Tuesday, 18 March 2014

SNIPPETS #27 Krim votes For Rus

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by Ixul Dante 
Channel Seven News 6pm Moonday 17th Mars 2014:
"97% of voters in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea have voted to re-join Russia. The US and EU have threatened sanctions". 
POST-COLD WAR CHAOS: What's going on? In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, ending the Cold War. Or did it? Unlike in previous global wars, in 1989 the winners and losers shared the same politics: both sides were Socialists. Bill Clinton, leader of the 'Free World' was a Fabian Socialist, a believer in the slow creep of the Left rather than violent Marxist revolution. They disagreed on methods and means not outcomes. So the winners imposed no penalties on the losers. Except…they demanded 'access' to their closed economies 'in order to make them more efficient'.

NEO-CONS: This is where the Neo-Cons came in. Spin-doctors for the worst tyrants, they pushed the East to 'open' allowing carpet baggers and rogue traders of all sorts to loot state coffers and flee with entire national Treasuries. Thus did the West pillage the East. After six years of this many countries welcomed the return of some form of Order. Some sought to restore fascism; others to rejuvenate Socialism as they believed only former Communists, like Putin, possessed the Will to resist the pillagers and return to nations some semblance of self-rule.

THE BIPOLAR WORLD: The Cold War had, from 1949-89, imposed two blocs on the world. These were roughly termed 'the West' and 'the East'. Also the Capitalists and the Communists. Or the Free World and the Russian Bloc. Or even NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Stereotypes grew up: the East had Gulags, secret police, show trials and millions yearning for freedom. In the West there were elections, free democracy and plentiful consumer goods. That was then…

U.S. TERRORISM: Today it is the US who is the largest funder of terrorism, from Syria to Libya. Elsewhere they use methods formerly ascribed to The East to topple otherwise stable and/or elected governments. In this topsy-turvy world it is now only the Russians who stand between freedom and a tidal wave of Saudi-funded Islamist terror. Terr's trained, equipped and lead by Allied Special Forces like Qatar, France and Britain. What happened since 1989 to turn the world upside down?

PUTIN: In a word - Vladimir PUTIN. Like Saul became Paul, this former KGB Colonel has become the world's last defender of democracy. He sees through the subterfuges of the US's Neo-Con ruling clique. Putin is not gulled by their use of mass rent-a-crowds from Bangkok to Istanbul, Cairo to Kyiv. A highly-trained operative, he knows a CIA Black Op when he sees one. He, and we, see many.

SYRIA and RUSSIA: Today the world's leading supporter of terrorism is the USA. Its stooges of the Islamist Al Nusra Front yesterday fled before Hezbollah's guns in Syria as Yabroud fell. The US is losing the Syrian Civil War, as it enters it's fourth year. Pro-US and pro-Saudi forces are being defeated across Syria. In frustration, by Mars 2014 the Saudi-run ISIL had slaughtered 3,000 of its pro-US opponents from the FSA. The war has stalled. Why?

NO WAR, SO A COUP: Putin's Russia oppose US machinations in the UNGA and UNSC  and stymie the plans of  Obama and the EU for a war of conquest against Iran. No one in the West wants war with Iran, just as no one in 2003 wanted war with Iraq. But our Masters engineered a war, regardless. This time it's different: PUTIN will not allow it. US aggressors fume. Frustrated, they turn their baleful gaze on Moscow.

WESTERN UNDERMINERS: They nibbled at Russia's periphery. For three months their rent-a-crowd occupied a Kyiv Square. We ask what the West's 'free press' do not: who covered the cost of this massive operation? Who housed, feed and paid thousands of rent-a-mob for three months and beyond. They are still there! The same people who funded similar rabble in Istanbul and Cairo: the CIA & MI6 through their various 'civil society' fronts. 

They toppled the elected, pro-Russian government of Ukraine, only in office for two years. The CIA…err…mob replaced it with a cabal of criminals which the US automatically recognised. CIA's Masters then waited for Russia to react. They did, but democratically - with a referendum in Krim. The Boston Brahmin, Jon Kerry-Cohen rejected the results a week beforehand as 'illegitimate'. He said: 'we all know what the outcome will be'. Obviously, a democratic choice, so unlike US elections, it HAD to be rejected. Remember, in 1995 the US accepted as 'legitimate' Bosnia's vote to secede from Yugoslavia and the 1999 Kosovo vote to secede from Serbia. US lauded these as 'self-determination'.

DEMOCRACY - EAST OR WEST? Maybe the Obama regime is playing 'Simon Says'? Its democracy if the US says so but not if they don't. How confusing for his racial-brethren in Third World one party states, like Mugabe's Zimbabwe or Musaveni's Uganda. Let's turn back to 1989. Which side THEN was pro-democracy? And which side is NOW? Many WWII veterans began to ask in the 1990's: 'did we fight for the wrong side'? Likewise, many democrats now ask: 'are we to fight WWIII on behalf of the atheists and Wall Street plutocrats against FREE, democratic, pro-Christian Russia?'

FINAL CONFLICT: If this is to be Armageddon then let us fight the Last Battle in this endless war by turning our weapons back on our tormentors, the secret Masters. Destroy Them at home before looking for Foes. Christian, remove the 'beam' from your own eye. Don't seek the 'specks' in other's.    

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