/NVA launch Tet Offensive.
30.1.2005: 1st elections for US puppet government, Iraq.
31.1.1942: Japs defeat AIF, Ambon. AIF loses 309 KIA, 791 POW

2.2.1653: Dutch grant trading charter to New Amsterdam [NYC].
2.2.1848: US forces Mexico to sign Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ceding to them TX, NM & CA.
2.2.1971: Nationalist Idi Amin seizes power after 'democrat' Milton Obote kills 30,000 Ugandans.
2.2.1979: Ayatollah Khomeini arrives in Iran.
4.2.1969 Yassir Arafat elected PLO Chairman.
7.2.1986: Duvalier family's 28-year rule of Haiti ends.
11.2.1990: Racist, Communist and anti-white Nelson Mandela leaves detention after 27 years.
13.2.1945: 300,000 Germans incinerated by RAF/USAAF, Dresden.
13.2.1978: Sydney Hilton bombing kills three. ASIO suspected.
15.2.2004: Abo riot injures 48 Police, Redfern, NSW.
16.2.1942: Japs massacre 22 AIF nurses, Banka-Banka Is, Indonesia.
20.2.1942: Japs defeat AIF, Timor. Of 1,400 AIF 84 are KIA.
23.2.1919: Mussolini quits Italian Socialist Party; Founds Fasci del Comattimento.
24.2.1991: US invades Iraqi-Kuwait.
26.2.1804: 1st whites settlers arrive Hobart, Tasmania.
26.2.1936: Coup brings military to power in Japan.
26.2.1990: USSR withdraws 73,500 troops from Czechoslovakia.
27.2.1991 US enters Kuwait City.
28.2.1991: Iraqi forces surrender to US after '60 hour war'.

1.3.1942: HMAS Perth sunk by Japs in Battle of Java Sea. RAN lose 463 KIA, 223 POW.
1st March: St Davids Day, Welsh National Day.
4.3.1804: Castle Hill Revolt, Parramatta by United Irishmen, exile of 1798 ‘Wolf Tone’ Uprising.
4.3.1942: Japs sink HMAS Yarra. RAN lose 138 KIA.
4.3.1942: Japs butcher 160 unarmed AIF POWs, Rabaul, ANG.
11.3.2004: Muslims slaughter 191 Christians on four peak-hour Madrid commuter trains: dubbed '3-11'.
17.3.1984: Prof Geoffrey Blainey becomes 1st Aust. academic to publicly oppose 'Asian immigration'.
19.3.2003: US forces invade Iraq.
22.3.2004: IDF murder HAMAS leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin.
24.3.1999: US/NATO begin six-week air war against Serbia in aid of Muslim/Kosovan independence.
25.2.2000: Vladimir Putin appointed Russian President.
30.3. 1770: YAH leads Captain James Cook to Botany Bay, NSW.

2.4.1982: Argentina liberates Las Malvinas (briefly).
4.4.1968: M.L.King Jr executed for inciting violence via race-hate speech opposing rule by US whites.
7.4.1947: Commandant R.Hoess hanged, Auschwitz.
7.4.1994: Rwandan civil war begins: 800,000 die.
9.4.1938: A.H. returns to Vienna amidst wild celebrations. ‘Ost-Reich’ has ‘come home’.
9.4.1865: Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrenders, Appomattox Court House.
9.4.1998: Irish Loyalists submit to IRA rule via 'Good Friday Accords'.
9.4.2003: Bagdad falls to US forces after 22-day invasion.
11.4.1997: Shop-keeper-cum MP Pauline Hanson launches One Nation. 50,000 members in one year
12.4.1861: Confederate forces liberate Ft Sumter.
13.4.1865: Confederate Army of North Virginia surrenders to Union.
16.4.1975: US forces flee Cambodia.
17.4.2004: IDF murder HAMAS chief Rantisi.
19.4.1943: Reich forces empty unhygienic Warsaw ghetto.
19.4.1993: FBI incinerates 89 Branch Davidians, Waco, TX
19..4.1995: Implosion of Federal Building, Oklahoma City, kills 168.
20th April: Birthday of AH who attempted to save the white West from alien rule.
23rd April: St George's Day (English National Day)
23.4.2005: Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen dies. White, Christian, Nationalist Premier of Qld for 19 years.
28.4.1976: First Vietnamese 'Boaties' arrive, Darwin, NT.
28.4.1996: Death of 35 at Pt Arthur, Tas. Pretext for Australia-wide gun ban.
30.4.1975: ARVN surrender to PAVN - last US forces flee South Vietnam.

1.5.1940: R.Hoess arrives, Auschwitz
1.5.1945: RAA attack Japs, Tarakan, Borneo. RAA loses 225 KIA, 669 WIA
1.5.1994: Mandela inaugurated first Black South African President
1.5.2003: George the 2nd declares war in Iraq: 'Mission Accomplished'
1.5.2004: 'EU+10' i.e. East Bloc plus Malta & Cyprus.  
8.5.1942: Sobibor KL founded
8.5.1993: Diane Plato suicide provoked by Howard Stern(J).
13.5.1981: Turkish 'grey wolf' shoots Pope.
14.5.1943: Hospital Ship Centaur torpedoed by Japs, Caloundra, QLD. 269 of 333 WIA drown
14.5.1948: Jewish Staat founded - 900,000 Palestinians expelled
14.5.1987: Fiji 'Rabuka' coup against Indian rule.
19.5.2000: Fiji 'Speight' coup against Indian rule.
21.5.1991: Indian Prime Minister R. Gandhi killed by Tamil nationalists.
24.5.2000: Last IDF flee Lebanon after 22years Struggle by nationalist militia, Hezbollah.
26.5.2000: Whiggers initiate National 'Sorry Day'.
29.5. (1606): F. de Quiros names 'Terra Australis del Espirito Santo'
29.5.1967: 90% tricked into voting to include Abos in census.
31.5.1942: Three Jap midget subs attack, Sydney Harbour, kill 19 RAN.

1.6.1924: US Congress grants citizenship to Native Americans
1.6.1962: Adolf Eichmann hanged, Jerusalem after show trial.
1.6.1964: PLO founded
1.6.1997: T. McVeigh convicted of killing 168, Oklahoma City.
3.6.1864): Battle of Cold Harbour: CSA slay 7,000 Federals in 60 minutes
3.6.1992: High Court Mabo decision overturns 'Terra Nullius'. Cedes continent to ‘indigenes’.
4.6.1989: PLA storm Tiananmen Square, Beijing
5.6.1967: IDF sneak attack on Arabs
5.6.1968: R.F. Kennedy executed by Palestinian.
6.6.1859: Queensland separates from NSW
6.6.1944: Forces funded by US Kapital invade United Europa
6.6.1946: WWII leader of Judenrein Holland, M.M. Rost van Tonningen, murdered in prison by Allies.
6.6.2004: Ronald Reagan dies.
8.6.1942: Jap sub shells Sydney (NSW)
10.6.1945: AIF attack Japs, North Borneo. AIF lose 114 KIA, 221 WIA.
11.6.2001: 8.14am Tim McVeigh aged 33 years murdered by State.
13.6.323 BC: Alexander the Great dies aged 33 years
13.6.1381: Watt Tyler revolts, England
13.6.1900: Boxers Revolt, China
13.6.1996: Montana Freemen siege ends after 81 days
13.6.1998: Pauline Hanson's One Nation win 11 of 89 seats in Queensland Parliament.
16.6.2002: Israel begins 700km anti-Palestinian 'Wall'.
17.6.1960: European Liberation Front leader Francis Yockey murdered in prison, San Fransisco.
20.6.1944: French Fascist leader P. Henriot murdered.
22.6.1941: Three million modern Teutonic Knights arrive in Russia.
26.6. (1862): Confederate general R.E.Lee begins 'Seven Days' action. Loses 77,000 of 97,000 men.      
26.6.1863: Confederate forces enter North in breach of Jeroboam/Rehoboam Pact (I Kings 12.21-24).
28.6.1389: Battle of Kosovo, Islamists conquer Serbia
28.6.1914: Serb nationalists kills Austrian heir, Sarajevo, Bosnia.
30.6.1861: Lambing Flat Riots, NSW: white gold miners eject Asians
30.6.1971: Ist census to include Abs. Australia 80.5% 'white'. Down from 90.8% in 1947 Census.

1.7.1863: four-day Battle of Gettysburg begins
1.7.1942: USN sub sinks Montevideo Maru off Rabaul. Drowns 1,030 AIF POWs held below-decks.
1.7.1945: AIF begin largest landings of WWII, Balikpapan, Borneo. AIF lose 229 KIA, 634 WIA.
3.7.1976: IDF raid Entebbe, Uganda. Joni Netanyahu, older brother of Bibi, is only IDF casualty.
4.7.1776: 13 of Britain's North American colonies declare 'independence'.
6.7.1415: Professor Jan Hus burnt at stake by Papal Inquisition
6.7.1998: Senate passes Wik Act, legalising handover of Terra Australis to ‘indigenes’.
14.7.1789: French mob seize Royal Armoury, Paris.
15.7.1945: Death March begins, Sandakan-Rimau, Borneo. Of 2,600 AIF POW's only six survive.
17.7.1936: Spanish Army 'rises' in reaction to widespread terrorism by Communist government.
20.7. 1861: Battle of Manassas/First Bull Run: CSA lose 378 KIA; Federals 470 KIA, 1,071 WIA, 792 POW; 20.7.1944: SOE-supplied bomb fails to kill AH.
22.7.1942: Four-month Battle of Kokoda begins. AIF lose 607 KIA, 1,015 WIA (2,000+ to disease).
22.7.2003: US forces execute Uday & Qusay Hussein, sons of Iraqi President.
23.7.2001: RI President Megawati Sukarnoputri vows to 'retake Timor Timur'.
31.7.1978: Pope Paul VI dies.

1.8. 1944: 5pm AK (Polish Home Army) begin 63-day Warsaw Uprising. Casualties include: 45,000 AK, 35,000 Wermacht & 150,000+ civilians (KIA/WIA/MIA)
1.8.1988: Liberal Opposition Leader John Howard publicly opposes 'Asian immigration'.
2.8.1965: ALP drops 'White Australia' policy
2.8.1990: Iraqi forces liberate Kuwait from an autocratic monarchy.
5.8. 1944: POW Break-out, Cowra, NSW. Four AIF guards slain. 231 Japs KIA & 108 WIA.    
7.8.1942: US forces land Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands to prevent Japs cutting sea-route to Australia. Americans win six-month battle after loses of 35,000 KIA on all sides.
11.8.1973: Migration Minister Al Grassby declares Australia a 'multiculture'.
12.8.1687: Battle of Mohacs: Lorraine & Baden (France & Germany) expel Muslims from Hungary.
12.8.1898: US annexes Hawaii
12.8.1944: Joe Kennedy Jr killed on suicide mission, England
12.8.1961: Work begins on Berlin Wall
12.8.1998: Swiss banks pay Holocaustees US$1.25 billion.
15.8.2002: Lebanese rape-gang leader gaoled for 55 years, Sydney NSW.  
16.8.1975: Whitlam's ALP grant 1st Abo 'land rights' to Gurindji Tribe at Wave Hill Station.
17.8. (1945): Vo Nguyen Giap captures Hanoi for the Viet Minh.
17.8.1987: Rudolf Hess murdered, Spandau prison.
18.8.1945: Ho Chi Minh proclaims a Viet Minh-run Provisional Government.
19.8.1991: Red Army/KGB launch coup against last USSR President, Gorbachev.
20.8.1938: A. Eichmann establishes Central Emigration Office, Vienna to expedite exits.
25.8 - 9.9.1942: Japs attack AIF. Begins Battle of Milne Bay, ANG.
25.8.1967: American Nazi Party's Cdr George Lincoln Rockwell assassinated.
25.8.1988: Liberal MP Ruddock votes with ALP to end 'pro-white migration policy'.
26.8.1978: Pope John Paul I elected.
27.8.1789: French National Assembly adopts 'Rights of Man'.
27.8.1902: Women granted vote, NSW.
27.8.1921: British install Faisal as first 'king of Iraq'.
27.8.1939: Germany's launches world's first jet built by Erich Warshitz, Heinkel 78
27.8.2001: Howard government bans entry to 433 'refugees' on hijacked M.V.Tampa.
31.8.1997: Diana Spencer executed for race-mixing.
31.8.1999: Christian East Timor ('Timor Leste') gains independence from Muslim-majority RI.

1.9.1951: SS Brigade-fuhrer Jurgen Stroop hanged in Warsaw for 1943 'cleansing' of ghetto.
6.9.1901: US President William McKinley shot by Socialist.
9.9.1942: Battle of Milne Bay ends. Defeat by AIF is first by Allies against Japs in Pacific War.
10.9.1996: Pauline Hanson's maiden speech electrifies our continent.
11.9.1914: Btl of Bita Paka, German NG. 1,000 AIF & 500 RAN seize Rabaul. Six RAN KIA, four WIA. Germans lose 31 KIA, 11 WIA.
11.9.2001: 3,000 die in New World Order HQ during Arab revenge attack.
14.9.1812: Moscow fires begin as Napoleon Bonaparte enters.
14.9.1901: US President William McKinley dies of septicaemia following shooting by a Leftist.
16.9.1498: First Grand Inquisitor, Tomas de Torquemada(J), dies. Purged Church of apostates. 16..9.1956: First Australian TV broadcast, TCN9, Sydney.
16.9.1970: Six-day 'Black September' battle, PLO vs Jordanian Army. 3,000 KIA. PLO to Lebanon. 16.9.1975: Edward 'Gough' Whitlam hands power to PNG's natives. Ends 61 years of white-rule.
17.9.1862: Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg: CSA lose 11,530 KIA/WIA/MIA.
20.9.1803: Irish nationalist Robert Emmett hanged for failure to capture Dublin Castle.
20.9.1999: RI's TNI forsake 25-year long rule of Timor to ADF under threat of UN 'action'.
25.9.1945: Viet Minh butcher 400 French civilians in one night with axes/knives, Saigon.
26.9.1943: RAN/AIF 'Z Force' commandos raid Singapore on MV Krait.
28.9.2000: General Ariel Sharon ignites 'Second Intifada' by visiting Al Aqsa Mosque.

3.10.1989: West & East Germany merge after 27 years apart.
3.10.1998: Pauline Hanson leaves Federal Parliament after her seat, Oxley, abolished by AEC. Len Harris elected first PHON Senator.
6.10.1981: Anwar Sadat of Egypt executed for 'peace treaty' with Enemy in return for US$.
7.10.1940: H.Himmler appointed 'High Commissioner for Germanising the East'.
7.10.2001: US invades Afghanistan.
12.10.2002: Muslims kill 202, Bali, RI including 89 Australians. Is one year, one month, one day since 9-11.
14.10.1066: Battle of Hastings sees England conquered by Normans.
14.10.1322: Battle of Byland Scotland defeats England, liberated by Robert de Bruce from Edward II.
15.10.1945: French Premier Pierre Laval murdered for aiding European Integration prior to founding of EU.
15.10.1946: H. Goering suicides rather than face 'victor's justice'.
15.10.2000: ADF compel rival Solomon Is's militia's to sign 'peace accord' after two-year civil war.  
16.10.1946: Poland's Governor-General Hans Frank judicially murdered, Nurmberg.
16.10.1978: Polish nationalist Karol Wojtyla elected Pope.
18.10.2001: SIEV X ('Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel') sinks. 350 Islamists get no refund.
19.10.1908: Bulgaria declares Independence from Muslim Turkey.
19.10.1987: P.W.Botha ends Sud Afrika's 'Group Areas Act' ('apartheid'/separate-ness).
20.10. 1999: RI Parliament elects President Gus Dur/Abdurrahman Wahid, moderate & philosopher.
23.10.1956: Hungarian Uprising against Marxist rule.
25.10. 1983: US invades Grenada to depose Marxist regime, 100's die.
31.10.1975: ALP's Whitlam passes Race Discrimination Act. Appoints Al Grassby first Race Discrimination Commissar. Indian Leftist PM I.Gandhi killed by Sikh nationalists.
31.10.1994: Race Vilification Act presented to Federal Parliament.

4.11.1995: 11.15pm Leftist Israeli PM Itzak Rabin executed by nationalist Yigal Amir.
6.11.2003: ALP's Beattie releaseS Pauline Hanson from gaol 11 weeks into three year sentence.
9.11.1989: DDR opens border with FDR.
10.11.2001: Liberal PM John Howard wins third term.
11.11.1918: Europe-wide Bruder-war ends. 10 million whites dead. 50 million more die of influenza.
11.11.1975: Leftist PM E.G.Whitlam deposed in 'democratic coup': prevents civil war.
11.11.2004: PLO Chair Yassir Arafat murdered in Paris by Enemy 'doctors' (same as did Stalin).
13.11.1862: Battle of Fredericksburg: CSA lose 5,309 KIA/WIA/MIA. Federals lose 12,653.
19.11.1941: HMAS Sydney vanishes off coast of WA. 645 crew 'missing'.
22.11.1974: PLO granted seat at UN.
25.11.1971: last ADF troops depart South Vietnam.
27.11.1947: UN Resolution No.181 divides Palestine into separate Arab & Jewish 'states'.

1.12.1939: Jews of Cracow Ghetto get to be first to wear new Yellow Star
1.12.1942: Japs sink HMAS Armidale
1.12.1968: Bosses ordered to give Abos 'equal pay' - most are sacked instead.
7.12.1945: Ho Chi Minh telegraphs 'old friend' French Premier Leon Blum.
6.12.2013: N. Mandela dies aged 95 y.o. Eradicated white rule from Africa via 28 year long terror-war. Lauded by alien-ruled white lands as ‘hero’ always refused to renounce violence.
7.12.1994: Terrorist N. Mandela appointed first black ruler of South Africa. 19-year ANC rule begins.
9.12.1987: 1st Palestinian Intifada begins
9.12.1992: USMC arrive Somalia.
12.12.1940: Himmler founds 'race register'.
13.12.2003: US forces capture Iraq's President Saddam Hussein.
16.12.1836: Battle of Blood River, Sud Afrika: 464 Afrikaaners defeat 14,000 Zulus. KIA 3,000 vs nil.
16.12.1976: Liberal government grants Abos 'freehold title' to all NT [Abo] Reserves.
20.12.1989: US invades Panama. Kill 1,000 natives then gaol President Noriega for life.
22.12.1944: Vo Nguyen Giap creates first Viet Minh platoon of 27 men, Cao Bang
22.12.1989: Romania's N. Ceausescu overthrown in KGB coup
22.12.1993: Senate passes Mabo Act.
23.12.1996: High Court grants Wik tribe all of Cape York.
25.12.1989: Rumanian President N. Ceausescu shot by firing squad.
25.12.1991): USSR President Gorbachev hands power to Russian President Yeltsin.
26.12.1826: 1st British settlers arrive at Albany, WA.
29.12.1979: USSR invades Afghanistan.
31.12.1994: Yeltsin sends Russian Army into Chechenia for First Chechen War.

  Glossary of Terms:
AIF = Australian Imperial Forces, name of Australian Army in WWI & WWII.
ADF = Australian Defence Forces, name of Australian Army since 1970's;
AFP = Australian Federal Police
ANG/PNG =  Australian New Guinea (1914-1975) for Papua-Nui Guini (1975- ) our nearest neighbour and only ever colony on whom we expend AUD$500 million p.a. in 'aid'. 'Big Man' culture meets LA Gangstas.
ALP = Australian Labor Party, largest party with 38% vote from 'chattering classes' - public servants, teachers, white collar workers. Abandoned working class in 1968. Now run by lawyers, so-called 'Bollinger Socialists', Fabians. Imitates US Democratic Party and British Labour Party.
RI = Republik Indonesie - our nearest neighour. Home to 300 million anti-white, anti-Christ Muslims.
SI = Solomon Islands, one of two choke points for Australia's sea trade. Lose of it threatens our existence, hence WWII’s Guadalcanal campaign (other ‘choke’ is Lombok Straits, past hostile RI).
E.G.Whitlam = worst ALP Prime Minister in our history, 1972-75. After 23 years of Conservative rule W. rushed through a 'reform agenda' in first 100 days of reign. Legalised divorce, abortion, etc. Shock waves still felt today. Return to pre-1972 society is secret agenda of every Australian Rightist group.
*Pls notify NINS as to any errors. Sources do not agree on some dates. We're also happy to add new events or even delete some if there seems insufficient support for their mention. 
[N&INS Comment: Saudi Arabia is THE major financier of Islamic terrorism world-wide. Fifteen of nineteen suicide bombers on 9-11 planes were Saudi yet US bombed & invaded first Afghanistan then Iraq, neither of which had ANY connection with 9-11 events. Why? Saudi oil-wells supply Western oil companies, vast petro-chemical combines among the wealthiest in the world. They RULE our world, not the various governments, e.g. in 2005-06 Exxon profits broke all records at US$38 billion.

But these companies must do Saudi bidding so fund only political parties that obey them and their drive for increased profits. Thus the major threat to the West, Saudi Arab funded Islamic terrorism, cannot be combated because governments fear offending their oil company pay-masters who fear offending their Saudi controllers. This explains why no West government can halt Muslim migration yet ostracise & punish any group or individuals that speaks out - British National Party or Australia First, Pauline Hanson, Pym Fortyn or the Cronulla rioters.

'War on terrorism' was doomed before it began. Bush the ex-oil-man is a peddlar of Others goods. In same way Blair and his Chosen Attorney-General willingly denigrate British law so as not to jeopardise a 'defence contract'. Why does Saudi need 40 billion pounds worth of fighters? It doesn't.  US & UK defend it but 'contract' buys powerful friends in UK power elite. In this way Saudi bought not useless aircraft but Blair and Goldsmith. Remember it was Lord Goldsmith's daughter Jemima who married Imran Khan then fled Pakistan with his two children. These creatures sell their own children to Muslims. Why expect them to protect yours? RE].  

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