Thursday, 20 March 2014

US elite Rulers versus Rus: why? The BIG Picture

USA Versus Rus: Why? The Big Picture
Frigasday 21 Mars 2014
by Jegar Sadah-Uthur
Q. Why attack Rus? A. It supports Syria and Iran. 

Q. Why threaten war against Iran and actually attack Syria from Februa 2011 to the present? 
A. Iran and Syria are both supporters of HAMAS (Gaza's government since 2006) and Hezbollah (coalition government of Lebanon since 2011). 
Iran provides training, funds and weapons. Syria is the conduit for these. 

Q. Why oppose HAMAS and Hezbollah
A. These two, alone in all the world, refuse to kowtow to the Mittel Ost Terror Staat. And we all know …

That is unacceptable! 

All who will not bow must DIE. Just ask the Germans after WWII. 

Q. Why start a war in Krim? 
A. Because, because, because, because…

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