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STORM 123 Decembis 2013

No. 123                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                  Decembis 2013
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. The latest:

A 65 year old white male retiree told us:
“I was caught in Brisbane peak-hour traffic yesterday. We’d stopped at lights. There was an old guy alone in the car in front of me. Suddenly three youths leapt from the car next to me and ran down to this old guy’s driver-side window. One, a big Abo, reached in and starting punching him in the face. Then he opened his door, dragged him out onto the road and they all started kicking him in the head. I leapt out of my car, grabbed an axe-handle - that I always carry in the back seat - and raced up to the big Abo. 
I hit him fair across the back of the neck and then I hit his off-sider, a little white fella. The third one, a wog, ‘squared up’ to me but thought better of it and sat down. After all that I called the cops on my mobile phone. The ambulance arrived in two minutes. The cops took 10 minutes. By this time 20 people had gathered round from all the cars now trapped in this traffic jam. They’d done nothing except stand and watch but were now only too happy to give ‘statements’ to the police. Only I'd taken action and the first thing a cop says to me is: ‘you’ll be facing assault charges’. ‘Oh?’ says I. 
You see, I worked a long time for Chubb Security Services so I knew something about the law. I told this young cop: ‘Officer, after I read these guys their rights I placed them under arrest. Would you like me to transfer that arrest to you?’ He stopped and thought for a moment, then smiled and said: ‘Yeah, that’d be good!’ You see, under Queensland law when there exists a ‘threat to life’ you are allowed to act 'in defence of another’. So far, neither the cops or the courts have bothered me”.
STORM report this to show that with the correct approach you can spare yourself a lot of bother.

QLD HEALTH: QH contact tells us:
“Hundreds of Melbourne Chosen are flooding into Queensland’s free government hospitals. They're easy to spot being ugly, rude, demanding, arrogant. Almost a Nazi stereotypes!”
QH COMPLAINTS: Complaints we've got about QH and Education Qld.
“Nothing has changed since the LNP were elected in March 2012. They promised change. We expected a lot after almost 20 years of failed ALP rule. Then nothing! Staff are still forced to attend Abo ‘cultural awareness sessions’. Abo and TSI [Torres Strait Islander] flags still fly at every government school, hospital etc alongside the Australian flag. Abo languages and culture are still forced on students in the guise of ‘English’, SOSE* and HPE** lessons. But there is no teaching of Australian culture or history.
Is no wonder half of some [Year Eight] classes at State High Schools are assigned to ‘Special Ed’ [SPED] for the day after their Form classes each morning. Each SHS has a ‘SPED shed’ where these ‘non-conformists’ are housed. They belong in Special Schools but the previous, politically correct, ALP goal was to force all students into the ‘mainstream’. Is obviously impossible due to the many disabilities suffered in our increasingly dysfunctional society. Hence the ubiquitous 'SPED sheds'. The ALP start the pretence and LNP keep it up.

*SOSE: Studies of Society and Environment'. Written by a Marxist professor, imposed by Ultra-Left ALP is a composite subject including Sex Ed, gender politics and Ultra-Leftist history. e.g. it praises Ho Chi Minh yet denigrates all white settlement worldwide. In essence, kids learn: 'whitey bad, blocky good!' 
**HPE: Health and Physical Education: Not PE as we knew it. Tells 12 year olds how to become a homosexual, how to procure an abortion and where to find the right vein for injecting heroin. I kid you not! 

Since Mars 2012 many tell STORM: ‘we made a mistake voting LNP! All they do is continue ALP policies’.

Book  Extract: From Secrets of Warfare: Exposing myths and hidden history of weapons and battles pp.199-200 by William Weir (Pompton Plains, New Jersey: New Page Books/Career Press, 2011).

‘Myth # 24 - Harry S. Truman Desegregated the Armed forces in 1948’:
“In the American Civil War [1861-65] over 186,000 African-Americans served in the US Army and 30,000 in the US Navy. All US Army units were segregated: black enlisted men under white officers. One black unit, the Buffalo Soldiers, beat Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders to the top of Kettle Hill in the Spanish-American War. In WWI the US Army formed two black army divisions. General John Pershing refused to use them in combat. In WWII all black soldiers served in non-combat roles mainly as labourers and truck-drivers”.
STALIN REMINDER: This issue of STORM begins a five-part review of a book on Stalin, one-time dictator of all Eastern Europe. Why? A member was reading a book in his staff canteen. A work-mate saw Stalin’s picture on the cover. He asked: ‘watch readin’?’ ‘About this bloke who killed 50 million people’. ‘Oh, Hitler!’ ‘No!’ ‘Oh, must be that other fellow, err…Himmler?’ ‘No!’ Who then?’ ‘Stalin!’ Blank looks all round and a universal shrug: ‘never ‘eard of ‘im’. A quick survey of the staff tearoom revealed not one person there, all men in their 50’s and 60’s, had EVER heard of the world’s greatest killer. After quizzing a selection of the general public we found this to be the norm.

How's it possible? In contrast to the weekly, sometimes daily, bombardment with books, films, TV shows and newspaper articles about alleged ‘Nazi atrocities’ we hear never a word about history's most blood-thirsty tyrant, Stalin. He ruled Russia, 1928-53, and compared to him der Fuhrer was a kitten. We hope to illuminate this ignorance over the next five months. Share with your contacts. So the next time someone argues: ‘all nationalists are Nazis; all Nazis are mass murderers a la holocaust’ point out to them Stalin's excesses. May shut them up and/or make them THINK. The honest will seek the truth.

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989).

(p.3): “Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili or ‘Stalin’ the only child of an alcoholic, wife-beating father and an overprotective mother. The only education his family could afford was ten years as theology student at Tiflis Seminary (p.6). From the age of nineteen he was on the run, a ‘wanted’ man, a revolutionary, using the alias ‘Koba’ after a literary figure who murdered his own father. He changed his alias to ‘Stalin, man of steel’, after the 1917 overthrown of the Tsar. Koba/Stalin was imprisoned for a total of ten years for his Bolshevik political activities against the Tsar (p.6). Gaoled seven times, he escaped five times from gaol and/or internal exile. (p.3) His first wife – ‘Kato’ - died of typhus (p.3). Stalin’s second wife Nadezhda, suicided on 8th November 1932.  Shot herself after arguing with Stalin.  He then arrested her brother, Alexander Senenobich Svanidze” (p.154).

“What was life like in a tsarist prison? ‘Revolutionaries read a great deal. Prison was a kind of university. Stalin marveled at the toothless way the tsarist regime dealt with its ‘grave diggers’: ‘you didn’t have to work. You could just read. You could even escape, which only required the will to do so’. All this changed under Stalin. In 1937 most prisoners struggled just to survive. Many failed” (p.9).

“In the Central Executive Committee of the Soviets 3-24 June 1917 only 57 were Bolsheviks. Of the rest 119 were Social Revolutionaries and 123 Mensheviks” (p.25).

“Trotsky was sent by Lenin to negotiate a peace treaty with the Germans at Brest-Litovsk. Instead, on 10th Februa 1918 Trotsky announced an immediate demobilization of the entire Russian armed forces (p.35). Within days the German Army had advanced along the entire front, occupying Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Kurland, Kars, Batum and the Baltic Islands” (p.36). Why? Left Communists, lead by Pyatakov, believed Russia could count on the rise of the revolutionary movement across Europe. They believed that without such an upsurge the Russian revolution itself was doomed; that the European proletariat would assault their own governments; that a continental conflagration would ignite a world-wide revolution” (p.35).

“Lenin was shot in the head by Fanny Kaplan(J)” (p.53).

“Kamenev’s real name was Lev Borisovich Rosenfeld and Zinoviev’s was Rodomyslsky” (p.57).

“Pity was unknown to Stalin, as was fatherly love. The world to him was black and white.  Half tones were not recognized.  His reasoning was simply yes or no. He could not distinguish the range of difference between these two poles. He disliked the word humanism (p.70). Stalin was not excited by art of culture.  Devoid of emotional range, he viewed culture in strictly pragmatic terms: does it help or doesn’t it?  Is it harmful?  Aesthetic criteria played no part in his thinking” (p.125).

Stalin was largely ignorant of the western classics, being generally suspicious about the west and its disintegrating democracy.  He loved cinema and the theatre, the way the great landowners had loved their serf theatres” (p.127).

“After the 1917 Revolution and civil war, 2.5million people fled Russia to live abroad.  They were spread from the slums of Shanghai to the doss houses of Paris” (p.126).

“Zamyatin was permitted to leave Russia for France in 1932.  In his 1920 article I am Afraid he wrote: ‘true literature only exists when it is created by made men, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels and skeptics, not be clerks. I am afraid we won’t have genuine literature till we’ve cured of this new Catholicism which is just as afraid of heresy as the old one was” (p.129).

“Vagdanov, one time rival of Lenin’s, knew that endless repetition of revolutionary myths becomes indistinguishable from biblical precepts” (p.129).

“On 31st August 1922, while Lenin was ill and under Stalin’s direction, the GPU, secret police, expelled from Russia, 160 of the country’s best writers, poets, philosophers, historians and scientists.  All had been declared counter revolutionaries” (p.130).

“Stalin’s second wife, Nadezhda, was 22 years younger than him.  She married him soon after leaving high school.  They had two children, Vasili in 1922 and Svetlana, in 1926.  Yakov was his son by his first wife Yekaterina.  Yakov came to live with he and Nadezhda, but Nadezhda died in 1932.  Yakov was seen by Stalin as weak and plainly starved of affection.  Driven to despair by Stalin’s coldness, he shot himself but survived.  When Stalin saw him later in hospital all he said was: ‘ha, you missed!’  Yakov enlisted in the army for WWII. Was taken prisoner in 1942. Germans took his photo. Used it for propaganda (p.149). In 1942 a Red Army commando squad was sent to rescue Yakov from Sachsen -hausen work camp. Dolores Ibarruri says the mission, lead by Spaniard Jose Parro Moiso, failed. All died.  On 14th April 1943, Yakov committed suicide” (p.150).

“Stalin’s second son, Vasili also served in WWII.  He was a captain in 1941, but had been made a Leiutenant General by 1947.  He was a colonel at age 20 and at 24 years of age, was already a Major General.  By 1947, he was commander in chief of the Red Air Force but also a notorious alcoholic (p. 151). Only 21 days after his father’s death Lt. General V.I. Stalin was discharged from the Soviet Army, barred from wearing his uniform and arrested for  ‘abuse of power.’  He was jailed for eight years, dying on 19th march 1962 from the effects of alcoholism” (p. 152).

“Stalin gaoled his daughter Svetlana’s first boyfriend, Alex Yakov Kapler” (J) (p.152).

“Stalin arrested the nearest kin of those he worked closest with – Kalinin, [Foreign Minister] Molotov, [Secret Police Chief] Kaganovich, Poskrebyshev [personal secretary] – to test their loyalty and devotion. Poskrebyshev’s wife, Bronislava, was arrested, held in prison for three years on charges of espionage, then shot. Such was the submissiveness demanded by Stalin” (p.156).

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