Friday, 7 March 2014


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by Ixul Dante 
ABCTV Channel Two Opening Ceremony Para-Olympics Sochi 330am Saturnsday 8th Mars 2014:
SOCHI: What a shock to see the beautiful smiling faces of hundreds of exclusively white dancers and performers at these Russian Winter Olympics. The women especially were almost angelic in appearance. So conditioned are we to the Sollywood world-view with its 'quota' of aliens in every shot, whether a TV news bulletin or a sit-com. A classic for this is the Power Rangers, a violent and mindless children TV show made by a Chosen firm. Its heroes belong to the 'five races': a blonde, a redhead, a black, a Chinese and an Indian. The plots are negligible. The point is to brainwash our youth. How refreshing to see the Rus have thrown off such nonsense.

LONDON: Such a contrast with the hideous affront to History at the 2014 London Summer Olympics. The difference? The sick, sad West is being strangled by the fake politically-correct 'equality' myth. The British tried to show their history, pre-Industrial villages and the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, but were forced to make 20% of the actors either African or Indian. How foolish! No aliens were allowed to settle in Britain till 1948.

SLAVES NO MORE: The Russians are no longer slaves to such folly. This is why the alien-ruled West hate Putin. In 1991 the Soviet system died on its feet, worn out from 74 years of p.c. lies. Since Putin came to power in 1995 he has rescued the white Volk of Rus from the Enemy and their minions.

WAR TALK: This is the real reason the alien-ruled US and EU, lead by the deracinated 'british', now seek a war with the Rus. The Enemy alien currently resident in the White…err…Black House wants to turn the world into another Detroit, but on a massive scale.

SOCIALIST DIEHARDS: These diseased socialists cannot accept their myths - equality, fraternity, liberate - pursued since 1789 have been a ruin and a waste. How many millions have died in their wars? The US civil war 'o free the Africans' cost  600,000 white lives;  the first World War 60 million* and the Second thirty million white lives**? Why were WWI & II fought? To keep us all in chains to Wall Street and the City of London. It is these who bankroll the Reds, their alleged opponents.

REVANCHISTS: The Reds, dethroned in Rus by Putin's forces, seek revenge. They now rule the UK and US, France and Germany. Their one goal is to destroy Putin for stopping them from looting his homeland. Their method will be to attack him from the outside just as another liberator was assailed from without after 1933 when he mistakenly allowed his chief foes to emigrate.

NO PITY, NO MERCY: Dear Brother Putin, do not repeat his error! Show "no pity nor mercy"*** as their own Scriptures abjure you. Only you can save the West and the world's whites from the hideous gargoyles who seek our END.

*Ten million died in combat. The Spanish Flu, created in the trenches followed the returning troops home, killing fifty million of their kinfolk. UN's WHO finally admitted this in 2004 during the H1N1 'Swine Flu' epidemic. 

**Twenty million Russians died from Stalin's incorrect 'mass wave' battle tactics. 10.5 million Germans were killed during and after the War. 1.5 million from US/UK aerial bombing alone. 

*** Deuteronomy 7v2-5. 

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