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by Anton Sembucci
REPORT CARD on LNP STATE and FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS (2)  – Continue Disastrous ALP Policies

ABORIGINAL POLICY: Till 1967 so-called Aboriginals lived a healthy lifestyle in rural Australia. They worked as stockmen, often at ¼ the wages paid to whites. Was ‘racist’ but equitable as they wandered off ‘on walkabout’ whenever it suited them so were only ‘paid’ when they worked. As Nomads, a term now deemed ‘offensive’, they settled nowhere but travelled within well-defined geographical areas. Crossing invisible 'borders' between tribes meant death and still does in NT. Ask residents of NT cities besieged in their homes as ‘tribals’ from ‘outstations’ carry out feuds in the largest towns like Wadeye. Police are banned from interfering as is deemed 'culturally sensitive' .

What happened in 1967 to change Ab status from occasionally employable to permanently unemployed? The 1967 Referendum to recognise Abs as human is the only successful amendment out of 28 attempts to alter our Constitution since 1901. A new era began. Or a new error. Forced to pay white wages to non-white workers for partial or sub-standard work rural employers chose instead to sack all Abs and hire hard-working and reliable whites only. Ab unemployment was overnight 100%.

With this the second major decline in Ab health, since white arrival in 1788, began. Alcohol and drugs killed adults. Petrol- and glue-sniffing took the teens. Idle hands found much to do. Thirsty Thursday – when adult males drink entire family's welfare payments the day they arrive – began. Still continues. ALP governments in 1990’s sought to cure resultant health and legal dilemmas of Abs, most created by ALP Left ‘do-gooders' in the first place, by passing more and more racist laws – laws favouring non-whites over whites.

This only added to the cost of doing business and created a welfare caste plus a ‘minder’ caste – highly- paid, Uni-trained professionals, nearly all ALP/Green Ultra Left types, whose careers are based on Ab dependency. A dangerous nexus was created. No cure will ever be found as too many people are reliant on the status quo. By 2001 the 250,000 Abs were consuming AUD$1 billion per year. By 2012 they had increased to over 500,000 swallow up AUD$7.6 billion from State and Federal budgets.

How? They claim artificially high death rates, lower life expectancy, etc than non-Abs. ALP governments across Australia instituted racist health and welfare policies. In 2008 the Beattie ALP government even signed a MOU [Memorandum of Understanding a de facto treaty] giving Abs health preference. i.e. when an elderly white taxpayer needs a heart transplant and a young drunken Ab druggie does too the Ab gets it. The white is left to DIE.

Qld ALP Premier Beattie, a former ‘civil rights’ lawyer, later boasted that in 1989 one of his first acts had been to appoint 20 females judges, all fellow 'civil rights', Ab rights or equity/‘female rights’ lawyers. None had any serious legal experience. The Newman LNP government now seeks to convict outlaw bikers but Beattie-era judges refuse to cooperate. Maybe time to axe these leeches, Campbell.

Beattie's 2008 MOU included a sub-clause to: ‘reduce Ab youth imprisonment rates by 10% per year over ten years’ i,.e. by 2018 no young Abs will be arrested for anything no matter what the crime. All to impress the ALP's friends at international conferences. ‘you see, Hillary we gaol fewer blacks than you do. Does that make us more civilised?’ In practical terms this means police now refuse to attend crimes committed by Abs as they are barred from arresting them, knowing Beattie's Ultra-Left bench-warmers will refuse to convict them.

Any arresting officer can also become a victim of the taxpayer-funded Ab Legal Service. They simply have to label him as 'racist'. Result is young Abs run amok. Ultra Left media, lead by Fairfax but closely followed by Murdoch’ s News Ltd – yes, that’s their name - distort crime stories, deleting any references to race. Is due to 1995 ALP Federal law banning mention of ‘gender, age or race’ from media crime stories. You read: ‘someone did something to someone else. Police are appealing for eyewitness’. Hence the soaring crime rate.

Resist evil in every form.          BELIEVE.          ACT.

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