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SNIPPETS #65 9th Mai 2015 “British Conservative win government in their own right"

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Saturnsday 9th Mai 2015 
by Benn Yogarni 
BBC World Service News 1.22am Saturnsday 9th Mai 2015:  
“David Cameron’s Conservative today won government in their own right without the need for any Coalition partners, like the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg, the Lib-Dem leader, has quit as have UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Labour leader Ed Miliband”.

“The pollsters got it all wrong! All predicted a hung Parliament. Did the public lie to them? Do they need to change their methodologies?”

“The Scottish National Party under Nicola Sturgeon won 56 of the 58 seats it contested”. 

Scotland’s Labour Leader, Jim Muir(?): “We got caught between two competing nationalism’s: Scottish and British. Nicola Sturgeon told voters: ‘if you want a Labour government then just vote SNP’. So people [in the North] voted SNP, not Labour. Cameron said told people [in the South]: ‘if you vote Labour they’ll need SNP support. That will lead to an Independence Referenda through the backdoor. A vote for Labour is a vote for UK disintegration’. Out of fear, the British voted Conservative”. 

ANA ANALYSIS - VOTER CONFUSION: We agree with Jim Muir; we don’t believe ‘the pollsters got it wrong’. In Australia the Victorian Liberal government was ejected from power in late 2014. In Mars 2015 the same occurred to the Queensland Liberal National Party government of Campbell Newman. Two conservative losses in six months, this despite opinion polls predicting both would win by wide margins. What happened? The same as happened yesterday in Britain. Voters don’t lie to pollsters but they do factor poll results into their voting intentions. How? 

GOSS LOSS: Queensland saw something similar in 1995 when the Wayne Goss’ ALP government was toppled by the L-NP Coalition. How? Goss was tipped to win due to unanimous media support and a muzzled Opposition but the National Party’s Rob Borbidge ran a skilful ‘whispering’ campaign. Their message? ‘We know you’re not going to vote for us but just Send Goss a Message’. This ‘message’ was over Goss’ perceived ‘arrogance’ for pushing forward with a road through a Koala Sanctuary in the Gold Coast hinterland. 

GREEN VOTER SWITCH: Usually the Green vote went to the Ultra-Left ALP but this time they switched to the Rightist NP. Goss lost five seats and government. He was shocked; so were the L-NP, As were most voters. They’d wanted to ‘send a message’ in the five Gold Coast seats affected by the ‘Koala road’ but instead toppled the government. 

STEALTH CAMPAIGN IN BRITAIN: We believe the same tactic has just been used in Britain, especially in Scotland. Jim Muir has it right. Sturgeon’s campaign had this same sly ‘send a message’ appeal to voters who’d been told by pollsters: ‘Labour victory is assured’ not realising it required their vote to make it happen.  

CAMERON’s SCARE CAMPAIGN: One wonders if there is a British siege mentality, when D. Cameron can use the same scare tactics twice in the same year. He, and all the other Westminster leaders, plus the Bank of England governor and all business and cultural leaders, visited Scotland just prior to the 2014 Referendum vote. Their common goal: terrorise the Scots into voting ‘No’. No threats were left unuttered. Now Cameron has terrorised the rest of Britain, waving the bogeymen of ‘Scottish Independence’ over their collective heads. 

If one were sufficiently conspiratorial, it might be possible to suggest Cameron deliberately ran a ‘weak’ campaign in the North to induce an SNP triumph over Labour, knowing their 56 seats would pose no threat in the 600-seat Parliament. 

DEMOCRATIC SCAM ALL ACROSS EUROPE: In the same way the French government use the ‘threat’ of the ‘Far Right’ Front National with its meager 25% voter-base to force all manner of ‘reforms’ on a frightened public. In this way the French have elected two aliens in a row as President without so much as a whimper from any, bar Dieudonne

Across the European Union, the ‘Far Right’ is used as a threat but is itself diverted into the dead-end/cul-de-sac of corrupt, Liberal Democracy, the wasteland of ideals, a useless talking-shops functioning solely on bribes from unions and capitalists and at the whim of an alien-controlled media. 

LIBYAN FUTURE FOR OUR MASTERS: We see the mirror image of these hollowed out, empty-shell Western ‘parliaments’ in Libya’s Tobruk Parliament. It meets, not in the city, but on a rented Cypriot car ferry, out in the harbour. One night in 2014 the rent was not paid and they were all ejected, onto the dock as it sailed back to Cyprus. This would be fair treatment for the traitors ruling the West. Aliens flood across all Western borders welcomed by the un-elected Eurocrats in Bruxelles and System-appointed Supreme Court justices in DC. Enemy bankers loot our national treasuries. Democracy will seal the doom of whites everywhere it is practiced. 

DEMOCRACY TODAY: Democracy, in theory, implies 'representative government'. However, in its current manifestation across the West it 'represents' only the moneyed elite. Voters opinions are only asked every few years. They are then cajoled into making wrong choices between irrelevant options, selected for them by the elite and orchestrated by the elite's controlled media. After the 'election' the real issues are allowed to reemerge, much to the consternation of voters who assumed they'd 'settled' everything by voting. Oh, for a strong Leader to sweep this masquerade away!    

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