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STORM No. 140 Mai 2015


No. 140               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                   Mai 2015
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm stories. Here’s the latest:

Overheard @23rd April 2014: Fiji Indian professional:
“After 15 years in Australia I recently went on a tour of Asia. Malaysia and Thailand were very nice, very clean. But when I got to India – oh, it’s so dirty! There’s rubbish everywhere!”

Overheard @24th April 2014: Old Irishman to a young female co-worker: “In this country, it's not what you know but who you know. I've been in Australia for 26 years. I’ve had 15 jobs but only ever done two interviews. The rest I got through friends, booze buddies or golfing mates”.

Overheard @ 6am train, 14th July 2014, cowing home from the nightshift at Brisbane Aged Care Facility. Three Asian nurses. One complains: “Damn those old, white people!” A second says, with a smirk: “Don’t, worry they’ll all be extinct soon, anyway”. All three break into giggles.

Unwell Health-worker @12th December 2014: "I was signed up to do a 10-month stint at a hospital in Saudi [Arabia], paying US$240,000 plus bonuses. Would’ve paid off my mortgage, but I got sick”.

HUMOUR: Three jokes:
 Q.        “What did one Samoan statue say to the other Samoan statue?" 
A. ‘Stat u, bro?’

Q.      One schoolboy tells another: “My grandfather died in Auschwitz”. Second schoolboy: “That’s terrible! How’d it happen?”
A. “He got drunk one night 'n' fell out of his guard tower”.

In Soviet-era Russia (1917-91) any criticism of the regime was a classed as 'Anti-Soviet Agitation' (ASA) and rewarded with a ten-year sentence in the Gulag. Being Member of a Opposition Grouping (MOG) attracted a 25-year sentence.
New prisoner whines to old lag: 'I'm innocent but got 10 years!'
Older prisoner: 'no, if you were innocent they would have given you 25 years'.

ANA Comment: America's Whites are suffering similar oppression to that of Soviet-era Russia.The very idea of 'political correctness' comes from the Soviet-era where people were gaoled for being 'politically incorrect'. Edgar Steels got 40 years for Anti-State Agitation (ASA) then was murdered in gaol amidst growing calls for his release; Matt Hale and Dennis Mahon also received 40 years gaol for ASA. Jake Laskey gets 11 years for being Member of an Opposition Grouping (MOG).

TOO CONSPIRATORIAL? We ask: Who won the Cold War? Look closely at photos from the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It was pushed down from the East, but severed by their minions in the West. This allowed Easterlings to flood West, bringing their debased ideology. Proof? In 1991 Western Germany had Europe's strictest abortion laws; East Germany had its most liberal. By 2009 United Germany had adopted all the former East's laws. The Eastern taint continues to contaminate in other areas…

EDITORIAL - On the VALUE of a COMMAND ECONOMY: Capitalist theory tells us to expect regular ‘peaks n troughs’ called Booms and Busts. These are seen as 'natural'. Can they be prevented? Only by implementing a Command Economy unlike the current System's Supply & Demand Economy as practiced across the West. The Command Economy was used by the Soviets 1928-91. It failed but still operates in China and is the key to their post-1979 'economic miracle' A middle way between the two extremes of CE and S&D was used by the many Fascist states 1923-45 like Italy, Germany and Vichy France. Today it is called ‘the Third Way’. It combines the best of both. CE says: ‘certain basics we all need: food, shelter, clothing, etc' and then attempts to meet these needs. S&D says: 'what do you want? We'll supply at cost - plus a 10% mark-up for us". 

MARXISM versus CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM: Marxists claim to support 'equality'. Many agree with them but say: 'it was only in its implementation that Marxism failed'. Even this failure the Left now deny. What is the root cause of this failure? Marx saw Man as perfectible. They saw the Macro, or wider society, as being of key importance. 'Change society', Marxists believe, 'and Man will change'. This is why Marxists emphasise changing laws, words and educational methods. Christian socialists, however, see the opposite: only the conversion of the individual will, over time, alter the wider society. They boast of the Christian role in the Fall of Rome, which took them 300 years to undermine. 

BALANCE ESSENTIAL: How to get a Command Economy working when the Soviets couldn’t despite trying for 70 years? Fascists have no Marxist delusions about Man being a 'noble savage'. We accept the basic carnality of Man. As the Bible tells us, Man was born in Sin and will seek every opportunity to enact it if not sufficiently proscribed. What has this theorising to do with practical economics? To figure out where to go next we need to recognise how we got to where we are now

EDUCATION: Australian children are forced to attend 13 years of school. When subject choices arise, in Year 9, it is a lottery. The children and their parents are told to ‘guess’ what their best subject area is. Most chose ‘easy options’ instead of what the economy needs. We end up with 1,000’s enrolling at universities in ‘dummy’ courses due to their wrong choices in Year 9. Unsound and unsustainable, this failed System trundles on… 

LACK OF FORESIGHT: Year 12 students take part in another 'lottery. They are asked to ‘guess’ where they think jobs will be in three years, then pursue a university course in that direction. Proof: Australia has 10,000 unemployed Information Technology graduates, 2,000 unemployed Journalism graduates and 2,000 unemployed Nursing graduates. Yet industry claims to have 97,000 jobs they are unable to fill, so use Visa 457’s to import foreign workers. The so-called ‘skills shortage’ is a direct result of the failed Education Systems lack of foresight. 

NEED FOR A PLANNED ECONOMY: Its clear to unbiased observers this massive waste of our most precious human resource, our children, cannot continue. This waste of their time pursuing useless courses is due to lack of a single organisation in this country, State or Federal, tasked with predicting what our economy will be doing in 5, 20 or even 100 years time. Such far-seeking goals would help guide Population Policy: where people are needed; location of new cities/utilities, future water resources allocated, etc. 

PLANNING FOR A STABLE FUTURE: Such planning control would prevent the current population explosion in all East Coast cities, especially State Capitals, whilst the Centre of our continent lies empty. We need a Planned Economy. There may be a place for capitalist inventiveness and spontaneity but this can only be allowed when and where it correlates with National Economic goals, not irresponsible, short-term profit-seeking or foreign exploitation.       

Weapons of WWII - ‘Fast Attack Boats’: 7Mate/ Channel 72 5pm Solday 2 Novembis 2014 (30 minutes): Negus/Martin Productions 2003

"Germany majored in E-Boats after the 1919 Versailles Treaty banned heavy ships from their Navy. E-boats were 110ft long with two torpedoes and 2-3 20mm cannon. In WWII these were used in harassing attacks on convoys in the English Channel. The Royal Navy countered these E-Boats sorties using small Motor Boat -Torpedo (MBT’s). At 60ft long, with two torpedoes and 2-3 machine-guns, the MBT's were too slow and no match for their 'prey', the E-boats. Larger boats, MGB’s or Motor Gun Boats, were tasked with this. By 1943 MTB/MGB’s out-numbered E-Boats, limiting their operations. The large MGB's, up to 1000 ft long, crewed by Norwegians were sent to the Orkney Islands. They were tasked with stopping Germany's coal convoys from Norway. These did much damage in 1941-42, more so in 1942-43. Other MGB operated near Yugoslavia attacking German convoys.  

The United States Navy also used MTB’s, 80ft long and equipped with four torpedo tubes and four heavy machine guns. The US found little use for these till 1942 when an MTB was integral in the rescue of US General Douglas MacArthur, ferrying him 600 miles through enemy-Occupied territory. This experience lead General MacArthur to urge the USN to 'rapidly expand this force'. Some 200 MTB’s were soon employed, attacking Japanese convoys across their far-flung Empire, carrying supplies to besieged Allied garrisons and rescuing downed Allied aircrews. In this they freed up larger ships to continue the Allied advance on Japan."      

DVD REVIEW: 1612: Producer Nikita Mikhalkov; Director Vlad Khotinenko. Tri Te Studio, Renova-Media; Studio Zolotoy Orel. Funded by Russian Federal Culture Agency.(2012) (143 minutes).

When Tsar Gudonov died his young son Fedor took the throne. The Polish king Sigismund chose to support a rival candidate, Dmitry, outcast son of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Dmitry, a convert to Romanism and puppet of the Polish king, lead a Polish Army to Moscow where on June 1st 1605 his allies in the Kremlin murdered Tsar Fedor and his mother. Tsar Dmitry entered Moscow Juli 1605 at the head of a Polish Army. These persuaded Russia's Parliament or Duma to swear allegiance to Dmitry. He ruled for one year only. By then both Russians and Poles despised him. He was murdered, burned as a heretic and his crushed bones fired from a cannon ‘towards the West from whence he came’.

Xenia, Fedor’s older sister, had been seized from the Kremlin and forcibly converted from Orthodox (Eastern) Christianity to Roman (Western) Christianity. She was then married to a Polish nobleman but Russia's people and nobles or Boyars refused to accept Xenia. Russia’s Time of Troubles had begun. Ten claimants to the throne of Russia battled each other over the next seven years. For six years there was no Tsar. How did it end?

In 1616, for three days, from 1st-3rd September Polish forces fought to enter Moscow to relieve their besieged Kremlin garrison but failed. On November 4th 1612 this combined Polish-Lithuanian garrison  surrendered to their Russian besiegers. On 28th Februa 1613 a new Tsar emerged victorious, Mikhail Romanov. Once crowned, his dynasty ruled for 300 years.

This is one of many recent Russian films by government agencies proclaiming the clear message: they wish to remain free of Western control. Their history has many instances of foreign interventions and attempted conquests. Not just Napoleon and A. Hitler but many others before them. Will the West listen, will the EU and America? Must War come again due to Western desires for others goods and resources? Is this new Age of Imperialism our last? While Whites from East and West battle, the Turd Worlders crouch and watch, feed and breed, sustained by our ‘foreign aid’. Only they can gain from any White-on-White conflict. 

BOOK REVIEW: Autopsy for an empire: Seven leaders who built the Soviet regime by Dr General D. Volkogonov (NYC: Free Press, 1998)

P200: “19th Februa 1954 USSR transferred Krim Oblast to Ukraine SSR from RSFSR to celebrate 300 anniversary of reunification of Ukraine and Russia”.

P201: “News of the reunification a week after, on 19thFebrua 1954, was greeted with indifference everywhere - including Ukraine itself”.

P.228: “whereas Lenin and Stalin were feared, Khrushchev was laughed at. As a reformer he was not understood”.

P247: “Following the Cuban Missile Crisis [Octobis 1962] there was a growing discontent with Khrushchev among the rest of the Presidium, in top military circles and among Orthodox Communists. In early October 1964 he was removed as First Secretary of the CPSU. The 14th Octobis 1964 Report to the Central Committee Plenum stated: ‘Comrade Khrushchev declared in a speech that if the USA touched Cuba we would launch a strike on it. He insisted our missiles be sent to Cuba. His actions provoked the Crisis. Having no way out we were forced to accept all demands of the USA’. This report to the Plenum which ousted Khrushchev from ten years in power stated that in those ten years 'the USSR had undertaken over 6,000 projects in Countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia and Guinea'. Guinea, for example, was given an airport, power station, cannery, sawmill, hospital and hotel. These costly projects only became an issue when the leadership ousted Khrushchev. Khrushchev saw the need for reform but tried to change society using old, Bolshevik methods. His comrades saw him as departing from Marxism-Leninism. He became completely isolated”.

P.248: ”With the exception of Khrushchev and Gorbachev, all seven leaders of the USSR remained in office till death. Lenin, helpless and virtually infantile; Stalin his mind clouded; Brezhnev who came to resemble a stuffed dummy; Andropov wired up for months to an artificial kidney, and Chernyenko, who lost the capacity to speak”.

P.248: “The first attack on Khrushchev came 18-21 June 1957. Old Stalinists in the Presidium could not forgive him his attack on Stalin. They were all implicated in the bloody purges and had become used to the regime as it was. Khrushchev was rescued by KGB Chief General Serov who (P.249) alerted the Central Committee which then met 22-29 June 1957. 121 Central Committee members met; 60 spoke. They feared a return to the old Order of police rule”.

P 334: “Yuri Andropov was Ambassador to Hungary 1954-57. He was a firm advocate of ‘tough measures’. He assisted in the arrest of both Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy and Hungarian Defence Minister Pal Malater. Andropov had persuaded Nagy to leave the Yugoslav Embassy. Despite assurances, he was then arrested and shot six months later. Yuri and Imre had been a friends from when both served in the Soviet NKVD”.

P.335: “10th November 1982, Leonid Brezhnev died. He was replaced by Yuri Andropov who, after 15 years as head of the KGB, had concluded the use of concentration camps was ineffectual. It had discredited both the CPSU and the USSR. It was his decision to shift policy away from physical terror to spiritual and ideological control over society”.

P 336: “Andropov believed the only way to preserve the stagnant system was by maintaining control of thought, public opinion and the people’s minds”.

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