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STORM ALERT 43 - Mandela's Legacy

#43                                                                                                                                             8.12.2013
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By Jegar Sahad-Uthur
MANDELA, FOOT-SOLDIER: It would be impossible to comprehend the rise of N. Mandela from prisoner to President of the richest country in ‘Sub-Saharan’ i.e. Black, non-Arab Africa, without reference to the Cold War 1945-89. Mandela was a dupe in a war not of his making. A foot-soldier of Marxist-Leninism he played his role like millions of others. Unlike many he survived an prospered.

Mandela In Context: To obtain a wider view of Mandela it is necessary to first look at what the now-forgotten Cold War was about, who the players were, what role the former European colonies played and what part local ‘actors’ like Mandela played. This wider war was itself part a Race war ongoing for 400 years and a separate but over-lapping Religious war that's been raging for millennia. For sake of brevity we can only touch on most of these points.

COLD WAR: A cold war is different from a ‘hot’ one in that the major players never meet in battle. Instead they act solely through proxies, minor players and local hirelings. The beauty of this is ‘plausible deniability’. Any victory counts for your side but any reversal or loss can be denied. Is important when playing before a hostile, ever-watchful media and an ignorant, easily frightened domestic audience.

 Local actors: Mandela was a local actor for the Left, Eastern, Communist, ‘liberation forces’.

Wider Forces: A grab-bag of opportunists and traitors existed across the West during the Cold War. They have since coalesced into such institutionalised criminal groupings as feminists, anti-racists, anti-life/pro-Choice groups, anti-marriage/pro-divorce groups. Their allies gained victory throughout the Third World, that battleground declared by Mao Zedong as lying: ‘between the First (White) World and the Second (Communist) Worlds'. Since 1989 these enemies have buried themselves deep inside all West instrumentalities. Well hidden, their toxic nostrums corrode all our social and moral supports.

Under Deep Cover: These agents of the alien East, buried within our hospitals (abortion) our courts (gay law reform/divorce law reform) our universities and high schools (deleting our histories and obsessing over ‘sex ed’ and race/gender politics). These death dealers no longer throw bombs or man barricades. They bankrupt souls and twist minds, destroying lives like drones, by remote control. The essence of today’s decaying, ruined society began merely as a tactic of the Cold War. Like a pandemic, long after the War that produced it had ended, their toll of destruction continues to mount.

Zimbabwe: Another local actor like Mandela was Rhodesia's Robert Mugabe. Forced on the war-weary country in 1979 after 15 years of conflict he was a Marxist who ‘played’ at being a democrat for till 1994. Then, soon after his collaborator Mandela had been freed and was on the path to power, Mugabe dropped the mask. He began a long anticipated ‘land reform’ i.e. radical seizures of white's land. These enriched he and his ZANU-PF party cronies while destroying the economy. Zimbabwe went from being a grain exporter to an importer overnight. Mugabe was rewarded for his long patience.

RACE-WAR: Why did he wait so long? On whose orders? The answer to this reveals the many local actors who are not ‘master in their own house’ but merely tools of Others. Mandela was one. He promised much, e.g. one million free houses within one years of being elected, yet has never delivered. After his replacement by Tavo M’beki excuses were made to explain his failure to deliver. Most popular, as now in the USA under their own Mandela, Third Worlder Obama, was: ‘blame Whitey’.

THE PLAYERS: During the Cold War people on all continents willingly acted on behalf of foreign powers and against the best interests of their own states. Why? Ideology. Is not a term we hear much today but 1945-89 the world was split into two rival camps: Socialism ruled the East Bloc. It demanded an end to all forms of difference: race, class, religion, gender. In the West Capitalism preached freedom and material prosperity. The West responded to perceived Eastern aggression by allying with regimes it would rather not have, such as the Mittle Ost Terror Staat, apartheid South Africa and Taiwan.

ROLE OF FORMER EUROPEAN COLONIES: Why fight the Cold War in the Third or colonial world? The East correctly saw this was the West’s weak point, a natural target for attack. The West was cursed with a pro-Eastern/Leftist media, then as now, which relishes in pointing out inequalities in any European colony. Often this would be enough to set the gullible Europeans upon each other.

The Decolonisation Process: The usual pattern was this: First World stooges of the East, Leftist political parties, trade unions and cultural groups would, under various guises demand ‘change’ in a particular colony. The mother country’s top officials would then force their local colonial authorities to progressively surrender power to natives to the point where they became emboldened. Local natives would begin or threaten to begin ‘armed struggle’. This was code for ‘intervention by the East’ and meant a possible lose of economic control by the Capitalist forces in the colonial mother country.

The Capitalist class would mobilize to force the mother country to abandon its colony to the East’s local henchmen in the name of ‘liberty’, equality etc. Their reward: continued control of that country’s resources. Their lose: all their colonial kinfolk would be murdered or exiled. In the battle of 'blood versus dollars' the East knew the Capitalists would always choose dollars.

‘WINDS OF CHANGE’: The Decolonisation Movement, as it became known, began with British PM Macmillan’s 1960 ‘Wind of Change’ speech delivered before the South African Parliament. He predicted the fall of white-ruled Africa. Unthinkable in 1960, where all but two of Africa’s 54 states were white-ruled. By 1994 all had fallen. The Cold War, achieving this goal, fizzled out.

ROLE OF LOCAL ‘ACTORS’ NOW: So what was Mandela's role? How will History remember him? Sadly, given that the pro-Leftist anti-whites now rule over the education system in all formerly white Western countries we predict Mandela will retain his cult status long after we are gone. Having destroyed the countries which we whites built for them the aliens now flood into the West.

The same vile forces who demanded we ‘decolonise’ – the alien/Leftist controlled media, academia, political parties and trade unions - now happily betray whites in their own countries. They demand ‘equal opportunity,’ job quotas, higher education quotas, open borders, etc. Their demands are childlike, senseless and ceaseless. They'll only be pleased with one result: our extinction.

CONCLUSION: Were we foolish to surrender our blood-drenched colonial soil to fools and ingrates? Yes. Did the media, et al, betray us and do they still to this day? Yes. Will we ever learn to resist their goads? No. The outpouring of adulation by these Dark Forces for their dead toy, who simply oversaw the defeat of the last white-ruled African State but built nothing in its place, is proof we lost the battle.

But the War? That continues as long as one of us survives. For 400 years whites ruled Africa but, to paraphrase AH, they ‘never managed to make anything of Africans but Africans’. Given their obvious inability to do anything for themselves it is foreseeable that the now one billion natives, if restricted to that continent, would simply fall upon themselves and self-annihilate. Why allow any to flee to, or survive in our lands? This question the controlled media refuse to ask.

Our Survival: To survive as a Race we need to, as the Bible puts it, “gird our loins”. Prepare for battle, not just in the streets, but in the hearts and minds of our people. Only control there will deliver them, and us, from the jaws of certain defeat. As the old white sage put it: 'while there's life, there's hope'.

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