Tuesday, 10 December 2013

SNIPPETS #8 MANDELA DAY 4 - Tired of idolatrous adulation?

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#8                                                                                                                              11th Decembis 2013
by Jegar Sadah-Uthur
BBC World Service 430pm Moonday 9th Decembis 2013:
"I'm surprised more people aren't angry here! The economic inequities continue all these years after the overthrow of apartheid! White household incomes remain six times higher that black household incomes".
Huh? South Africa is still the richest country in Sub-Saharan Africa i.e. Black Africa simply because of the blessings of having so many whites there. Remove them and you will see just another dumbed down, Third World, basket-case.
How else to explain the millions of blacks who forced there way into the place even during the white-ruled era and much more since the 'open borders' of Mandela et al.

BBC World Service 4am Wednesday 11th Decembis 2013:
"At the commemoration serves at FNB Stadium Barak Obama was cheered but Jacob Zuma booed, on three occasions. Obama had opened with: 'some claim to follow in Madiba's steps but are cynical'. Cuba's President praised Mandela's 'commitment to 'the revolution' ". 
The wonder is so many Stalinist media-types flocking to lick the spittle of the dead idol. Sick, sad, salutary. Ever puzzle what is was like in Russia in 1953 when their Great Dictator Joseph Stalin died? The fawning, grovelling, prostrating of officials, media and the common folk? 
Look no further than Sud Afrika today. The abasement people are capable of when the media cue them to it is instructive. But please don't be deceived. Another Communist has passed. May they all do so and soon. 

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