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SNIPPETS #23 Ukraine Coup - the Response

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by Benn Yogarni 
PoliticKing with Larry King on Russia TV c/- Briz 31 TV 130pm Solday 2 Mars 2014: [repeat of Wodensday 26th Februa 2014 programme]. 
"Kiev: Interior Ministry reports police authorised to use live rounds if attacked. Police report roof top sniping onto their position using live rounds. Parliament orders police to NOT fire and to withdraw from Independence Square". 
We are by now familiar with this pattern of events. We've seen it over and over since Februa 2011: in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. Allegedly unarmed protesters are shot. Turns out the rebels use live rounds against their OWN side then blame police. US & EU Human Rights groups use these false allegations to accuse these governments of 'abuses', then demand 'UN intervention'. The whole mess begins again. Someone needs to tell the EU's Kath Ashdown(J) and UN HR Chief Navi Pillay that Kyiv is NOT Libya or Damascus. They cannot disguising their use of Special Ops in the middle of a Central European democracy. Not without the active connivance of the controlled media, that is. 

So what really happened in Kyiv/Kiev on the night of Thorsday 20 Februa 2014? Hear what four BBC reporters said from the scene. Their reports were received in Brisbane, 5am Frigas 21st Februa 2014. 

Reporter Duncan Crawford: "There's been four hours of talks between the Polish, French, German and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers. Threats of sanctions are coming from Brussels. There has been three hours of fighting in Kyiv's Independence Square. Police have been forced back by demonstrators all the way to the government buildings".

Reporter Gabriel Gatehouse: "21 demonstrators have been killed in Kyiv today, 67 since last Tuisday [18th Febura 2014]. Stun grenades and Kalashnikov fire can be heard. I saw Opposition forces firing from high rise buildings. The demonstrators have captured many police and Interior Ministry troops. All the demonstrators were proudly showing off their firearms. Some were friendly, others were not. There are different factions…These are fighters NOT demonstrators. I saw the bodies of eight people who were killed today. They were being paraded around by Cossacks. We heard shots being fired back and forth across the Square".     

Reporter Jaime Kumarusami: "I saw the bodies of eight demonstrators, all from West Ukraine. All had been shot in the head or the heart by snipers [or at close range - by their own side. RE]. Demonstrators told us: 'we want the US to intervene militarily' ". 

Reporter Steve Rosenberg: "Armed demonstrators are in our hotel, looking for snipers. Both sides blame the other for the bloodshed. The demonstrators attacked the police. There was a sudden explosion of violence. The EU is demanding the Ukrainian President accept a 'roadmap' for change" [just as the EU/US demand of Syria's President Assad. RE]. 

Reporter Matt Price, Brussels: "Kathryn Ashdown says she holds the Ukrainian President responsible for all acts of violence including those by the anti-government demonstrators".

5am BBC World Service News Tuisday 25th Februa 2014:
Reporter Duncan Crawford, Kyiv:
"Ukraine's Interim Prime Minister says he wants the country to join the EU. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has recalled its Ambassador to Kyiv calling recent events 'an armed mutiny'. He said: 'the West may call this a legitimate government. It is not'. Kathryn Ashdown has arrived in Kyiv to discuss a finance deal". 
Reporter Daniel Samford(J):
"Barack Obama has told Russia 'not to intervene' in the Ukraine. The former Ukrainian President was last seen in Crimea. He attempted to fly out of the country but was prevented from leaving by Ukrainian border guards". 
BBC World Service News 5am Wodensday 26th Februa 2014:
Reporter David Stern(J):
"Ukraine's Ambassador to Britain says the former President must be sent to the ICC to 'face charges for the murder of unarmed demonstrators'. He said: 'any attempt at separatism in East Ukraine must be severely punished, especially in Crimea'. An aide to the missing former Ukrainian President has been shot and wounded". 
BBC World Service News 2am Frigasday 28th Februa 2014:
"The new Ukrainian Finance Minister says the former President 'stripped the country of billions'. He has asked the IMF for financial aid".  
BBC World Service News 4am Satuyrnsday 1st Mars 2014:
Eugene Rumour(?) director of Eurasia at the Carnegie Institute and former intelligence officer for the National Intelligence Council(?):
"There will be penalties for Russia if they interfere in the Ukraine. Their positions on Iran and Syria will be threatened. They will lose all their status, internationally(?)"

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